This first time offered item (due to requests by our audience) will give you GOLD PACKAGES for ALL THREE conventions taking place at the hotel over the weekend: The Official STARGATE Convention, The Official FARSCAPE Convention and Creation Entertainment's Salute to FIREFLY/BUFFY/ANGEL & DOLLHOUSE.

You get all the privileges of Gold at three different events, including all the complimentary autographs and great reserved seats at all three shows. The SUPER-GOLD PACKAGE is priced at $759 (which is less than GOLD PACKAGES would cost at two of the conventions). If you are interested in purchasing SUPER-GOLD PACKAGES let us know at giving us your daytime phone number (as we have to do this over the phone to select your actual seats with you). If you already have purchased a GOLD PACKAGE for any of the shows and want to upgrade to SUPER-GOLD we can do this as well. THANKS!

Gold Weekend Packages


Here's what you get when you go "GOLD" for the weekend!
It is the most upscale way to attend the full weekend.

1) The absolute best reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all three days! At this early time you seating will be placed to the rear or sides of the wonderful fans who pre-signed up at the 2009 convention.

2) Complimentary, non-rushed, in-person autographs with great guest celebrities including: MORENA BACCARIN, SEAN MAHER, NICHOLAS BRENDON, AND ELIZA DUSHKU. You get ONE autograph per celebrity and have the option to purchase more when offered for individual sale. The value of the complimentary autographs is a large percentage of the total cost of the Gold Package making it a particularly great value for those that collect autographs!

3) First to get autographs: we go row by row: you are in the front rows: you get the idea!

4) Complimentary admission to our SATURDAY NIGHT DESSERT AND COCKTAIL PARTY! Mix and mingle with fellow fans and selected guests. This event is EXCLUSIVE for Gold Weekend Patrons from all THREE conventions we are doing this weekend: STARGATE, FARSCAPE, and FIREFLY/BUFFY/ANGEL/DOLLHOUSE! 3X the guests, 3X the fans, 3X the fun! Music, delicious desserts, new friends to meet, and a cash bar to keep it hopping! Guests include DAVID FRANKLIN, RAELEE HILL, GIGI EDGLEY, BIANCA CHIMINELLO (Farscape), and DAN SHEA (Stargate). This list is tentative and subject to change and addition.

5) Complimentary Gold Weekend Serenity/Firefly gift courtesy of our sponsor QMx: Serenity Bank Heist money pack. Each pack contains 12 exact replicas of the Alliance scrip that Malcolm Reynolds and associates liberated on Lilac, created by Serenity Graphic Artist Geoffrey Mandel. All bills are printed on high rag-content parchment, and come wrapped in an Alliance belly band and stashed in a glossy black presentation box. This pack also includes a map of the infamous Burnham Quadrant, home to Reaver space and where tranquil Miranda orbits. The map is taken directly from the movie’s digital reference files and printed on archival, glossy stock, and comes folded inside the presentation box.

6) Pre-Registration: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!

7) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and lanyard credentials for GOLD Package Holders: once you get set you don’t need to wait again!

8) Complimentary gold exclusive event: admission to a special Saturday afternoon function with Eliza Dushku! Note that this benefit was changed on September 9 once we booked Ms. Dushku so our gold patrons will have a exclusive event with our special guest!

9) AND THE SUPER-COOL BONUS THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT: FREE ADMISSION (space permitting in the general admission sections) to THE OTHER TWO CREATION ENTERTAINMENT CONVENTIONS going on in the hotel the same weekend: FARSCAPE and STARGATE! You get to see THREE Conventions for the price on ONE: awesome! PLEASE NOTE: fans attending ANY of the conventions can order autographs and/or photo ops of the stars at ALL of the conventions as these events will be open to all!

$379 - SOLD OUT!


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