2009 Vancouver Location Bus Tour Poll
(Poll closes Oct. 1, 2008)

Please select one of these three tours as your favorite.

  • O’Neills House (many episodes)
  • McKay & Mrs. Miller and Millers Crossing
    (Jeannies House and Millers House)
  • Jolinars Memories (Young Carters House)
  • The Curse (the cabin location)
  • Ascension and Chimera (Carters House and FBI office, Neighborhood)
  • Desperate Measures (parking lot, underground parking/Fitness Club, Int., Corporate Office)
  • Rogers Sugar Outcast & Shadowplay
  • UBC Chan Centre (Condemned)
  • There is an area that covers about 5 locations down by Planetarium used for THE CURSE, PRODIGY, LOST CITY, 1969, THE LIGHT, NEMESIS
  • Residence for Between Two Fires and Outcast
    Also near Past & Present location
  • Further out of town, but never seen before on tour. Takes about 1 1/2 hrs to travel to, then it will be the tour director's call for locations. Some of which would be:
  • SETH Int/Ext Compound Minnekada
  • A HUNDRED DAYS Ext. Crater Bordertown
  • BEAST OF BURDEN Saloon etc. P3X-888/Stables
  • NEW GROUND Stargate/Forest/Tent set up Gilleys Pitt
  • SCORCHED EARTH Planet P5S-381 Tent Village/Clearing Waters Edge Widgeon Park
  • TANGENT Airfield Pitt Meadows Airport
  • THE FIFTH MAN Ext. P7S-441 Quarry Coquitlam
  • LOST CITY Ancient Ruins/Alien Planet Municipal Pit

Note: The cost of tour #3 will be slightly higher than the other tours due to increased travel time and distance.

AOL users:
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