These packages offer an upscale way to attend all four amazing days of the entire convention, check it out! The earlier you can place your order the better seat in the main theatre you will have. Here's what you get....

1. Guaranteed reserved seating for daytime convention main auditorium events ALL FOUR DAYS! This is where all the major guests appear and events take place. Your reserved seating (yours come and go all four days) is located behind or to the sides of the now sold out GOLD WEEKEND Patrons and soon to be sold out CAPTAIN'S CHAIR Packages.

2. Keep your same reserved seating for the Saturday Night Gala Celebration starring singing legend JAMES DARREN and his band in a full "Vegas-style" concert.

3. Special limited edition collectors item, tentatively a GOLD STAR TREK COIN, the 10th in the exclusive series. We have a special theme for the coin planned that we think you'll love.

4. Pre-Registration the night before the convention. You'll be amongst the first to get entrance into the massive DEALERS ROOM so you can pick up souvenirs, schedules and gifts as well as get your credentials set for the show! Pre- Registration is a convenience, but not a necessity. You can also come during regular convention hours to register.

5. Specially color coded wristbands and collector lanyard placards allowing immediate entrance without waiting after initial registration.

6. Admission to our famous vendors room filled with tons of Star Trek and genre collectibles both old and new! Come to browse, come to trade, come to buy.

7. Admission to our secondary track programming theatre (we have some great events, guests, auctions, and panels planned for our secondary track)
$324 -SOLD OUT


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