Creation Entertainment's
Official STAR TREK Convention
Philadelphia Area 2012

Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill
2349 W. Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, New Jersey

preferred weekend packages


The PREFERRED WEEKEND Packages have to be one of the great entertainment bargains around. Not only are you guaranteed wonderful reserved seats for the three daytimes of the convention you get to enjoy all of our special guests live on stage including the world-famous superstar SIR PATRICK STEWART and three of his co-stars in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Then you also get five in person autographs, again including SIR PATRICK STEWART! Plus more, just keep reading and come aboard!

1) Wonderful reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear ALL THREE DAYS and you see all the events too! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all weekend. They are placed to the rear and to the sides of Gold Weekend Patrons (Gold section is approximately 300 patrons).

2) Complimentary in-person autographs with amazing guests including Sir Patrick Stewart, Gary Graham, Suzie Plakson, Tim Russ, Hallie Todd, Eric Menyuk and Robin Curtis. That's right: you get all these in-person autographs when you "GO PREFERRED WEEKEND". The value of these autographs if bought separately would be $155 so you can see how great a deal this package is. NOTE: this list is tentative and subject to change.
3) Amongst the first to get autographs: we go row by row: you are in great rows: you get the idea! You go up to meet the stars and get in person autographs right after our Gold Weekend Patrons.

4) Pre-Registration: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise! Preferred Weekend Package Registration takes place right after Gold Weekend Pre-Registration. Note that Pre-Registration is not a necessity, you are welcomed to arrive anytime regular registration is open and hours will be posted at this site prior to the convention.

5) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and collectible lanyard credentials for Preferred / Silver Weekend Package Holders: once you get set you don't need to wait again!

6) Admission to the vendors area

7) With our new pick your own seat floor plan system you actually get to select the seat you'll get all three days!

8) You get to take advantage of the famous "Creation Difference".... unlike ANY other major genre fan convention Creation does not sell ONE MORE ticket than we have actual seats in the main theatre where guests and events take place. What that means is that you don't have to wait to get into see what stars you want to (or worse wait and not get in) and that, no matter what kind of admission ticket you get, you are guaranteed a seat in the theatre!

Please note that this package does not include the evening events as those items are exclusive to Gold Patrons and/or need to be purchased separately. This package also does not include photo ops, those must be ordered separately.

$189 -SOLD OUT