Star Trek Las Vegas

Updated: August 3, 2015


Creation Entertainment's
14th Annual Las Vegas STAR TREK
Convention 2015

August 6-9, 2015
Thursday - Sunday

The Rio Suites Hotel
3700 W. Flamingo Rd.
Las Vegas, NV



The Star Trek Costume Contest takes place SATURDAY in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre(Main Theatre)
at 6 pm.

Entries will be judge on the quality of costume as well as overall stage presence. Entries are walk-on only (no skits).


Please fill out the form linked to below to submit your entry into the Costume Contest. Entries are required to email 1-3 reference photos (this can be a screencap, photo, sketch, etc.) AND 1-3 images of your costume (costume should be at least 50% complete) to Any entries that fail to email their photos will be automatically disqualified from the contest.


There is a capped number of entries allowed for this year’s costume competition, so be sure to sign up early to secure your spot! Registration is on a first come-first served basis. There will be a waitlist for any cancellations that may occur. Waitlisted individuals will be notified no later than Friday, August 7th if a spot has become available.



All entries must check in at the ANOVOS booth (in the booth section in the front area of the vendors room) FRIDAY or SATURDAY between 10am and 6pm on FRIDAY or 10 am to 1pm on SATURDAY to confirm their participation in the contest. Failure to check-in will result in disqualification from the contest and your entry spot will be given to any waitlisted entries. You do not have to be in costume during this process.

Pre-judging takes place SATURDAY at 5PM in the Jaguar room.

Please be prepared to spend 1-3 minutes discussing your costume and the creation process involved. We highly encourage entrants to bring reference materials (photos, fabric, printed descriptions) to help illustrate the costume construction, inspiration source for your creation, and level of skill used. Reference materials can be printed materials in a folder, or on an electronic device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop.

Failure to appear in time for pre-judging will result in disqualification from the contest.



Entries will be separated into the following three skill level categories:

  • ENSIGN - beginner level, suitable for anyone who has little to no experience making a costume (has never won an award).
  • LIEUTENANT - intermediate level, suitable for anyone who has some experience in costume making (may have won awards at other conventions).
  • CAPTAIN - expert level, suitable for those with experience making many costumes (may have won multiple awards for their skill at other conventions).

Judges reserve the right to move any entry into a different skill level category, should they feel the entry’s skill level exceeds the category they initially registered for.



A panel of amazing celebrity and expert judges will select winners in the following categories:

  • Best in Skill Level - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place awards
  • Best in Show
  • Judges’ Choice



  • Costumes must be of original construction (i.e. hand-made by you). Store-bought or “found” items can be incorporated into your costume, but the full costume cannot have been purchased or made by someone else.
  • Purchased/commissioned costumes are prohibited from the Costume Contest, but are ideally suited for entry in the Costume Parade.
  • Any pre-existing materials used in your costume should show a significant amount of modification.
  • Costumes must be related to the Star Trek universe (i.e. re-creations of a character/costume or inspired original designs).
  • Costumes must not be seen/worn prior to the Costume Contest. "Recommendation Only".
  • All contestants must be at least 13 years old to enter. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. Should a contestant be under the age of 13, a legal guardian or parent MUST be present at all times.
  • You do not need to be the wearer of your entry, but you must be present with your model during the pre-judging and the contest.
  • Group entries will be judged as if the entire group were one person.
  • Costumes must provide enough coverage to be worn in public, and should be appropriate for a family-friendly show.
  • Your costume must allow you the freedom of movement so that you can go up and down steps. Please contact us if you believe you will need assistance getting up/down the steps.
  • No liquids, messy substances, pyrotechnics, live steel, or anything that may pose a danger are allowed on stage. Absolutely no throwing of things into the audience.
  • No electrical power connections will be provided. If your costume requires power, it must be part of your costume.
  • Pictures and video will be taken during the “Performance” portion of the Judging process of the participants. These pictures/video are the property of Creation Entertainment/CBS for the purposes of advertising and promotion of future events and contests.
  • All entrants must have a Las Vegas Star Trek Convention badge to be eligible to compete.
  • Any entrant may be disqualified from the contest by Creation Entertainment staff or the Judges for failure to observe any of these rules.