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A VERY special moment in Creation History

BILL SHATNER & LEONARD NIMOY toasting the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek on the exact day, 4 decades later, that the original series began its TV run! Taken in Chicago at Creation's Salute to Star Trek's 40th! Thanks, Bill and Leonard for being such a big part of Creation Entertainment! Who would have thought that as kids that watched classic Trek, that one day we'd be working with these show biz legends!

History is made again at Creation when LEONARD NIMOY passes the ceremonial "#1 Vulcan" tee-shirt to the new Mr. Spock ZACHARY QUINTO. It all happened in front of the audience at Grand Slam XVI. Creation Conventions: it is ALL about making wonderful memories like this!



General Event Information

The following is important information about and policies which govern a Creation live event, or "convention". For years, those who have heard of but never attended a "Star Trek Convention" or a "Sci-Fi Convention" may not be aware of the activities which take place. In other words, they may not know what they're missing. So, for the uninitiated, we present a brief summary of...

For over 40 years, Creation Entertainment has presented conventions for fans of sci-fi/fantasy/horror TV and film. At a typical Creation event, an attendee would find:

from the film or TV series being celebrated. These guests speak on stage, answer audience questions, and then, in most cases, sign autographs and pose for photo ops for the attendees. Since our founding in 1971, we've had some really big names at these events..

is a big part of the fun: vending tables filled with sci-fi, fantasy or horror merchandise on display and sale: shirts, hats, mugs, fanzines, photos, posters, prints, novelties, games, toys, model kits, scripts, etc. Creation is also proud to produce merchandise for some of the bigger names in sci-fi and if the show is saluting a particular property, for example Star Trek or Supernatural you will find exclusive themed items available.

You receive a schedule of events when you come in that tells you exactly what will go on when in our theater. A standard run-down of events include, along with the guest (s):

    - Specially produced MUSIC VIDEOS saluting the stars (when available), often produced by fans for fellow fans

    - BEHIND-THE-SCENES information, news and gossip on the series we are saluting


    - COSTUME CONTEST (held on one day of the convention)

    - "NO MINIMUM BID" auctions, featuring lots of great merchandise up for grabs


    - Karaoke Nights hosted by some of our celebrity guests are often held at Creation Conventions

    - Parties are usually held on at least one of the convention nights, often featuring centerpiece contests and celebrity guests

    - Often there are celebrity breakfasts that offer attendees the opportunity to personally meet our celebrities and silent auctions are held to benefit various charities affiliated with our stars


As a special bonus, many of our guests sign autographs at our events. Although they try to be accommodating, the guests' schedules may not allow them the ability to sign for everyone. Unless otherwise noted, guests will sign for as many as possible. So, to help facilitate things, we at Creation would like you to be aware of a few ground rules governing autographs:

    - PERSONALIZATIONS are at the discretion of the celebrities and sometimes are dictated by flights and schedules. The longer a guest takes to sign his or her name for one attendee decreases the chance of another attendee receiving an autograph. Please be courteous to your fellow fan and move quickly along.

    - GOLD AND PREFERRED WEEKEND SEATING GUESTS GET FIRST SHOT. The folks who purchase Gold and Weekend Preferred seats have paid extra for certain attendee privileges. One of them is to have the ability to be at the front of any and all autograph lines when autographing is done ROW BY ROW.

    - AUTOGRAPHING AT LARGER CREATION EVENTS: Many of our conventions have grown so large that it has become impossible for the celebrities to sign for even a percentage of those in attendance. In these cases the autographing situation can vary as follows (as is indicated in the advertising on a show by show basis):

    GOLD SEATING: Many times Gold Seating includes autographs with the celebrities at the convention. If this is the case the advertising will mention this.

    PAID AUTOGRAPHING: Sometimes there is an additional fee for autograph signing. If this is the case the advertising will mention this.

    NO AUTOGRAPHS: there is a small amount of celebrities we feature that will not sign autographs at conventions. If this is the case advertising will mention this as well.

    - WE DO NOT GUARANTEE AN AUTOGRAPH FOR EVERYBODY. Many factors affect a guest's ability to sign autographs: his/her work schedule, pre-arranged travel, or simply exhaustion. There are those who have bravely signed for hours on end to ensure that no-one went home empty-handed, but this is the exception, not the rule. Although no-one but you can fully appreciate the disappointment felt after a long wait, we ask you to be gracious and understanding if a guest has to leave before you've had a chance to ask for an autograph.


There are a multitude of ways to enjoy a Creation Convention. If you just want to come in and browse the dealer's room and take in some of the guests, there's General Admission. If you plan on staying through the day but don't want the hassle of finding a new seat among the crowd each time, there's Preferred Seating. If you're really hard-core, want the best reserved seat and a guaranteed autograph (when offered), there's Gold Seating. Here's a brief explanation of each ticket category:

    allows you access to all the convention has to offer. Although it does not guarantee a specific seat within the auditorium, it does allow you to freely browse the Dealer's Area and attend all auditorium functions. Purchasing a General Admission ticket in advance is a great way to guarantee admission into a show that has the potential of selling out.

    in addition to providing access to all convention events, guarantees you a specific, reserved seat that is yours all day, come and go. These seats are reserved in the second section of the auditorium.

    also allows access to all convention events, as well as guarantees a specific reserved seat all day. Gold Seats, however, are placed in the front areas of an event, guaranteeing the best view and often include a number of other benefits which will be mentioned on the specific convention site.


Creation assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by convention venues. All dates, venues and guests are considered tentative and subject to change. Check back frequently for updates. NOTE: All tickets are subject to a $7.75 shipping/handling fee charged per ticket ordered. ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED AT ANY CONVENTION. Still photography is for personal use only - public dissemination and commercial use strictly prohibited.