How are autographs done?

Autographs (included in Iron Throne packages)


The Iron Throne package holders (who have complimentary autographs from special guests included in their packages) are called up row by row with VIPs being called first. Once we get through the Iron Throne rows, we will call the pre-purchased autograph tickets (that were purchased in advance of the event and sent via email in PDF form) by the “SEQ” number on your PDF. After PDFs are called, we will call hard tickets (autograph tickets that were purchased at the convention). If you have multiple autograph tickets, please get all your autographs done at the same time.

Autographs (not included in any package)


If a special guest is not signing for any ticket package, PDFs (tickets pre-purchased in advance of the event and sent via email in PDF form) will be called first by the “SEQ” number located on the PDF, followed by hard tickets (autograph tickets that were purchased at the convention).

NOTE: There are also special guests who will sign autographs directly to fans at their tables in the vendors room, with times and prices set by them. 

Will autograph tickets be on sale at the convention?

Yes, unless sold out. Sometimes the price will be slightly higher than the price on the website. For Iron Throne patrons, please check the your “Details” listing to see which special guests are included in your package before buying separate autograph ticket(s).

Important information regarding autographs

Only those with an autograph ticket for that specific actor may approach the autograph table. If you are accompanied by/or accompanying a minor, or if you are a caretaker or have a caretaker who does not have an autograph ticket, they may stand in line with you, but when it comes time to have your item signed, they will be asked to stand in a nearby area while you get your item signed.

Only one item can get signed per each autograph ticket

If you have difficulty standing or require special assistance, notify the autograph MC.
Photo-taking of the celebrity guests during autograph sessions is not allowed.
Personalizations are at the discretion of the celebrity and may be determined by scheduling or other issues.

Items that are deemed inappropriate will not be presented at the autograph table.

More info can be found in our FAQs section.

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