Lucy's Meet and Greet at the London 08
Carling Academy Concert
as well as some rehearsal and concert pics
and some words from the lucky folks
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(photos: Chris Schmelke)





I would like to thank Lucy and you for making it happen.  For me it was fulfilling a dream which I have never thought would happen.  Living in Israel makes it very hard to get to Lucy's concerts and conventions, much less to meet with her.

I would love to share this with everyone!  The whole weekend was awesome and Lucy definitely rocked London!  I would welcome Lucy back anytime!  And I have one word to describe those chaps . . . WOW!
Thanks for a great time
Nadine Sheridan

Meeting Lucy and seeing her get ready for her show was a dream come true.  I was so nervous and excited in equal measure but she made me feel at ease.  It was a fantastic night not to be forgotten.  I was so lucky to meet her and I could not help but laugh when photographed with her the whole experience was such fun.
Agnes Bell

That meeting with Lucy was for me everything.  That was my dream when I started watching Xena on TV.  London was great.  Concert was great.  I hope we meet again.  Thank you Lucy.  Thank you Sharon and thank Creation for 3 magic days and very good fun.

I'm from San Diego and so Lucy performing in London gave me a great excuse to save money and go there.  I probably would have waited years to cross "the pond" otherwise and now I want to retire over there! LOL  This meet and greet was such an amazing and surreal experience.  I had so much fun!  I will never forget it and will always cherish that time.  Lucy's so generous with her fans and she has this shiny happy energy surrounding her!  I hope she knows how cool she is and how much she means to her fans. 
Renee Carson

Fist of all I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to Lucy, to you and to Creation for making the best weekend of my life possible.  I’m probably using the cheesiest and sappiest saying, but meeting Lucy was a dream come true.  I was really nervous beforehand but Lucy’s easy demeanour and warm personality soon put me at ease and I had the greatest hour with her before the concert.  It was so cool of Lucy to suggest that we come up on the stage and have our pictures taken with her.  I was third or fourth in line to climb up and before me were all British Fans.  Therefore, when I got to her Lucy asked, “Are you another British Fan?” and I said, “No, I’m from Serbia.”  To which Lucy responded, “But you live here now?” and my answer was “Yeah, up in Birmingham.”  She than asked me my name and after she repeated it in her amazing, husky voice I was lost.  I don’t recall much after then, just that I was outside again waiting to get in for the actual concert. LOL  I managed to get to the second row, dead centre and just waited an hour for Lucy to come back.  Oh boy, was it worth the wait.  I was clapping and screaming with the rest of the Fans when Lucy came out, but then after I saw what she was wearing I don’t remember Lucy singing at all.  For all I know she could have recited haiku for the rest of the evening, all I was aware of were her chaps and Galactica’s hot, hot, itsy, bitsy, little pants. LMAO  All joking aside, Lucy was amazing.  She was warm, friendly and funny.  Watching her rehearse was a real joy.  I was really lucky to get to meet her, and get a hug from her, in such an informal way at the meet and greet before the concert.  Afterwards, at the concert, Lucy’s rapport with her Fans and brilliant singing will stay with me for the rest of my life.  Every moment was pure perfection.
All my love to Lucy and my eternal gratitude to you Sharon for being our little window into the amazing life force that is Lucy.

Lucy's London performances had left me quite speechless for a few days.  I could not get over how awesome it was (and I mean awesome in the true sense of the word).  I could not stop dancing in my seat the entire concert (both concerts, I should say). And much like Chicago, my bum was sore afterwards.  The anticipation of what she will do next is a bit thrilling, don't you think?  With each successive performance, she seems to go beyond limits to explore the edge.  I'm glad she is taking us along on for the ride.  I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.  Specifically, the VIP meet and greet and sound check was surreal.  Lucy was very generous with her time and attention for the VIP group showing her devotion to her fans once again.  She greeted each of us individually asking our names, and grabbed a little bit of information from us as to who we were and where we had travelled from, literally and spiritually, perhaps, as a few in the group have had to overcome many obstacles in their lives.  Lucy was especially attuned to that, and was apparently quite moved by some.  The event went too quickly for me.  It took a bit to get my bearings and to settle my excitement.  I just knew I was participating in a very special moment.  I am grateful that we were given the opportunity to have photos taken.  As I look at them now, I simply cannot remember what words were exchanged, but the beaming smile on my face alludes to true euphoria!  It was such a great time.  We all connected with Lucy on some rock-and-roll level as we grooved to the sound check songs. Thanks to Lucy for doing the Melissa Etheridge song for us!  She simply gets better and better as she seems to be settling in comfortably on stage with each performance.  I have been to all of the concerts to date, each having a special tone and theme to them; all showing Lucy's diversity as an entertainer; all showing the highly talented dynamic sides of herself.
Anita Lago

Lucy Lawless audition as Carrie Bradshaw and me Big!
(She's nearly kneeling)

I would like to thank you again, for some very fond memories.
Jane Morris

It was the icing on the cake to greet Lucy on stage in my home town London and, according to Lucy, I'm her new Sidekick!!  What more could a girl want!  Thanks Lucy for everything you put into the shows and give to us!  Come back soon!!           

I was at the meet and greet!  Meeting Lucy was a dream come true for me (understatement)!  Lucy was always the person I most wanted to meet in the world!  Now, after meeting her, she is still the person I most want to meet again!!!!  Lucy was fantastic!  The whole thing was wonderful, there are no words! Both concerts really were the best I have ever been to!  Big thanks to Creation, Sharon and Lucy for giving me one of the best weekends ever!!!  And thank you again Lucy for all the immense positive energy you give out, you make such a difference!  You really are a great gift.

More than four months I was living as in a dream with the happy expectation of seeing my gorgeous Lucy live in her London concerts and at the traditional Official Xena Convention.  She is an amazing and hilarious goddess, the 8th miracle of the world!!!  And at the last moment the fate gave me one more incredible gift – as one of the 20 Lucy’s backstage VIP guests before the first concert on May 3, I had the opportunity of being side by side with her, to hug her, to talk with her and to be taken photos with her -- the sublime moment for me ever!!!  (I'm at the 7th Heaven with both my pictures with Lucy!!!).  Any words are insufficient to describe my feelings at these minutes!  I wished the time was stopped!  I was staring at her amazing blue, blue, blue eyes ready to sink into this ocean!  Lucy was nicely surprised that I had come all the way from Bulgaria.  Yes, that was the greatest adventure in my life and it was worth everything!  Thank you, Lucy for this great, real GIFT!  A great gesture!  You are unbelievable person!  Only many, many gentle things can be expected from you!!!  The miracle of both the days will hardly happen for me again (unless Lucy decides to come to Bulgaria!).  But all these experiences are engraved in my memory and they will stand there forever!!!  God bless Lucy, my gorgeous divine Queen!!!
Million kisses and hugs to Lucy!!!

I'd like to add my sincere thanks to Lucy for this rare opportunity.  That was something really amazing and so very kind of Lucy to share an hour of her time with us.  I loved every minute of it and will have that pic to remind me of it forever, thanks again to Lucy's thoughtfulness.  Add to it the fact that I didn't know I was going until the day itself, a few hours before the show.  The thing is, I work at the Brazilian Embassy in Australia and will soon have to move to another posting.  So my friends in Canberra (the Canberra Xena Gang girls) decided to give me a farewell gift.  And what a gift, man!!!  Is this Xenite love, or what???  Without my knowledge, they bid for one of the meet and greet tickets and had another friend hand me the gift on that Saturday, a few hours before the meetup.  I almost fainted!  I was so gobsmacked that I was totally speechless.  And when I told Lucy my name, she was like (add Lucy's goofy face here) "Oh, oh . . . I know what I'm gonna sing to you . . ."  And then she started singing Eric Clapton's Layla song, "Leeeeeeeeilaaaaaaaaaaa . . . got me on my knees, Leilaaa . . ."  (I got a personalized song!!!) Oh man.  I'm surprised I did not drop down on my knees myself right then.  Geesh. Thank you so much for a wonderful hour and two incredible shows!

A fantastic opportunity to be with my all time favorite singer and entertainer, who is always amazing, awe-inspiring, and never fails to leave a big smile on my face.  I'd highly recommend this fabulous experience to anyone in the future.  Thank you so much to all of you at Creation Entertainment who made this tremendous experience possible.  Last, but certainly not least, my greatest thanks goes to Lucy Lawless for always being so generous, gracious, and kind to her many adoring fans.
Heather Spurlin

If I was actually able to speak I would have thanked Lucy for being kind enough to give us the chance to get our pictures taken with her.  I was just enjoying hearing the songs in a more relaxed setting before the craziness of one of the best concerts I have been to but I don't think I will ever be able to listen to "Bitch" in quite the same way again.  Once again totally brilliant experience and a memory to share and treasure with some of the other lucky winners and other convention friends and it is thanks to Lucy.  My sister came to one day of the convention and she was so surprised how friendly everyone was and how it is really more about meeting people that you have at least one thing in common with than anything else.  She finally understands why I flew all those miles from England to Burbank, New Jersey and Chicago last year and why I will continue to do so.  Probably the best weekend I have had and it all happened my side of the pond.

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