Moments From Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors 2005

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Last year, in June of 2005, horror history was made in Burbank, California when Creation Entertainment presented FANGORIA’s Weekend of Horrors convention at the Hilton Hotel.

Two years in the making, this “spooktacular” emerged as one of the biggest horror gatherings in fan history. Ticket demand was unprecedented! Thousands of fright enthusiasts assembled hours before the doors opened, and the program sold out in minutes. Why all the excitement? Well, never before had such a stellar roster of scream stars been assembled under one roof!

Tables in the FANGORIA dealers room, stocked with monstrous merchandise of every kind, sold out months before the Weekend even opened. In addition, more than 400 rooms at the Hilton were reserved by horror buffs from all over the world.

Proud convention sponsors included Amber Bock Beer, Lions Gate Entertainment and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Movie studios (Warner Bros., Columbia, New Line Cinema, Universal, etc.) deluged the show with tons of free movie memorabilia and film screenings.

Here are some great scenes from the amazing 2005 FANGO convention in Los Angeles!

Veteran director WES CRAVEN previewed his airplane thriller RED EYE, and answered endless questions about his illustrious career One of the Weekend of Horrors's victims at the hands of our mascot, the notorious DEAD DOORMAN KELLY STABLES, the one and only Samara of the Ring movies, greets her huge fan following.
Fango attendees come in all shapes and sizes, literally! One of our many amazing Costume Contest entries.

Another happy couple walks the aisles in the packed Fango dealers room

This person accidentally wandered in thinking this was the Mexican Wrestlers Convention

JENNIFER TILLY This was her first fan convention experience and she had a blast! The great BRUCE CAMPBELL was on hand to talk about his two new projects: the book for would be Casanovas entitled "How To Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way" and the Sci Fi TV movie "Man With The Screaming Brain". Bruce, veteran of the Evil Dead movies and long time collaborator with Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi, would not rule out the possibilities of another go around with Ashe. In fact, there has been some buzz about a fight to the death with Ashe vs. Jason Vs. Freddy! REGGIE BANNISTER of Phantasm fame hung out at the show all weekend
(left to right) LARRY COHEN, JOE DANTE, JOHN LANDIS and MICK GARRIS are truly The Masters of Horror, and they were on hand to talk about the incredible new Showtime horror anthology series. Mick also gave a sneak preview of the latest Steven King opus he has adapted, Desperation. (left to right) ROB ZOMBIE, BILL MOSELEY, SID HAIG and SHERI MOON ZOMBIE were huge hits with the crowd, there to talk about Rob's latest monsterpiece The Devil's Rejects, his shocking follow up to House of 1000 Corpses. ROB ZOMBIE is an international superstar, juggling careers in music, as a radio host, film maker and writer. And what a cool guy!
JENNIFER TILLY (star) and DON MANCINI (creator/writer/director) played to a packed house as they promoted the DVD release of Seed of Chucky. In addition to her extensive movie career, Jennifer has gone on to become a major poker player and winner in Vegas over the past two years! TONY TODD, the Candyman himself, was at the show to talk about Shadow: Dead Riot, his new independent horror film

Here’s what our happy 2005 convention customers had to say:

“I had one of the best times of my life at your Weekend of Horrors. I was so impressed by the event that I already reserved my seats for next year.”

Shannon Robles
Simi Valley, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on a great show this weekend. My wife, who had so much fun, insists I book for next year’s three-day event.”

Don Mackay
Parker, AZ

“This was the best horror convention I ever participated at. I never made so much money before or sold so much merchandise.”

Shawn Smith,
Vendor, Rotten Cotton

The 2005 LA Fangoria show was the best West Coast horror convention ever put together in every respect, including talent, attendance, programming and business. As a vendor, this was the first show I can remember doing even better business on Sunday than Saturday. Congratulations to the Fangoria and Creation Entertainment staff for putting on an unforgettable show. It will be difficult to top this show but I know if it can be done, you will.

Eric Caidin,
Hollywood Book & Poster

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