Moments from the 2005 Farscape Convention

Photos courtesy of attendee Tina Gill - Click to Enlarge

The star of the show is also one of the nicest gentleman in the biz!

The gorgeous and wonderfully talented GIGI EDGLEY is ready to take on America: casting directors start hiring NOW!

Jonathan Hardy acted up a storm at the Saturday Night cabaret!

There's never been a more entertaining guest on stage than Mr. Simcoe! We'll never forget his standing ovation BEHIND STAGE the first time he was with us! We look forward to seeing Anthony is some new television roles!

Definitely a highlight for us as we got to see two of our favorite Farscape guests perform in a theatrical play as part of the Creation Saturday Night Cabaret! DAVID FRANKLIN and GIGI EDGLEY tore up the house in the AR GURNEY's moving LOVE LETTERS! There wasn't a dry eye in the house!

The multi-talented LANI TUPU spoke at the convention, taught a workshop, displayed his artwork and always had time for his many fans!

WAYNE PYGRAM: He is deliciously villainous on screen but he's a rockabilly hero on stage for us!

Our famous CENTERPIECE CONTEST came to Farscape 2005 for the first time. Here's an entry!

One of the coolest things about Creation events is that we ALWAYS strive for the best fan/celebrity interaction. It really has become a hallmark of our conventions and where possible we do go for the gusto. Here are the seven celebs that attended and mingled through the popular Creation Gold Exclusive DESSERT PARTY. Pretty hard to top: ice cream, fellow fans and fave stars! PARTY!

Convention history was made with the incredible COSTUME EXHIBIT showcasing the beautiful artistry of the Henson craftspeople. Approximately 20 costumes were displayed and zillions of photos were taken as keepsakes for alas, it all went up for auction in an unprecedented Sunday event!

Another Creation tradition as BEN BROWDER, FRANCESCA BULLER, VIRGINIA HEY and REBECCA RIGGS join our attendees at the always amazing Sunday Morning Brunch and charity auction. Pretty cool to start your day with the stars of your favorite series stopping by your table for a chat and personal time!
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