This is the one Creation event of the year where we salute favorite genre television shows and films: a true mix of celebrities, events and fans from around the world. All presented in an intimate setting to allow for the best fan/guest interaction around! Every attendee, no matter what ticket they purchase, gets a guaranteed seat in our main theatre to see and hear it all!

GRAND SLAM stands as one of the best reviewed fan conventions of the year: an absolute must on YOUR calendar!

Here are some of the fun photos taken at Grand Slam XVI in 2008: it gives you an idea of the major guests and attractions that appear at this annual event! Photos by Al Ortega.

James Marsters' legions of fans showed up to support their favorite actor. James also entertained in a delightful concert performance.

Grace Park was amongst the most popular Grand Slam guests due to her work on Battlestar: Galactica

A regal looking Nichelle Nichols commands the stage: it is fantastic to see her in Heroes!

LEONARD NIMOY, looking wonderful and in an upbeat and warm mood, was a wonderful presence and if he likes the script that means we're gonna have a GREAT movie!

Laura Vandervoordt, Supergirl, "flew in" to attend!

Always great to welcome Brent Spiner to our conventions: his on-stage performances are always hilarious.

Superstar writer ROBERTO ORCI pumps up the audience for his upcoming STAR TREK & TRANSFORMERS II feature films as well as his TV series FRINGE!

David Goodman of Family Guy sneaks a clip of Stewie at a Star Trek Convention!

Suzie Plakson is a true fan favorite, always a welcomed presence at our conventions!

KEVIN SORBO returns to the Creation stages after an absence of several years!

Aaron Ashmore, Phil Morris,
Laura Vandervoordt and Erica Durance

THOMAS DEKKER makes his first Creation visit relating tales from the hit series
past Creation fave guest SUMMER GLAU.

Surely the highlight for us, the on-stage appearance of "The 2 Spocks"
Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto and the passing of the #1 Vulcan torch
between legend and new star! Awesome and we're glad to have been part of the fun!
Here's some cool shots by Ron Douglas

Working on Star Trek was the theme of this panel which featured Suzie Plakson, Max Grodenchik, Vaughn Armstrong and Salome Jens.

15 years after they first battled monsters and Gods, they still look good! Kevin and Michael reunited on stage at the show and fans loved it!

A great shot of the lovely Grace Park: we're going to miss Battlestar Galactica after it finishes its run, but we look forward to Grace's future endeavors!

Roxann Dawson graduated from the Rick Berman Star Trek Voyager directors academy and has gone on to a stellar career as one of Hollywood's top TV directors along with co-star Robbie Duncan McNeill. Torres & Paris: who knew?

Erica Durance brings Lois Lane to Grand Slam and we loved it!

We grew up watching his dad on Mission Impossible, and it is great to see Phil Morris follow in his father's memorable steps!

Tim Russ, actor and musician, has always made time to be with us over the years. It is great to see him in primetime on Samantha Who? on ABC-TV!

David Pallfy of Stargate in his 2nd
appearance for us in two weeks
Here's some great scenes from the Creation Grand Slam Dessert Party: celebrity/fan interaction is what it is all about! You just can't get that at the super-huge crowded conventions where you wait on lines for everything. At Creation events, we never over-sell and everyone gets a seat in our main theatre and a fair shake when it comes to meeting celebrities.

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