Moments From The One Ring Celebration
and ELF 2005

The love of the Tolkien stories and its various incarnations was felt throughout the weekend as thousands made new friends and mixed, mingled and listened to some of the wonderful guests at the event! Special thanks to headliners ELIJAH, SEAN, DOMINIC and BILLY (all four hobbits!) and the genre's living legend JOHN RHYS-DAVIES! All awesome entertainers on-stage and going all out to make sure EVERYONE got their autographs and photo ops! All our guests have told us that they had a marvelous time, just as we did!

Truly a weekend to remember and one that we are gonna top next year! In the meantime, please check out these photos from the weekend!

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Here's some cool shots from our ELF event in Orlando Florida (August 2005) A great time was had by all and thanks to our super-special guests ELIJAH WOOD, SEAN ASTIN and JOHN RHYS-DAVIES.
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And here's a couple of our favorite photo ops taken with Elijah!
What a great souvenir to have, especially when the guests
are as amazingly friendly as EW!

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