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DEAN DEVLIN and company were at the 2002 Creation Minneapolis Convention to promote the release of Dean's scary (but funny) spider flick EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS. From left to right: DEAN, DAVID ARQUETTE, KARI WUHRER, RICKI OVERTON (our favorite sci fi comedian) and director ELLORY ELKAYEM

DEAN DEVLIN (center), screenwriter and producer, stopped by with actors HANK AZARIA (left) and HARRY SHEARER (right) to promote his film GODZILLA. With worldwide revenues topping $300 million, seems like Dean and Co. are unstoppable. Can INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 be far behind?

Buffy fans converged on the Burbank Airport Hilton when we brought in heartthrobs JAMES MARSTERS (Spike) and...
NICHOLAS BRENDON (Xander) to talk about the next season, David Boreanz' new series ANGEL and of course their missing in action leader Sarah (maybe we'll get her to come to a show one of these days...)

JULIE CAITLIN BROWN, of Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Vaporized but not forgotten, Creation fan favorite LOUISE FLETCHER delighted our audience with tales of DS 9's Kai Winn and her illustrious movie career. Winn and Dukat's pairing had to be one of the lowest (read that highest) points in DS 9's fabulous story. We're gonna miss that show!

Speaking of the notorious but irresistible Gul Dukat, MARC ALAIMO and some of his many fan followers enjoyed a moment recently, talking about the good old days of Bajoran occupation and playing the heavy (Marc always gets the pussycat roles)!

JAMIE LEE CURTIS was at a show recently promoting VIRUS, that unstoppable and evolving radio signal from space that uses our body parts for, well...body parts. Jamie looks and sounds excellent, and we reminisced about her stints in Halloween, True Lies, and Virus.

TERRY FARRELL may be taking it on the lip from Ted Danson now (and dishing it back) but hopefully she's loving it. We miss her as Jadzia Dax of DS: 9.

Glamorous JERI RYAN isn't looking a bit assimilated as she signs autographs for a mountain of fans recently at a Creation event. 7 of 9 helped put Voyager on the map, and nothing will ever be the same.

Lending personal support, GARRETT WANG has the same crush on Jeri that Harry has on 7. Call it intergalactic attraction. Garrett by the way has become a master of impressions, leaving a wake of hysterical victims in his performances.

LEONARD NIMOY and ALIEN VOICES wowed a recent Grand Slam audience with an amazing radio play performance of FIRST MEN IN THE MOON. Nimoy and cohort John De Lancie have fashioned a charming, rotating ensemble of actors including Armin Shimerman, Roxanne Dawson, Dwight Schulz and Susan Bay. Add musicians and foley artists to the brew and you have some very creative entertainment!

DWIGHT SCHULZ is well known to Creation fans from his role on the A Team and of course as the absent minded but brilliant Barclay on Star Trek: Next Generation.

Speaking of Next Gen, LEVAR BURTON made an extremely rare appearance with us recently in which he discussed plans for several TV and film projects in development. Seems LeVar isn't content to rest on his laurels (which include several Emmy wins for his distinguished "Reading Rainbow" TV series). Roots seems like such a long time ago. And no one seems to no for sure what the powers that be have in store for Geordi or the next Next Generation outing, if in fact there is one.

COSTUME CONTESTS display fans' collective creativity all over the country. Remember the days of scarf-clad Doctors?

It's not hard to love PATRICK MACNEE, that most distinguished of actors who we have delighted to in countless TV and film roles. As Steed in The Avengers, he set the standard for civility and refinement while you killed your enemies. With Diana Rigg as the truly shagadelic Mrs. Peel, no threat to the British Empire was safe. We've also watched Patrick through Bond films and Battlestar Galactica. Through it all we've admired this veteran character actor and leading man, and we were ecstatic when he recently appeared at our show to promote his autobiography.

When we first thought of the idea of bringing together "The Four Captains", it seemed like a logistically impossible project to pull off. But we did it! On the day of the historic summit, KATE MULGREW and BILL SHATNER found a moment to chat and catch up on things personal and professional.

Two generations of Sisko, Jake and Dad, show off the camaraderie between CIRROC LOFTON and AVERY BROOKS. Poor Avery had to contend with watching Cirroc grow taller than him over the course of the show. But like a proud father, he has nothing but love for his acting mate. As for his character, Ben Sisko, he's hopefully floating in a place where dramatic opportunity can summon him back in a script's page.

Two jesters for a world that needs a good laugh, PATRICK STEWART and BILL SHATNER make observances about society, good fashion sense and fan obsession. Their legendary screen personas mirror largely the personalities of the actors in whom they reside. They are playful, energetic, and ready for a scrap! And they like tight jeans. And both can ride a horse REAL good!

BILL SHATNER and AVERY BROOKS find a moment for some serious discourse amidst the non-stop festivities. Media from all over the world covered their appearance together.

THE FOUR CAPTAINS, TOGETHER AT LAST! What an achievement for us! Star Trek spans an illustrious 33 year history, and promises many more years and surprises to come. With talents like these, it's not hard to see why fans just keep clammering for more!
Saying good-bye, the FOUR CAPTAINS go down in history as more than a curiosity or cultural footnote- one could say they had the RIGHT STUFF...

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