Each year Stargate franchise fans from around the world convene in Vancouver for the event that has become "the" social center of the Stargate Universe! Through the amazing generosity of the Stargate "powers-that-be" fans have entered a realm thought to be unreachable: actual escorted tours of the gorgeous sets of the shows we love! The 2006 convention has widely been heralded as one of the best fan gatherings ever held and we agree! The show had it all: fabulous guest stars, wonderful tours of the SG-1 and Atlantis sets, a hilarious celebrity cabaret night, delicious breakfast and dessert parties, thousands of autographs and photo ops delivered successfully, on-time scheduling, an amazing tour of the show's location shooting on Monday, fun contests, major surprises and news scoops, an incredible over $50,000 raised for Make-A-Wish (our selected charity) and most importantly: tons of friendships made, continued and renewed!

Here's just a few photos from the 2006 convention: a time we'll never forget!

Here's a great pic of some of our great attendees out on the city wide tour of location scenes that was taken on Monday after the convention. A great time was had by all! Look for more details about the 2007 "extra" events coming soon!
The one and only MICHAEL SHANKS! Always sensational on stage, Michael has a real connection to his fan base and the excitement builds everytime he is with us. We're thrilled that Mr. Shanks will be touring with us: he is always a pleasure to work with!
The illustrious THOR granted us his first convention appearance. Although we had heard that he was a bit temperamental we found him quite willing to do everything we asked of him. Fans got the chance to grab a photo op with THOR much to their delight.
Part of the glorious PROP ROOM: surely a high point of the convention as attendees got to snap photos and enjoy the incredible work of the craftspeople who bring the Stargate Universe to life!
JOE FLANIGAN was with us and we were able to see first hand just how amazingly popular ATLANTIS has become! A delightfully laid back star, Joe is quickly becoming a favorite of fans worldwide!
The COSTUME CONTEST is always a whole bunch of fun and the winner grabbed a $250 gift certificate
Creation Conventions have a very long history of presenting top name superstar celebrities to our audiences. To this list we can now add the name of BEAU BRIDGES!! Thanks Beau for making your first convention appearance with us and for making it so much fun for all!
AMANDA'S BACK & CREATION'S GOT HER! The lovely Ms. Tapping returns to our convention scene after a lengthy absence and fans showed their devotion to the lady that means so much to the Stargate franchise!
Photos taken by MATT BEALS and BRIAN WILSON, used with permission
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