The 2007 Vancouver Convention was a sell-out sensation, jam-packed with exciting guests, events and surprises. Fans attended from around the world and a joyous time was had by all. So much was going on (with guests on stage, set visits, location tours, parties, breakfasts, auctions, the prop museum, screenings, fan events, autographing, photo ops, etc.) that the decision was made that as the Stargate TV franchise expands itself, THE annual convention must also expand to allow for more time for everything and MORE of everything too! That's why in 2008 the convention is FOUR days (with anticipated location tours on the day before and after as well) so we can give our audience more of what makes this Vancouver convention so very special. And, even better, we're keeping the convention relatively small in size so attendees get more of an upscale boutique type event that has proven to be so popular.

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From the 2007 Location Tour with Jamie Lake in Vancouver.
On Thursday and Monday of the convention week we traditionally offer exclusive "location tours" that take fans around the gorgeous Vancouver locales that have served as backdrops for various Stargate scenes. Here is a shot of our group on Monday last time around.
Photo credit Francy Gregori
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