THE Official Species CONVENTION

We were proud to have been asked by MGM to produce a special event that coincided with the release of the first SPECIES film. In addition to great attending talent, special effects genius Steve Johnson brought his physical embodiment of the H.R. Giger creation and we hosted a special screening of the film. Here are a few shots from that event, held at the Glendale Red Lion Hotel (now the Hilton).

Star BEN KINGSLEY was a wonderful guest. Though best known for mainstream films including Gandhi and Sexy Beast, Ben made his genre mark with this imaginative movie.

MARG HELGENBERGER has since rocketed to fame with CSI on television, but she also was the convincing female co-lead (along with Nastasha Henstridge as the alien) in this film.

ALFRED MOLINI is a talented character actor who has appeared in several films before and after his dynamic portrayal in Species.

SIL herself as created by special effects wiz STEVE JOHNSON graced our stage, which also featured set pieces from the movie. It was an honor to produce this event on behalf of MGM for sci fi fans who came from all over the country.


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