2005 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention Highlights

Something magical happens each year in Las Vegas: thousands upon thousands of fans from around the globe converge upon this desert paradise to celebrate something truly good: Gene Roddenberry's legacy of a positive and accepting future. In these crazy times we live many of us have come to treasure the week we spend together away from what passes as "civilization".

We love the amazing guest speakers that open up and make us feel like family, we party till the early hours at the incredible Star Trek: The Experience attraction or the various Hilton ballrooms, we learn about real space science and "Star Trek" like technology that is coming true today, we travel through the world's largest Star Trek exhibit room filled with merchandise and teaming with supporting Trek stars we've loved for generations, we run to get our pics taken with Willliam Shatner, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew and scores more, we get photos, plates, posters, and toys autographed, we bid at auctions, we laugh at Star Trek parodies and comedy routines, we go behind the scenes of 40 years of Star Trek film and TV... but most importantly we share it all with fellow fans that believe Gene Roddenberry's future will, must be ours.

The 2005 Convention was simply a smash hit, most would agree the best STAR TREK Convention ever with 15,000 plus ticket-buyers. The overall sentiment from attendees was "how are we ever going to top it for the incredible 40th Anniversary convention that was coming in 2006? "

Ah, a challenge to live up to and at Creation Entertainment we aim always to surpass our beloved attendees' expectations with our Vegas Convention. Check out our photos from 2005 and trust us... you ain't seen nothing yet!


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Many fans got the chance to meet AVERY BROOKS for the first time and he was an absolutely fabulous superstar guest: winning the crowd over with his electric speech and friendly manner. BRENT SPINER in the tradition of great stand up comedians, takes a definite Jack Benny-ish pose
WILLIAM SHATNER: Vegas isn't Vegas without our hero: a true inspiration and at the top of his all-time game at 74 years young! You go, boy! CORBIN BERNSEN at his first Creation event: we loved him in Trek, but even more so he helped make LA LAW one of television's finest dramas.
ROSALIND CHAO: another first timer, we always try to have new stars for our loyal audiences to meet. Rosalind had a great time and we're sure she'll be back in the future! VAUGHN ARMSTRONG, CASEY BIGGS and JEFFREY COMBS perform a live musical set. We always ask our guests to "show-off" some of their talents when possible.
CONNOR TRINNEER: helped us out big-time when Jolene Blalock cancelled her appearance during the convention, unfortunately. We got Connor on the phone and he jumped on a plane to help us out! A definite fan fave, Connor will soon be seen in the Stargate franchise! GRACE LEE WHITNEY and ROBERT WALKER, JR reunite on stage almost 40 years after the making of CHARLIE X, one of classic Trek's most memorable episodes. They both look great!
THE GOLD WEEKEND EXCLUSIVE DESSERT PARTY took place after the Las Vegas Philharmonic's performance of STAR TREK THEMES, (definitely a highlight of the convention!). Who better to entertain our best customers than legendary singing star, JAMES DARREN! Great friends, entertainment and ice cream: a combination hard to beat! EUGENE RODDENBERRY: One of Creation's greatest friends, the young son of Gene and Majel has lots of creative projects on his plate. His dad was a frequent guest of Creation over the years and we're so proud that the tradition is continuing...
GARRETT WANG: Yes, it is him! His "act" is hilarious and Garrett was in great form hitting the stage in front of 4,000 attentive fans! Welcome back, Garrett! JAMES DARREN: What a career this gentleman has had, and he's still going strong! We love have Mr. D. at our shows, a real connection to classic Vegas show business!
KATE MULGREW: It is always fun to catch up with the lady who made Star Trek history! Kate is currently appearing in her well received one woman show about Kate Hepburn. Grab your tickets and go: it is outstanding! LeVAR BURTON: A stylish LeVar returned to our stages after quite some time and the audience loved seeing him!
MARINA SIRTIS and MICHAEL DORN: The glamorous Marina teamed up with best friend slimmed down Michael to offer a great time for their legions of Next Gen fans filling the packed auditorium. It was cool that the Next Gen guests we booked were able to catch up with each other at a private dinner. PENNY JOHNSON JERALD: Making her first Creation show and what a delightful lady! Responsive to fans, cool to everyone: Penny will definitely be back with us!
PATRICK STEWART: For many, seeing Patrick live was a dream that we needed to fulfill. He has such a command about him it is no wonder he was cast as Captain Picard! He flew down from filming X-MEN 3 (we can't wait!) to be with his fans: such a generous gesture and Patrick even signed autographs for the first time in the US! PARTIES are a given at the Las Vegas convention and we always try to have as much personal contact between our celebrity guests and fans as possible. Here DEAN HAGLUND (of The X-Files) and CHASE MASTERSON hang with a fan at the big bash at Star Trek: The Experience
ROBIN CURTIS: It was great to see this lovely lady again: she makes it clear that she is thrilled to be part of the Star Trek family and that's nice to hear! ROBBIE DUNCAN McNEILL is now one of television's most sought after directors thanks to the training he got on Voyager (and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!) but he still makes time to pop up at our conventions. Look for Robbie's work on television's hottest shows.
WILLIAM SHATNER & PATRICK STEWART: a super-nice surprise to see this legendary duo on stage together. After a typical hilarious lengthy Shatner "rant" about Patrick, Patrick says deadpan, "I have a story too".
THE SUNDAY MORNING BREAKFAST & CHARITY AUCTION opened up with the appearance of four stars who were then escorted around to personally meet all the attendees!
Here are the winners being presented by a gracious Bill Shatner. PHOTO:
Amy Campbell & Vicki Wells

Each year at The Creation Las Vegas Star Trek Convention we recognize a subset of our attendees that have lived with Gene Roddenberry's philosophy in their lives. In 2004 we honored the teaching profession, in 2005 the medical field was selected. The $1000 gift certificate was presented by William Shatner. The 2005 winning entry is from Angela and Rob Barrow, both doctors in Arkansas.

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The convention in 2005 was just too much fun!
Here's some great shots from professional photographer ALBERT ORTEGA that offers just a few glimpses of what made the week so special!


But wait, there's more!

Here's a bunch of great shots taken by attendees
Amy Campbell & Vicki Wells
Thanks guys!


PATRICK STEWART & BILL SHATNER Think about all the great times Patrick and Bill have given us over our lifetimes! It is easy being a Star Trek fan when you get to watch such amazing gentlemen on screen or on stage! It is hard to believe it has been 15 years since Patrick and Bill made their first (and till now only) appearance together for us back in NYC in the early 90's!
JOHN de LANCIE returns to the Creation stages. STAR TREK: THE MUSIC a full-scale performance of The Las Vegas Philharmonic was a high-point of not only the convention but of our careers. It really was a marvelous evening made even more special by the affinity for Star Trek shown by the performers and conductors. Awesome!!!
DEAN HAGLUND of The X-Files' Lone Gunmen does his hilarious improv stand-up. Dean is a long-time fave of Creation's and it was great to have him back up there with us. Some big-time movie or tv producer needs to get Dean on screen: he truly is amazing! I...DO? At Creation events you never know what surprises might occur. We set up this marriage proposal and the surrprised young lady thankfully said YES! May you both live long and prosper!
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