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The amazing 2006 Official Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas is now but a sweet memory, filled with glorious moments to treasure forever! 13,000 FANS from over 38 countries and every single American state journeyed to be with us to share Gene Roddenberry's enduring celebration of hope for the human race! What a way to share a week of fun, excitement and friendship.

With its positive hope for the future and acceptance and celebration of humankind's diversity, there is no doubt that Star Trek is the most important and meaningful genre show of all time and the 2006 convention and the outrageously positive worldwide media coverage showed that STAR TREK LIVES large: now and forever! Our special thanks to title sponsor Arovotech and presenting sponsors Google, Christies, Celestis and G-4 for making the 2006 convention a huge success.

August 17-20, 2006

The fabulous LAS VEGAS HILTON welcomed Star Trek fans from around the universe for this, the greatest STAR TREK Convention in history!

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They got stares all weekend: who knew that Professor X was a STAR TREK fan?

The famed Hollywood Wax Museum Star Trek exhibit was refurbished and brought to glory at the convention where lucky fans could pose on "The Bridge"

Why should our convention be open to only humans? That isn't Gene Roddenberry's way and it isn't ours either!

Thousands upon thousands of great fans enjoying 40 years worth of celebrities: definitely cool as our theatre was packed but EVERY fan in attendance got a seat to see the stars as "The Creation Difference" rules! (we don't oversell like other conventions: you know who you are!)

It was the largest Star Trek dealers room in memory: filled with great new vendors and sponsors: everything Trek could be found!

The annual costume parade is always a highlight and the stage was filled with talented fans showing off their wardrobes and unique skills!

The classiest guy we know is the super-cool "man" known as Avery Brooks!

He is always a delight on stage and the fans adore him. It is great that DS9 in reruns is getting additional acclaim: what a show!!

In something of a Vegas tradition we pair up Grace Lee Whitney with someone she worked with on the classic series. Last year it was Robert Walker Jr from CHARLIE X, this year in her first Star Trek convention it was "Miri" herself Kim Darby.

The always beautiful Kate Mulgrew really commands the stage. Just as she made Janeway her own for 7 years, she makes the conventions her own! What a powerful presence and she means the world to her legions of fans!

The legendary trio of Walter, Nichelle and George: part of television history, and part of Creation Convention history too! They look marvelous even when making funny faces!

The legendary duo of Shatner and Nimoy took the stage on Saturday and this was "the" moment we were all waiting for. True Hollywood giants and great talents as well. Wow!

Speaking of legends, how about The Westmore Family of make-up geniuses. Michael Westmore did Star Trek shows for years and years and his talent is immense. It was a pleasure to welcome him to Vegas (along with a display of his creations!)

Connor Trinneer and Dominick Keating were a riot on stage!

We just heard Armin booked several BOSTON LEGAL shows so he will be reunited with Rene.

Now this was sweet: Diana Muldaur (of classic and Next Gen) on stage in only her second convention and the first in something like 13 years! A lot of our autograph collector attendees were jazzed about meeting her and getting that ever elusive signature!

Another first timer was Andrea Martin (Moogie of DS9) but better known for her work on SCTV

Hard-working Chase Masterson flew in from her film set to be with us so she wouldn't let her fans down!

The entertainment continues...

Bob Picardo really knows how to entertain our crowds...

Chase gets ready to sign

Denise Crosby makes a long overdue return to our conventions and the fans gave her a huge welcome back!

Connor was gracious enough to award our Creation Engineering Recognition Plaque which honored those who are engineers and were inspired by Scotty
Jonathan Frakes and Brent Spiner were hilarious! On a serious note we think they are two of the nicest stars we've worked with over the years and we're thrilled with the huge success they have had! And they never forget their original fans!

The improv show at the dessert party

Garrett Wang and Tim Russ were cut-ups at a Voyager Reunion on stage

Tim has gone on to direct films and here he is discussing his latest project with the production team

Gary Graham was a big hit at the convention

Eugene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett join Adam Malin in saluting the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek

Tim Russ entertained at our party at Star Trek: The Experience. We take over the attraction for two nights and really have fun!

Ms. Walsh of Duras Sisters fame looks a lot better out of character!

Michael Dorn looks ever more dapper each year

James Darren is the man! He and his band really put on a great concert for us: his voice is amazing.

Majel always has something cooking and it is a joy to continue the Creation/ Roddenberry tradition that goes back something like 25 years now

Aron Eisenberg lets loose!

Aron with co-stars on DS9 Jeffrey Combs and Marc Alaimo

We welcomed Mariette Hartley (guest on the original series) to her very first convention!

Our puppet show TREK: THE MUSICAL AUDITIONS was a unique addition to the convention

Three show business veterans: Charlie Brill, William Campbell, and William Schallert discuss classic Trek and their "Elvis" connection. What a joy to welcome this trio to our stages!

Another convention first timer was Robert Foxworth, also known for his years starring on FALCON CREST

It was worth the wait to see the super-talented (and very cool) Scott Bakula on our Star Trek Convention stages! What a great reception the audience gave him: the appearance was EVERYTHING we hoped it would be. Thanks Scott for giving us all a really great treat.

A suave Robert Picardo signs one of our many banners that adorned the ballroom space

In the end any Creation gathering comes down to family: a family of friends that gather to celebrate their passion and what better entity to love than one that represents the best that mankind can aspire to. From around the world we came to spend time together and honor our diversity. It truly was a week to remember forever!

Photos courtesy of Ron Douglas and Marc Schatkun
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