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What a wonderful time we had at the 2007 Official STAR TREK Convention: really a family reunion of folks from around the globe united in their passion for a positive future as embodied by Gene Roddenberry's legacy. With over 75 Star Trek celebrities and 13,000 fantastic fans it surely was a time to remember and made even more exciting by the knowledge that STAR TREK LIVES large! With its positive hope for mankind and acceptance and celebration of diversity, there is no doubt that Star Trek is the most important and meaningful genre show of all.

Here are some great shots taken during the 2007 weekend, courtesy of STARTREK.COM.
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LeVar Burton: we just had to invite him back for the 20th Anniversary of The Next Generation salute

Anthony Montgomery, repping Enterprise, returns to Vegas and discusses his music as well as Trek

Here's the cool poster to promote the upcoming film that fans got to take home on Sunday

Four talented guys who portrayed Ferengi characters on DS9 including Wallace Shawn (The Grand Nagus) making his very first convention appearance

Rene and Nana reunited on stage. Nana did a beautiful job performing at our Saturday Concert

Brent Spiner and Jonathan Frakes, part two. After the 2006 show where they were an immense hit they returned for more on-stage joshing and hilarity

The always lovely Kate Mulgrew brings her charm to our stages on a regular basis

Avery Brooks, Penny Johnson Jerald and Cirroc Lofton: The Sisko Family of DS9 were a magnificent addition to our program: another first!

At the top of his career game, George Takei is hot on Heroes and Howard Stern and is always an energetic and delightful guest in Vegas

Walter Koenig was delighted to reminisce about Star Trek but also is proud of his new film coming soon

Nichelle broke the big news that she is to be a regular in HEROES in the 2007-2008 series joining George Takei on that show. The Trek/Heroes connection continues: can Walter be too far behind?

Dominic Keating (soon also on Heroes) and Connor Trinneer (now on Stargate Atlantis) bring a little Enterprise to Vegas

Terry Farrell is playing her most important role now as a full-time mom and it took a lot to convince her to return to Star Trek conventions. The crowd overwhelmed her with love and support: very moving and a special moment!

Dwight Schultz makes his first Las Vegas Convention appearance after countless requests from fans

Another first timer was Catherine Hicks, known to Trekkers for her great work in STAR TREK IV as Gillian

Gates McFadden made her return to the Vegas Convention updating the crowds with what she has been up to since we last saw her

Two legends of entertainment, always hilarious and memorable in person, William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy together again! We're always proud to present Bill and Leonard on our stages and honor their incredible careers

Nicholas Meyer is an incredible talent and his contributions to Star Trek are amazing. It was fantastic to welcome him to Las Vegas: a true gentleman and creative genius!
The photos below are courtesy of Jane Singer
Here are some videos from CreationTV
Filmed live at the 2007 Star Trek Vegas Convention. Click any photo to see them all.


Congratulations to all of our 2007 Star Trek music video contest winners.
You guys are awesome and add much to the fun of the convention weekend.
Keep up the good work! Thanks, Your friends at Creation Entertainment

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