2009 Xena Convention Highlights

Here are some great shots taken during the 2009 Xena Convention weekend.

Photos courtesy of Steven L. Sears. Click to enlarge.

One of our long-time attendees had these very nice words to say about our 2009 Official Xena Convention and Lucy Lawless Concert events:

Hi guys!

I am a long time Xena fan. I have bought a gold ticket for every Creation L.A. area convention since 1998, the 2nd year you had one. Along with Lucy, I have expanded my Creation con going to include New York, Chicago and London also.

I want to thank you guys for everything you do to make being a Xena fan fun. I appreciate so much that you continue to offer the conventions and I am absolutely convinced that without these conventions, Xena’s fandom would be much less viable and enthused than they continue to be.

I also want to sincerely thank you for partnering with Lucy to produce her concerts. I feel that her concerts have rejuvenated the conventions, making going to the conventions even more enjoyable and satisfying. They lend an extra special spark to the excitement of the cons. I appreciate that has to have been/is an economic gamble. But I hope it has repaid you financially, as it has certainly paid off as highly enjoyable and satisfying new entertainment for Lucy’s fans. (Even for us hetero folks!)

It’s always a pleasure to see how many Xena cast and crew members appear at your conventions. To me this speaks of you running a good company, one that honors its contracts, is flexible in offering individuals a choice of how to present themselves and one that provides a satisfactory experience for the folks who brought us the show that we love so much. The fact you’ve been in this business for over nearly 40 years shows that you know what you’re doing-and the people who continue to work with you validate that.

As a long time gold level con-goer I also appreciate how you keep adding things to the convention schedule to keep us interested and involved with the folks we come to see. The evening cabaret, the charity breakfast, the free autographs, the dessert party-if anything, it’s hard time-wise to keep up with all the “freebies” now. But it certainly has added value to having a gold ticket-and that too is a pleasure, to see a company that thinks about how to keep its customers entertained and satisfied and adds a few bonuses to do that.

So anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for 11 years of con going pleasure. Heck, escalating con going pleasure even. It just gets better all the time.

- Sincerely, K.

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