2010 Xena Convention Highlights

Wow! The 2010 Official Xena Convention was fantastic fun for all in attendance. As always it was great to see all the wonderful fans from around the globe and welcome new attendees for the first time. Our guest celebrities were all outstanding and Lucy and Renee were sensational as usual, this year actually performing a short play on stage. Renee looked sensational at her photo ops wearing a Gabrielle costume! Lucy made time for her fans despite starring in her new hit series SPARTACUS and that is just another reason why we love her. These ladies never disappoint and it is a continuing pleasure to be associated with them. Another awesome highlight was the Cleopatra 2525 reunion with Gina Torres, Victoria Pratt, and Jennifer Sky on stage together. They were hilarious!

Photos by KT Jorgensen for AfterEllen.com, used with photographer's permission.

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