Creation Entertainment presents Virtual Fan Experiences
Creation Entertainment presents Virtual Fan Experiences

Updated: July 29, 2020

Virtual One on One Rules




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Please arrive 15 minutes early to your scheduled Zoom session time.  Our Moderator will be checking photo IDs, so please have your ID out and ready to show on camera.  If you’re purchasing the One-on-one for someone else, please let us know in advance and make sure to provide the legal name as it appears on their photo ID.   

Please BE ON TIME!  The One-on-one will start on time.  If you miss your scheduled time, you will not receive a makeup or refund.   

Only one person can be on the screen. If you would like a second person with you for the same time slot, you must purchase 2 tickets.

• This ticket is not for resale.  

Creation reserves the right to reject any purchaser at any time for any reason we deem necessary including not following the rules or being disruptive or inappropriate.  

One-on-one discussions are intended for those 18 and older.  Minors must be accompanied by their legal guardian and must be in the same physical space as the paid attendee.   

  • Do not instigate any inappropriate topics of discussion.   

Please silent cell phones and background noise as they will disrupt the One-on-one.   

This event is for social purposes only. Keep conversation and questions light and pleasant in nature – professional agendas (i.e., pitching ideas, scripts etc…) will not be allowed.   

    • Creation reserves the right to cancel this stated event and will refund payments if necessary.  

  • Photographs or screen capture, recording/posting transcripts or audio-visual taping of any kind is not permitted.   

  • Creation is not responsible for tech or internet issues of the purchaser.     

What happens in the One-on-one, stays in the One-on-one.   
The private celebrity One-on-ones are for a limited number of fans and are just that, private.  The guests feel freer to discuss topics they may not want to in front of larger groups where their thoughts may go viral. Information heard or obtained from the One-on-one may not be posted or disseminated in any way.  This is to protect the requests of our actors who wish to keep these One-on-ones private.  
Kindly understand that anyone who records, transcribes or posts about anything that was discussed, talked about or mentioned during the One-on-ones will no longer be allowed to purchase future One-on-ones and images/videos will be asked to be removed immediately.

• Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Creation Entertainment is not responsible for issues with streaming platforms.