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Friday, Saturday and Sunday
September 29 - October 1, 2017 

Hilton Parsippany
1 Hilton Court
Parsippany, NJ


Who knew as young teenagers in NYC that got Gene Rodddenberry on the phone (he answered) some 40 years ago, that Gene would become a true mentor to us and always be so supportive of he hundreds of fan conventions we would run, many with him at the helm. It’s truly amazing to us to see STAR TREK vibrant and growing as it has now passed its incredible 50th Anniversary. Feature films with a wonderful cast continue and of course we have a brand new television series (finally) to enjoy on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix elsewhere. The talent involved, as well as the stars, some of whom we know from previous gigs, are all marvelous so at the time of this writing our hopes are high that they all recognize Roddenberry’s tenets of creating a great sci-fi television show that comments on today’s society (and now more than ever is needed)!

For Star Trek, the franchise, the merchandising campaign and products have never been better and the world has grown to love STAR TREK and its themes more and more over time. We’re proud of our association with this property that stretches back decades and honors the memory of our early career mentors and friends including Gene. the beloved De Kelley, and, of course, the true conscience of Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy.

New Jersey has indeed always been a great place for us to bring our events and many, many folks attended our very early Star Trek Conventions on the East Coast where we grew up. We are now very happy to return to “hometown” area and we have an excellent program of guests and attractions for our fellow fans including an all star salute to the incredible 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, certainly the most successful of all TV syndicated shows of its type and a triumph for Mr. Roddenberry and his successive teams. One of the coolest things that Gene ever said at our conventions was that he had no fear that other groups would come in and take over Trek’s future and hopefully do a better job than he. Amazingly generous!

With the famed “Creation Difference”, every patron, no matter what type of ticket they purchase, is guaranteed a seat in the theatre. Our goal is to give YOU the absolute very best vacation we can, so here we go!

Be sure of which day a guest is doing photo ops/autographs before purchasing your admission tickets.


“Bones" of the new Star Trek films

Karl also starred in the TV series, Almost Human, and has appeared in numerous blockbuster films including Riddick, Dredd, RED, Priest, Doom, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Bourne Supremacy and the new Thor movie THOR:RAGNAROK.
 His day of appearance, photo ops and autographs will be announced.


Uhura of Classic Star Trek

It is indeed an honor for us to welcome one of the legendary original cast members that started it all.  Be in the house to welcome this true popular culture icon!
 Nichelle will be on hand to autograph and do photo ops, days to be announced.


We are thrilled to welcome so many TNG greats to the convention and on Saturday night they will be doing a rare “reunion” show all together on stage that is included on a complimentary basis for Gold and Silver Patrons and a nominal fee for others. This event will be outrageous and MUST be seen. We know that the audience will really enjoy this one time night and of course the guests appearances on stage throughout the weekend in their regular on-stage daytime gigs. For those of who who have never seen Brent and Jonathan together (our hope is to make that happen), well that session alone is worth the price of admission based on laughs!! Check out our Next Generation guests:

LeVar Burton

Geordi LaForge of Star Trek: The Next Generation

LeVar will be appearing on stage, meeting fans and signing autographs at his table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of his choosing.  Day to be announced. 

Brent Spiner

Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Brent will be appearing on stage, meeting fans and signing autographs at his table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of his choosing.  Day to be announced. 

Jonathan Frakes

Commmander Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Jonathan will be appearing on stage, meeting fans and signing autographs at his table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of his choosing.  Day to be announced.

Gates McFadden 

Dr. Crusher of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gates will be appearing on stage,  meeting fans and signing autographs at her table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of her choosing.  Day to be announced.

Marina Sirtis

Counselor Troi of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Marina will be appearing on stage,  meeting fans and signing autographs at his table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of his choosing.  Day to be announced. 

Michael Dorn

Worf of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Michael will be appearing on stage,  meeting fans and signing autographs at his table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of his choosing.  Day to be announced.  

Denise Crosby

Tasha Yar of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Denise will be meeting fans and signing autographs at her table in the vendors room for a nominal fee of her choosing.  Day to be announced.   

John de Lancie

“Q" of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager

John will be at his table in the Vendors room (days TBD) selling autographs directly to fans for a nominal fee of his choosing. He will also do photo ops and appearing on stage on day(s) to be determined. 


John Billingsley

Dr. Phlox of Star Trek: Enterprise

John will be appearing on stage on a day to be announced, along with doing autographs and photo ops.

Robert Duncan McNeill

Tom Paris of Star Trek: Voyager

Robert will be appearing on stage, signing autographs and taking photo ops with fans on A DAY TO BE ANNOUNCED. 

Suzie Plakson

K'EHLEYR of Star trek: The next generation

Suzie will appear on stage Friday and will be doing autographs and photo ops Friday as well as both herself and in facial make-up as K’Ehleyr, Worf’s mate.

Robert Picardo

The Doctor on Star Trek: Voyager

Robert will be at his table in the Vendors room from Friday and Saturday, offering his photos and autographs directly to fans. Robert will appear on stage Friday

Alice Krige

borg queen of star trek VIII

Alice will be appearing on stage, signing autographs and taking photo ops with fans on SUNDAY.

Daniel Davis

Professor Moriarity in Star Trek: the Next Generation

Daniel will be at his table in the Vendors room through the convention (Friday-Sunday), selling his autograph directly to fans for a nominal fee. Daniel’s on-stage appearance day will be Friday. He will also be doing photo ops on Friday and Saturday.

Richard Arnold

Gene Roddenberry’s right hand man for over 15 years.

He will be doing a special presentation each day on Star Trek: The Next Generation to celebrate its anniversary!

Unlike so many other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict company policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place.

Leonard Nimoy

We are very honored to be screening for our audiences the last convention appearance of Leonard NImoy, which took place in Chicago, where Mr. Nimoy was surrounded by his family and greatest fans. We know you find this film incredibly moving, and we thank Leonard’s family for allowing us to show it. Day of screening to be SUNDAY.

One of the coolest highlights of the convention in NEW JERSEY is the running of fan produced Music Videos honoring STAR TREK, its themes. legacy and characters. If you are a talented video editor now is your chance to show off your creativity and vie for prizes at New Jersey's Continuing Voyage Convention.

Rules: one music video about STAR TREK may be submitted on DVD only (please no computer-based media like CD accepted). PLEASE USE ONLY NTSC FORMAT FOR YOUR DVD. Entries are judged on the following criteria: video quality, audio quality, editing quality, inventiveness, song selection, and originality. Humorous submissions are encouraged. Entries can not be returned, and person submitting entry is granting Creation the right to play this entry in perpetuity at Creation events worldwide and/or on line at the Creation website(s). Creation does not sell music videos so your entry will never be sold as a commercial product, just presented at our events/on line. (WE ARE PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN VIDEOS SALUTING SOME OF THE SUPPORTING CHARACTERS AT OUR EVENTS SO WE CAN INTRODUCE THEM WITH VIDEOS, SO PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND! WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR HIGHER GRADE IMAGING WHEN ENLARGED SO PLEASE USE THE NEWER DVDS WHEN POSSIBLE). 

Winners will receive a $100 gift certificate good for Creation products. Winners will be announced and certificates awarded on site. Please tell us which specific convention the music video is for and send In your video using order confirmation or signature required in order to know if it has arrived. We do not announce winners until the event. Thanks and good luck! 

Note: Due to the high volume of entries for our Music Video Contests, we are forced to limit entries to those people actually attending the specific show they are entering for. You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award on site before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited. URGENT: PLEASE NOTE THAT COMPETITION CLOSES FORTY DAYS PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL OPENING CONVENTIONS, NO EXCEPTIONS! Please note that fans should not use footage from other than the shows we are honoring even if it features the stars of the current show the convention is about.  PLEASE SEND IN JEWEL CASE TO AVOID DAMAGES.

Music Video Contest
217 South Kenwood St.
Glendale, CA 91205

FRIDAY NIGHT is "the" night for partying: and the best part is this event is FREE to ALL!  The Karaoke Party takes full swing starring some of our drop-in guests tentatively. Get in the mood for a full weekend of festivities and enjoy meeting fans from around the galaxy, many of whom are sure to be your friends! STAR TREK is the perfect ice-breaker for friendship-making! 

Lots of Star Trek and genre merchandise is on sale and your collection is waiting for new stuff! Come to browse, come to buy, come to wander: it all happens in the NEW JERSEY Convention vendors room!

Vendor Tables at the Continuing Voyages Convention are  $350 for the entire show. You get one 2 1/2 by 6 foot table plus two full convention general admission tickets.

If you are interested in attending the convention as a vendor in the dealers room click on over and reserve your tables early as there is limited space: http://www.creationent.com/dealers.htm

An over 46 year tradition at Creation Conventions, Star Trek fans get to use their creativity and skills by entering the famous Star Trek Costume Contest set for Saturday and open to all attendees! No need to pre-register, just come on down and be in the audience as your fave character (or make up your own)!

Good luck to all as you vie for a $250 first prize, but everyone wins something.


Our Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Members coming to the convention join forces together on stage for a free-wheeling hilarious entertaining time for all.  Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, LeVar Burton, John DeLancie, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby, and Jonathan Frakes all on stage at once: and it will be hilarious and a time to remember.

This takes place SATURDAY early evening and is included (with the same seat) in GOLD and SILVER packages and also available as a separate general admission ticket (called an Ensign ticket).

These SATURDAY NIGHT ENSIGN GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS are ONLY a ticket for Saturday Night’s Next Generation Reunion and not for Saturday daytime’s convention.  Your daytime Saturday convention ticket does NOT include this Reunion.

Guests for this event are tentative and subject to change.


Ticket ordering information

Please make sure to bring ALL your printed out tickets to the convention as we can not replace any tickets forgotten or lost. This holds true for all ticket-buyers domestic and outside of The United States as we no longer have a will-call or hold ticket desk. Our convention sites generally have a business office where you can print out your tickets if you have left them home by mistake. Once you present your ticket(s) at registration, photo op areas, or autograph sessions they will be scanned for legitimacy and one-time use only. Thanks! 

Customer Support E-Mail: ANY problem you have please write to us at: customer.service@creationent.com and we'll look into it and get right back to you. Thanks! 

NOTE: You may buy Photo Op and Autograph tickets before buying an Admission ticket, but you need an Admission Ticket in order to use the Photo Op and Autograph tickets. Please buy an Admission ticket as soon as you can as we can never guarantee Admission tickets won't sell out before the show. Join our Free Email list to get updates on ticket availability.

Please note that tickets are delivered to you via e-mail in PDF format which you should print out and bring with you to convention registration. Most customers receive their PDF tickets within 3-5 business days of having placed their order. All Convention tickets have a $7.75 shipping/handling fee charged per ticket ordered. This applies to all online, phone, fax and mail orders. 

IN NEW JERSEY, PEOPLE LIKE TO DO IT UP IN FULL STYLE, and there is no better way than to make the New Jersey Convention into a most upscale affair than by going with our VERY best packages, the highly coveted GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES which sell out quickly at most every convention. Our top of the line GOLD WEEKEND PACKAGES offer a bucket load of benefits designed to give you the absolute best experience. Here's what you get when you "Go Gold" at THE NEW JERSEY CREATION ENTERTAINMENT CONTINUING VOYAGE CONVENTIONS honoring the amazing Star Trek legacy of Gene Roddenberrry...


1) The very best reserved seating for our daytime main auditorium events, all three days! Great for photographers and with our ticket ordering system you get to pick your actual seat in the theatre... be close to all the action, reserve as early as possible!
2) Complimentary in person autographs from attending celebrities KARL URBAN, SUZIE PLAKSON,  JOHN BILLINGSLEY and ROBBIE DUNCAN McNEIL and ALICE KRIGE. This benefit alone is worth a substantial portion of the price of the Gold Package so you can tell what a great deal this is. This list is tentative and subject to change.

3) First to get autographs when going row by row as you are in the front rows! 

4) Complimentary admission to the exclusive FRIDAY NIGHT GOLD KARAOKE AND COCKTAIL PARTY, an amazing night to enjoy with fellow fans.  A cash bar is available, please drink responsibly. 

5) Preregistration for Gold Patrons (you get registered first so you can hit the vendors room earlier than other patrons). Preregistration is not a necessity, it is a convenience and usually takes place the night before the convention or the morning of the first day.

6) Wristbands for immediate entrance without waiting on line once you come through the first time 

7) Admission to our vendors room

8) The right to reserve the same or better seat for 2018 Continuing Voyage Convention if applicable.

9) AND THE BEST OF ALL: you get to keep your same seat for the SATURDAY NIGHT all-star reunion of the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation on the 30th Anniversary: super-cool and you’ll be there to join the fun from a GREAT SEAT!!! Guests for this event are tentative and subject to change.



You may order first row seats by using our new TICKET ORDERING SYSTEM so you can actually pick out your seat. Just use the icon marked FIRST ROW to order these!

Please note that the New Jersey conventions focused on Gene Roddenberry’s legacy of STAR TREK and filled with Star Trek guests has sold out quickly for many years in a row now. We try to dramatically lower the attendance compared to other fan conventions by guaranteeing seating to all, not matter what kind of ticket. The great thing about this is of course no worries or extra waiting, but the downside is the fact that we sell out. Get in early, relax and enjoy a memorable weekend of celebration as we closed the doors on the outside world (and that’s gonna be pleasurable right there) and feel the mutual love and respect we all feel for the future that Gene Roddenberry felt was necessary, coming and possible for human kind. The answers lie within us all, but it sure is great to be surrounded by hundreds of others from around the globe who share in that dream.

Ticket ordering information

*Please note that if you have autographs as part of your ticket package benefits you will need to have something for the celebrities to sign. They will sign anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention.

Additional ticket packages including:
Silver Weekend Packages (which will also include The Evening Next Generation 30th Anniversary Reunion Show on a complimentary basis with your same seat as the day)
Copper Weekend Packages
General Admission Weekend Packages
Preferred Single-Day
General Admission Single-Day will be tentatively become available as we get closer. Because of the small size of the theatre as mentioned within this site, it is a possibility these types of tickets either will not be available or available in very limited supply. Please be on our FREE EMAIL LIST so you are advised of new ticket option launches! We will, to the best of our ability, send out an announcement each time a new ticket bracket becomes available. But checking the website frequently is recommended as well.

Children 6 and under (please bring proof of age) will be free. Other than that all kids are required to hold a full priced ticket for seating.

ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS and these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!

Autograph and Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention in order to redeem autograph and photo op tickets. Photography is not allowed during the autograph sessions. One of the coolest things about the convention is the chance to get in person autographs on the item of your choice (you can bring something from home or purchase a photo or souvenir at the convention). At this particular show, due to popular demand, many of the stars will be present throughout the majority of the weekend, at tables in the vendors room, where you can purchase your autographs directly from them. Those stars participating in that way are noted below. THANKS!

Please note that autographing often runs after the closing times of the theatre, although many of our guests are now signing at tables in the vendors area

KARL URBAN: at his table, day(s) to be announced. He has chosen to charge $60 an autograph and his signature is included in Gold Packages. Just bring your GOLD LANYARD CARD up to Karl’s table and he will sign an item for you as part of your Gold Package: you can’t beat meeting one of world’s leading genre stars and getting an in person autograph at the same time! At this moment it is unsure whether his ticket will be included in Silver. When that is announced, we will see. OF COURSE all others are welcomed to purchase his autograph too!

NICHELLE NICHOLS  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

LeVAR BURTON This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

BRENT SPINER  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

JONATHAN FRAKES This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

GATES McFADDDEN  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

MARINA SIRTIS   This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

MICHAEL DORN This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

JOHN de LANCIE  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

DENISE CROSBY  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

JOHN BILLINGSLEY  $30 [day to be announced]

 $25  [day to be announced]

ROBERT PICARDO  This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

DANIEL DAVIS   This celebrity is signing at their table in the vendors room at a nominal fee of their choosing on a day(s) to be announced.

NEW! ROBERT DUNCAN McNEILL  $35 [day to be announced]

NEW! ALICE KRIGE  $35 [Sunday]

Ticket ordering information

Those signing as part of Gold and/or Silver Packages will be denoted within the benefits of those packages.  So please don’t order an autograph if you already get it complimentary as part of your packages! Thanks and have fun!

Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention to enter into the photo op areas. Due to security considerations and guest concerns we cannot facilitate the giving of gifts to guests at the photo op sessions. LIMIT OF TWO FANS PER PHOTO-OP, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE! TWO FANS CAN BE IN THE PHOTO OP FOR THE PRICE OF ONE PHOTO OP TICKET. 

One of the coolest experiences at the convention is having your photo taken with famous Star Trek celebrities. Creation Entertainment's staff photographers are acknowledged as the best by far in the fan field and we make both our attendees and the celebrities feel super comfortable. So get yourself ready for a souvenir simply like no other.
Please visit our FAQs on Creation Photo Ops


Photo ops may be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Photo ops may not be used in whole or part, disseminated or distributed for profit or otherwise in any way. 

KARL URBAN $75  [Day to be announced]

NICHELLE NICHOLS $80   [Day to be announced]

LeVAR BURTON  $40   [Day to be announced]

BRENT SPINER  $40   [Day to be announced]

JONATHAN FRAKES  $40   [Day to be announced]

GATES McFADDDEN   $40  [Day to be announced]

MARINA SIRTIS   $40  [Day to be announced]

MICHAEL DORN   $40   [Day to be announced]

JOHN de LANCIE   $40   [Day to be announced]

DENISE CROSBY   $40    [Day to be announced]

JOHN BILLINGSLEY    $40   [Day to be announced]

SUZIE PLAKSON    $40  appearing facially as K’Ehleyr  $50 [Day to be announced]

ROBERT PICARDO  $40  [Day to be announced]

DANIEL DAVIS  $40   [Day to be announced]

NEW! ROBERT DUNCAN McNEILL  $40 [day to be announced]

NEW! ALICE KRIGE  $45 [Sunday]

Ticket ordering information


Hilton Parsippany
1 Hilton Ct.
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Tel: (973) 267-7373

Stay overnight at the hotel and make your visit even more fun and pleasurable. THE Hilton PARSIPPANY offers special lower than normal room rates to those attending the convention.

This hotel has traditionally sold out early for our events, so please reserve as quick as you can, thanks!

Seated in the midst of over 50 Fortune 500 companies, Hilton Parsippany offers several in-house restaurants, a full-service spa, conference halls, two ballrooms, and much more. We provide elegant guest rooms with an array of thoughtful amenities, as well as executive-level suites offering extra space and additional perks, including complimentary breakfast. Whether traveling for business or leisure, your remarkable stay in Parsippany begins with Hilton.

Hotel Rooms Flat rate: $129 flat single rooms (one bed) /double/double (two beds)  double ) one double bed
Call 1-800-445-8667
Or book online:


With tentative preregistration September 28 night time. This is a convenience, not a necessity. It is for all those coming as Gold, Silver, Copper or General Admission Weekend. You can pick up your printed schedules, grab any available autograph and photo op tickets and check out our vendors room which is generally open. A more complete schedule, obviously, will be available at this site by the Wednesday prior to the convention.

Actual times for the convention usually are about 11am to 6:30pm Friday, 10am to 6 PM Saturday, with evening Next Generation Reunion Panel early evening, and Sunday 10 am to 6 PM. These times are tentative of course because they become dependent on the actors’ itineraries and flight schedules and we don’t get those until the last week or two.

All guests and scheduling are tentative and subject to change.

ALL GUESTS are contracted to appear and all convention contracts specify that appearances are tentative and subject to change as film and television work demands take precedence as can a personal conflict. Our events will take place whether a specific guest cancels or not (we always try to book replacements) and therefore we can not issue admission ticket or ticket package refunds if a particular guest does not fulfill their appearance contract. Of course we will always refund separately purchased photo ops and autograph tickets for a guest if they cancel.

PHOTO TAKING POLICY AT THIS CONVENTION We know that taking photos makes the convention even more fun and we thought it would be a good idea to share our photo taking policies for you before you arrive at the convention so you can prepare. In the auditorium, photo taking is encouraged, but only from your seat. It is unfair to run up to the stage and block the view of others who have paid for reserved seats in front of you. Even if there are empty seats, patrons must sit in the seats they paid for to be fair to everyone. Due to fire marshall regulations everyone must be seated during performances. Please also be courteous to your neighbors when taking pictures. Photo taking is not allowed during autographing sessions nor during the photo ops. Only those people who have autograph tickets may come up to get autographs. At the Gold Exclusive Parties and Breakfast: photo taking is encouraged when the guests arrive (but only from your seats). After a sufficient time for all to get their photos we ask that your cameras be placed down so the celebrities can enjoy their time at the two food functions. Thank you for understanding the need to have these few rules so everyone is safe and has fun.

The vast majority of our guest celebrities take questions from the audience during their on-stage time. Therefore it is incumbent upon those that ask questions to make them ones that allow our mutual shared time with the celebrities to be enjoyable, interesting and entertaining for all (including the guest). Asking for hugs, telling stars we love them (we all do, that's why we're here), giving gifts, getting into long personal stories, or worse, is not acceptable for this format and, in fact, is quite self-centered when you are in essence "representing" all of fandom to a celebrity. Join us in trying to make this convention the best entertainment for everyone!

In the event of convention cancellations or date changes Creation Entertainment is not responsible for patrons' costs involving travel or hotel accommodations or any other non convention ticket expenses.

Advance ticket sales are generally turned off early to mid-week of the week of the events. Tickets, if they are not sold out, are sold at the convention of course.

We are not responsible for orders that are rejected during processing that may be due to customer errors (usually caused because the customer does not complete the entire ordering process to the very end), credit card failures (usually caused when there is not enough funds in an account or the credit card company rejects the charge for any number of reasons including out of state ordering or unfamiliar ordering to the customers’ general pattern), or system errors during transmission of the order.

Creation assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by convention venues. All dates, venues and guests are considered tentative and subject to change. Check back frequently for updates.

NOTE: ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGEABLE. ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED AT ANY CONVENTION. Still photography is for personal use only - public dissemination and commercial use strictly prohibited.

By attending Creation events you agree to allow your image to be used on our website and in news documentaries or stories, either filmed by Creation Entertainment or other entities.

All ticket prices are subject to change, please order as early as possible.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation of the convention, or a date change, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for refunding airfare or any other costs other than the payments made directly to Creation Entertainment for ticketing. Also in the unlikely event, due to weather, transit issues or last minute illness or other reason given by celebrity, an advertised guest does not make their appearance at the convention, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for any refunds other than separate specific to the guest autograph tickets or photo op tickets. In the extremely rare chance that a guest does not finish his or her autographs or photo ops (which has only happened in a hand full of cases over 40 plus years, always due to something out of our control) Creation Entertainment will only be responsible for the refund of the separate autograph or photo op ticket.