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Creation celebrates our many years of Convention Memories

William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy
Our Vegas Star Trek Convention is ALWAYS full of surprises! Sir Patrick Stewart joins William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in this once in a lifetime moment! We're glad we were there!

Wally Schirra and Alan Bean
In 2006, space pioneers, astronauts Wally Schirra and Alan Bean, guested at Grand Slam: it was an honor!
Photo Credit: David Livingston

Kirsten, Robert and Taylor
Three of the most popular actors on the planet graced our stages along with their The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director: Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner helped us make history at an official gan gathering done in conjunction with the press junket and in association with Summit Entertainment.

Creation 1971

Creation 1971
We even had time to publish 6 issues of a popular comic art fanzine called Infinity when we were teenagers. Back in the days before the internet, printed fanzines and conventions helped keep fandom connected.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
When we ran The Official STAR WARS Convention we brought in Gene Roddenberry as a surprise and this moment in time was a true highlight. Gene was a great mentor of ours and he is always in our thoughts, especially when we gather for our Official STAR TREK Conventions.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
LOST was one of the great TV series of all-time and we were proud to be an official licensee for the show. Here three of the stars, Ian Somerhalder, Evangeline Lilly and Naveen Andrews, grace our stages in a Creation Convention appearance.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
Two of our most popular celebrity guests from the Stargate franchise making their only Creation appearance together on stage: Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping! We love following their careers post Stargate and look forward to enjoying their work for years to come!

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
How's this for cool? Arnold as THE Terminator at our Official T-2 Convention, an awesome occasion!

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
A VERY special moment in Creation History

BILL SHATNER & LEONARD NIMOY toasting the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek on the exact day, 4 decades later, that the original series began its TV run! Taken in Chicago at Creation's Salute to Star Trek's 40th! Thanks, Bill and Leonard for being such a big part of Creation Entertainment! Who would have thought that as kids that watched classic Trek, that one day we'd be working with these show biz legends!

History is made again at Creation when LEONARD NIMOY passes the ceremonial "#1 Vulcan" tee-shirt to the new Mr. Spock ZACHARY QUINTO. It all happened in front of the audience at Grand Slam XVI. Creation Conventions: it is ALL about making wonderful memories like this!

Jack Nicholson
Superstar Legend Jack Nicholson made the "Creation" scene, a definite ultra-cool moment in our 40 plus year history!

Patrick Macnee
Growing up watching THE AVENGERS was a particular joy so when Patrick Macnee joined the Creation line-up of stars it was a joyous occasion for us and his many fans!

Star Trek Captains
It's never happened before or after but it was another of our proudest moments: having four STAR TREK Captains share the stage. Let's hope we can pull it off again some day and add a few more?

Star Trek Captains
Long-time Creation friend (and early fan attendee turned superstar producer) DEAN DEVLIN brought along friends Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer to one of our shows. Dean is currently behind one of TV's greatest shows LEVERAGE!

Star Trek Captains
The impeccable Ricardo Montalban created Star Trek's most popular villian as Khan but in person he truly was one of a kind and his two appearances for us were definitely amongst the most memorable! He is sorely missed by all Trekkers and was indeed a Hollywood classic himself!

Star Trek Captains
Gracious and supportive to us as ever William Shatner made sure first time Creation guest star Joan Collins (in her only convention appearance) was comfortable on stage, reunited decades after their ultra-popular classic Trek appearance together!

Star Trek Captains
As promised, a seat for all! Here's a scene of the amazing theatre we used for years for our Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. At Creation shows: no waiting and worrying about seeing the stars!

Star Trek Captains
Pretty Cool we'd say to have welcomed the ultra talented Elijah Wood as Creation promoted several Official LORD OF THE RINGS events.

Here's some shots of Leonard Nimoy's last convention appearance (courtesy of Paul Harvath), taken at our Chicago 2011 Official STAR TREK Convention. Thank You Leonard for your three decade association with Creation: we've loved every minute of presenting you to your adoring fans (of which we number ourselves!):
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell

Leonard Nimoy's emotional farewell to Star Trek Conventions: 2011 Chicago

Nimoy Farewell

Nimoy Farewell
These guys are HILARIOUS on stage together and we love having them at our events: true superstars of the genre: Jonathan Frakes (now busy directing) and Brent Spiner!


Exhibit tables (generally 2 1/2 by 6 feet, including two chairs) are available at most Creation events.

Tables must be ordered by Wednesday prior to the event. At certain conventions (generally at convention centers) electricity is extra and you will be required to pay the facility their fee at the convention. Wall table locations are given if requested, on a when paid basis. In certain cases wall locations are limited and we can not assure any specific location for our vendors. Best locations are assigned on a when paid basis as well.

It is not acceptable, due to studio rules, to sell prints of your artwork of the characters that are owned by the series studios. Also, our venues to do NOT allow the sale of food products as they consider them competitive.


TABLES ARE $300 EACH (for the entire weekend) and include two general admissions to the convention. Set-Up times are available at the top of each convention website the last few weeks prior to the convention. All STARGATE, VAMPIRE DIARIES and SUPERNATURAL vendors must be approved before ordering tables. Kindly send a description of merchandise you plan on selling to asponsor@creationent.com along with what conventions you want to attend and we will get back to you within two business days. Additionally vendors must have the appropriate government licenses (usually sales tax resale numbers that you can get on a temporary basis if you don't have one).

Vendors are not allowed to sell ANY PHOTOGRAPHS or PROMOTIONAL POSTERS or PROMOTIONAL ITEMS PRINTED ON ANY PAPER PRODUCT of any Supernatural, Vampire Diaries or Stargate character. That includes promotional photographs or mini-posters of the cast originally taken for PR for the series.


ALL STAR TREK CONVENTIONS:(other than the Las Vegas Convention which is discussed below and CHICAGO 2015 which is now sold out) are $250 for a table for the full convention (2 1/2 by 6 feet) and include two weekend general admissions to the convention. Set-Up times are available at the top of each convention website the last few weeks prior to the convention.

You may request wall space but there is no guarantee. Wall space is given on a when paid basis so the earlier you purchase the better your location. Vendors are not allowed to sell un-autographed photographs of any STAR TREK character.


TEEN WOLF CONVENTIONS are all priced at $250 for the full convention and include one two and half by six foot table and two full general admission passes for the weekend. You may sell all “supernatural type” merchandise, including generic logos, werewolf, blood items, you can not sell anything that infringes upon the owner of Teen Wolf intellectual property and that would include images of the characters or actors, names used on the shows, images of logo or show itself. If your merchandise fits the rules please order on line at our pull down menu. If you show up and we find offending merchandise we will ask you to remove it or unfortunately have to close your booth up. Any specific questions prior, please write to asponsor@creationent.com




In order to sell at any California convention you must have a sales tax license.
Here is a link for getting one https://efile.boe.ca.gov/ereg/index.boe



    AUGUST 6-9, 2015
    It's our biggest event of the year and 2015 we will have over 100 outstanding Star Trek celebrities as guests and a non-stop program of events and attractions! We are pleased to be returning to the gorgeous Rio Suites Convention Center. Join the fun of the galaxy's biggest party where 12,000 fans converge to honor Gene Roddenberry's positive future for all! Tables are $575 for wall locations, $450 for center. Please note that wall locations in our facility are EXTREMELY limited. Booths (pipe and draped area in the front of the vendors area) 10 by 10 feet, are $1250 and located in the front prime locations are for those that want to be in a more prestigious area. Booths include a draped table and two chairs. Vendors are not allowed to sell photographic images (unsigned) of any guest in character, or group shots from Star Trek (unsigned). Vendors are given a temporary Nevada sales tax license on site. Show decorator Freeman will offer a cart service to exhibitors during move-in and move-out. Services are available at a nominal fee (last year it was $50, 2015 fee to be determined). This is optional if vendors need assistance.

    Here are the various forms for our decorator if services are needed:

    Download Lighting Services Form DOWNLOAD RIO BOOTH LIGHTING SERVICES FORM(pdf)

    Download Electrical Services Form DOWNLOAD ELECTRICAL SERVICES FORM(pdf)

    Download Wireless Internet Services Form DOWNLOAD WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICES FORM(pdf)

    Download Internet Services Form DOWNLOAD INTERNET SERVICES FORM(pdf)


Participation by vendors at Creation promoted conventions is strictly up to the sole discretion of Creation Entertainment. If you have any questions about what is allowed to be sold, please e-mail . We will respond immediately so you can make plans and will also supply table prices if you are accepted for participation.


All states require for every vendor to obtain a valid tax id number, so if you're planning to sell at an event. It is your responsibility as a vendor to obtain the proper tax id number for the state you would like to participate in. 

Before you submit your vendor order form through our web site, please make sure you have a valid tax id number for the state which the convention will be held.

If you do not have a valid tax id number, you can email and we can give you the proper state's web address for you to apply for the proper tax id number.

Once you have a valid tax id number, you can purchase the table(s)/booth through our online order form or you can mail in your fees to:

217 S. Kenwood Street
Glendale, CA 91205
Fax: (818) 409 0827

Please submit all pertinent information and your credit card number with expiration date.

If you have questions about dealer tables contact:

Andy Wolff (818) 409-0960 x228 business hours pacific time.

Leticia Serafin (818) 409-0960 x232 business hours pacific time.

Tables can also be reserved by fax: (818) 409 0827. To order vendor tables via fax, all vendors are required to send their information as listed below:

Company name:
Phone number:
Contact name:
Email address: (if any)
Show city and date:

If paying with a credit card: Please include the name of the credit card holder, account number, expiration date, and validation code (Visa, MasterCard, Discover: usually last three digits on the back of the credit card or American Express four digits on the front of the credit card)

Thank you for your advance co-operation,

Creation Entertainment





When buying a vendors table you are purchasing 2 1/2 feet by 6 feet of tabletop
space to sell from.

It is not acceptable, due to studio rules, to sell prints of your artwork of the characters that are owned by the series studios. Also, our venues to do NOT allow the sale of food products as they consider them competitive.

Creation only allows the sale of licensed merchandise (including videotapes) at its events. Exhibitors are responsible for the legality of the items they sell, as well as government and/or tax licenses, and insurance. We do not allow the sale of pornographic materials at our events and please keep in mind that Creation events do attract children of all ages.

The sale of photographs or postcards of characters played by guests appearing at the convention is prohibited as are cast shots featuring said characters. Pre- Autographed photos are acceptable for display and sale.

Vendors may also not distribute literature promoting other genre events without pre-written confirmation by Creation Entertainment. Although we often allow this to occur at our sole discretion, if the event you wish to promote is directly competitive to existing or planned Creation events, unfortunately we can not allow promotion of said conventions. Distribution of promotional flyers for sci-fi or other genre conventions without permission will result in your booth being closed without refund.

Vendors may not collect names and addresses (e-mail or otherwise) of event attendees without written approval from promoter.

Exhibitors agree to hold harmless Creation Entertainment and any of its production partners from loss or damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at its events. Exhibit rooms are watched by security or locked by the facilities during non-show hours. Creation takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen during these hours: it is up to vendors to carry insurance for their goods.

Please keep your area neat and clean. Kindly bring along a trash bag to collect your garbage and food left-overs. Your help in keeping the facility clean allows us to come back next time!

All tables come with up to two complimentary VENDOR PASSES, most often in the form of speciallly coded wristbands that allow you into the vendors room during set up and close down periods. It is necessary for us to physically place these wristbands on, no exceptions. Please make sure to wear them throughout the weekend as we can not replace them. WRISTBANDS will be given out generally the first morning before opening.

Vendors may not "sublet" their space to other companies or persons.

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