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A VERY special moment in Creation History

BILL SHATNER & LEONARD NIMOY toasting the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek on the exact day, 4 decades later, that the original series began its TV run! Taken in Chicago at Creation's Salute to Star Trek's 40th! Thanks, Bill and Leonard for being such a big part of Creation Entertainment! Who would have thought that as kids that watched classic Trek, that one day we'd be working with these show biz legends!

History is made again at Creation when LEONARD NIMOY passes the ceremonial "#1 Vulcan" tee-shirt to the new Mr. Spock ZACHARY QUINTO. It all happened in front of the audience at Grand Slam XVI. Creation Conventions: it is ALL about making wonderful memories like this!



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2018 Conventions
Supernatural Pittsburgh, PA
Vampire Diaries Chicago, IL
Supernatural Birmingham, UK
Riverdale Chicago, IL
Once Upon A Time Chicago, IL
Supernatural Nashville, TN
Supernatural Montreal, QC
Supernatural Seattle, WA
General Hospital Burbank, CA
Once Upon A Time Vancouver, BC
Supernatural Las Vegas, NV
Supernatural Orlando, FL
2017 Conventions
Supernatural San Francisco, CA
Supernatural Washington, DC
Supernatural Honolulu, HI
Supernatural New Orleans, LA
Once Upon A Time Burbank, CA
Supernatural Toronto, ON
Gotham Chicago, IL
Once Upon A Time Whippany, NJ
Star Trek "Continuing Voyage" San Francisco, CA
Supernatural New Jersey
Star Trek Chicago, IL
Star Trek New Jersey
Supernatural Pittsburgh, PA
Supernatural Vancouver, BC
Supernatural Minneapolis, MN
Star Trek Las Vegas, NV
Supernatural Chicago, IL
Vampire Diaries Whippany, NJ
Supernatural Phoenix, AZ
Once Upon A Time Denver, CO
Once Upon A Time Chicago, IL
Once Upon A Time Toronto, ON
Supernatural Seattle, WA
Vampire Diaries Chicago, IL
Once Upon A Time Vancouver, BC
General Hostpital Burbank, CA
Supernatural Nashville, TN
Supernatural Las Vegas, NV
Supernatural Houston, TX
Supernatural Jacksonville, FL