Updated: February 17, 2023

Our Charitable Causes

One of the greatest things about Creation Entertainment's fan conventions is the amazing generosity of the audience that attends them. From the very start of Creation's existence in 1971 we've always strived to help to raise money for worthwhile charities but as we've matured as adults and a company (Creation was founded by two teenagers) we've been thankfully able to devote more of our attentions to charity efforts.

We're very proud to say that Creation has been instrumental in raising well over a million dollars for charity efforts over the years. With the donation of Creation produced collectibles and merchandise that we auction at our events, or through direct donations by Creation, our partner production companies, or attending fans, our audience has been generous to support our selected charities. We've tried to honor charities that are meaningful to our fan base and also ones that really do a good job in using their raised funds for helping rather than administration.

Here are some of the more prominent charities we've become associated with
in recent years:

The James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship of Hofstra University

"Special Thanks to Creation Entertainment and devoted fans and celebrities for their continuous support of the James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship"

In honor of Anita Ellis’ father who had colon cancer this scholarship was established in 1997. Helping students who have had cancer touch their lives, this scholarship has raised over $400,000 and has helped a total of 350 students with their college education."

Starship Foundation

Lucy Lawless of Xena: Warrior Princess is on the board of this children's hospital in New Zealand and we helped raise money in support at The 10th Anniversary Xena Convention.

"Many thanks for thinking of us and delivering this wonderful donation. We're so lucky to have people like you and Lucy helping our cause"

And, from Robert Bruce, the late Kevin (Ares) Smith's best friend and representative:

"Thanking you once again sincerely for your continued support. Sue and the boys are all doing fine and are overwhelmed at the donations that continue to come in."

One of the most fun things Creation Entertainment does each year is help to sponsor and support our buddy William Shatner's annual Charity Horse Show. It is an amazing lovingly produced weekend and it is an honor for us to devote our time and energies to such a beautiful cause. Come out and support Bill and make "the western scene!"

We at Creation Entertainment pledge to continue our efforts to support these and other worthwhile charities.

Your friends at Creation Entertainment

Creation Entertainment