Updated: November 12, 2020


When it comes to creating marketing buzz on line and off line, sci-fi genre fans pretty much invented the concept.

The amazing patrons of Creation Entertainment's live events are amongst the most highly sought after demographic in the marketing business. Highly educated, computer and technology savvy, and early adapters of the latest techno-crazes: these are the folks that any forward thinking company wants to reach and capture.

Our customers are primo buzz-builders for upcoming films and television shows, on line opening day for genre flicks, grabbing collector editions and boxed sets of TV shows and movies, and participating in message boards and talking up products to their friends. Amongst their circle of contacts they are "the one" to listen to about tech and entertainment.

You are invited to join the progressive companies that sponsor Creation produced events. Choose one event or the entire yearly tour. You might find that a subset of our events works best for you. You might wish to reach a highly targeted audience like the group that attends The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Tour shows.

You might find that sponsoring our Official Star Trek Conventions, including the incredible annual event at The Las Vegas Hilton, is the best way to associate your endeavor with the billion dollar Star Trek brand.

We offer a myriad of possibilities for your promotional dollar. E-mail us and let's start putting your brand in the minds of our passionate audience!

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We're looking for a few forward-looking companies to be our promotional partners for this annual event, the world's largest gathering of Star Trek fans! The Official STAR TREK Convention will be held at The Rio All-Suites Hotel on July 31-August 4, 2019. The convention draws thousands of attendees and receives widespread media attention , and we'll have many Star Trek celebrities in attendance, including Star Trek captains William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew and Discovery's Anson Mount.

The Las Vegas Convention has drawn media coverage from CNN, "The Today Show", MSNBC, Yahoo's homepage, and countless others. Past sponsors have included GOOGLE, Christie's, and G-4.

Our audience is the demographic sweet spot: we're highly educated, have huge disposal incomes, we embrace technology early, we're buying those DVD collector sets, and creating buzz about upcoming entertainment projects and products. We're passionate about the future, we love to read, we travel, and our friends listen to our opinions. We're dedicated to making Gene Roddenberry's positive view of humanity's destiny a reality.

If our customers sound like yours contact us for a myriad of promotional possibilities that are open for this convention. Write to and put us to work for you!

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