33 Years is an incredibly long time and as we celebrate that milestone in our business' history we'd like to thank all the millions of fans worldwide that have made Creation Entertainment an enduring success.

As fans ourselves we organized our first convention to create a place where like-minded folks could meet, get to know our favorite performers and artists, and shop for cool merchandise. Three decades later our goals remain the same, and we're thankful everyday that our work is fun, and our fun is work!

So, with that in mind, here's 33 fantastic memories we have, thanks to you!

1 Creation became the first studio licensee for photographs: there was a time, not that long ago, when the only photos of genre shows and characters were grainy copies of publicity shots. When Creation approached Paramount Pictures and became a licensee for photographic images for the Star Trek franchise, a tradition was born. Creation, from that point on, became the go-to place for officially licensed photo images from The X-Files, Star Wars, Farscape, Terminator, Xena, Spiderman, Hercules, Sliders, The X-Men films, Tomb Raider, and on and on.

2 "The On-Stage Meeting of George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry" Surely one of the genre's most outstanding occurrences happened at Creation's 10th Anniversary Salute to Star Wars. It was here that Lucas and Roddenberry shared the stage: a beautiful moment in time.

3 Way back in the 1980's Creation felt that our events should offer attendees more than just actors talking about their appearances in the shows we love. There were lots of great early examples of offering attendees some outrageous "performances" but some of our favorites include Jonathan Frid's one man Shakespeare show, our Evening Tribute to DeForest Kelley that included surprise appearances by William Shatner and Gene Roddenberry and singing by Nichelle Nichols (who later premiered her nightclub show with us), and our fondly remembered "Creation Vaudeville Nights" (we even went so far as to have animal acts!) and many more!

4 The legendary FOUR CAPTAINS SUMMIT: who can forget the sure to be only one time event where Bill, Patrick, Kate and Avery sat together on one stage to reminisce about their lives and Star Trek! Wow: what an experience!

5 Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and Rob Tapert: two sensational ladies and our favorite producer! They make our working on Xena an absolutely fabulous experience. Our fondest moment: presenting all three on-stage for the first time to an adoring sold-out crowd of thousands at the culmination of the original airing of the series! Awesome!

6 One of the nicest things that can happen at Creation is the scoops we sometimes get. Although it is harder in days of the Internet, we fondly remember presenting to our audience the very first look at a small upcoming movie called Star Wars, with a slideshow at a New York Creation Show. There were many other super-scoops over the years too, of course.

7 How can we ever forget the moment that our current Governor, Arnold S. came to our Official Terminator Convention dressed as The Terminator? Also at that one-time only event: James Cameron! Good luck, Arnold!

8 There have been many superstars we've been lucky enough to work with, but no memory is as cool as the man himself, Jack Nicholson, taking the stage at one of our Weekend of Horrors events. We remember Jack putting a clock down in front of him so he didn't run over his agreed upon time!

9 Certainly something we remember with pride is our very early involvement in The X-Files. Our first Official X-Files Conventions garnered much of the initial favorable press the series got before it blew up into a full fledged phenomenon. The height of The X-Files fandom was seen at our sold-out convention featuring the beautiful Gillian Anderson! We tried to let in as many people as we could but still remember the crying faces of those peering in the glass of the hotel's windows!

10 As fans ourselves we always wanted to work with some of the amazing people we enjoyed watching as we grew up. One of the true highlights of our careers was a very special evening we presented starring Vincent Price, near the end of his life. Interviewed with great relish by director Joe Dante, this was a priceless night we treasure to this day (thanks Joe for an wonderful job!)

11 Our Official TV LAND Convention was a delight for us because we got to work with some long-time heroes. There were so many highlights at that convention, but imagine the fun of welcoming Larry Hagman, Tim Conway, Carl Reiner, Rose Marie, The Jeffersons Cast, Dick Martin (and other cast members and creator George Schlatter) of Laugh-In, amongst many, many more! Truly memories that will last a lifetime!

12 Not every genre series we love became a huge long-running hit. But we still treasure the fact that we were able to honor these somewhat forgotten little gems like our Official Alien Nation Convention, a tribute to the beautifully written and acted series at which the entire cast was present. We also gave the cast of Max Headroom a much deserved final bow.

13 Growing up we were HUGE comic book fans and certainly one of our idols was Stan "The Man" Lee. So, it was indeed gratifying to get to know and work with Stan many, many times in the early years of our conventions: who can forget Stan tooling up to his speaking engagements in his Volkswagen Beetle?

14 There are many highlights of our careers with Star Trek, but a pinnacle would have to be our sell-out show at The Shrine Auditorium with the entire original cast reunited. Bomb-scares and forced bag-checks in entering the theatre made it a logistical nightmare, but once the actors and Gene Roddenberry took the stage it became magic. And, of course, there was the great experience of co-producing the first Official Star Trek Convention in Huntsville, Alabama with the amazing folks at Viacom Consumer Products. It was an honor to be working with them.

15 Over the years we've gotten to know many "legends" but no one was a better or more beloved patron of Creation's than Gene Roddenberry. Gene made many appearances with us and they were always fun, thought-provoking, and often controversial

16 Our long-term association with Starlog Magazine, and in particular with co-founder Kerry O'Quinn, led to a very special evening performance where Star Wars characters came alive in an on-stage production. R2D2, C-3PO (With Anthony Daniels inside!), and Darth Vader were there and Kerry even went so far as to have James Earl Jones tape Vader's voice for use in the show. What a night: never to be repeated and it was here that George Lucas announced he would be making more Star Wars films (he wouldn't say when!)

17 Sometimes the genre creates fantastic "lightning in a bottle" moments and one that certainly comes to mind is the Official Dr. Who Convention we ran in Chicago at the height of Who-dom. We brought the one and only Tom Baker to the city and with just a couple of "public service announcements" on PBS the show sold-out thousands of seats. We'll never forget hundreds of folks bundled in long coats and Who-scarfs in the middle of July!

18 When you run a small business, some things work and some don't so we are incredibly indebted to the worldwide fans that helped make our Las Vegas Official Star Trek Convention an amazing success from its launch. We tried for years to get The Las Vegas Hilton to allow us to run an event there and it finally happened to great success for them too! Very cool when everything works out and we really love the real Star Trek gambling chips we are able to do (even though we'd never bet with them)!

19 One of the weeks in the office we'll never forget is when Fox put a little blurb about our Official X-Files Fan Club on air nationally and we received over 10,000 letters asking for more info in just a few days. We remember the look on the postman's face as he had to cart in huge bags of mail! Lots of fun and lots of work: gotta love the Internet that makes this kind of thing so much easier!

20 One of the greatest things about working with ultra-generous fandoms is the fact that our audiences have allowed us the opportunity to help so many worthwhile charities. Definitely a high-point of our careers has been the tremendous association with Comic Relief, 8 years of on-going co-production of the William Shatner Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Lucy Lawless' selected charity Starship, Save The Children and The James Ellis Foundation of Hofsta University.

21 MuppetFest! a CO-production of Creation and The Jim Henson Company was surely one for the memory-books. Muppet fans from around the world attended to witness first-hand (for the first time ever) the incredible talents of the Muppet performers. It was a weekend we'll treasure forever.

22 Star Trek fandom was at its peak when we came up with the idea to do a national tour with two of our all-time favorites William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. These guys on-stage together are show-business history and we hit major cities (and famous arenas) to huge turn-outs and acclaim. They were (and are) dynamite together!

23 Sometimes we get to be involved in running "Official" events that involve working on properties we really love as fans ourselves. The Official Quantum Leap Conventions, gave us the opportunity to work with Don Bellisario and his incredible team, and Universal Studios was so generous to build a wonderful stage set to present Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. And, we even had the chance to have Jason Priestley (during his superstar period) at that show on a panel and we had to sneak him in and out of the theatre! Then there was a couple of Official James Bond Conventions we ran that we got to work with Danjaq on, and also to welcome Pierce Brosnan to discuss the then upcoming Goldeneye. We also had the honor of screening a new print of one of our favorite films of all-time (Goldfinger) at The Director's Guild here in Hollywood. More recently, we had the opportunity to honor the legacy of Bruce Lee at The Official Bruce Lee Convention.

24 When it comes to show business and what it means to be a star, no one embodies that more than the legendary Ricardo Montalban, who after a decade of us trying we were able to get to come to our convention. What is so memorable about that appearance though, was that Ricardo was able to overide his obviously intense physical pain to let the audience share a wonderful afternoon with him. And, as always, William Shatner generously helped out by introducing Ricardo to our audiences.

25 Who knew? During our evening cabaret performances of the mid-eighties we always liked to have a comedian do some "genre-related" stuff and one of our faves Rick Overton was frequently the man on hand. However, one year Rick couldn't make it at the last minute so he got a sub: his friend Jim Carrey, long before his incredible movie fame!

26 No look back at the history of Creation's highlights would be complete without a mention of some of the amazing "comic book" talents we had the chance to get to know and present to our audiences. We cherish memories of working with folks like Jack Kirby, Vaughn Bode, John Buscema, and the one and only Bill Gaines and current creative geniuses like Frank Miller and Chris Claremont.

27 We always like to put guests on stage together, because we as fans know what fun it will be! And a particularly momentous occasion was when we got Bill Shatner and Patrick Stewart to do an hour for fans in New York City. The first show was an immediate sellout so for the first time in our careers we had to add another show, which also sold right out!

28 When we were growing up LOST IN SPACE was one of our favorites series. Little did we know that we would get to work with many of the cast and that cast housed two of the nicest people we've ever come in contact with. Bill Mumy and Jonathan Harris remain at the top of our list of Creation faves.

29 No list of Creation highlights could ever be complete without including the man who for us symbolizes being a true gentleman. Our association with Deforest Kelley, including publishing his poetry and welcoming him to stages around the country, stands the test of time in our memory banks!

30 We always like to try to do cool stuff with our merchandising licenses from the various studios and we started an industry trend with our production of Xena prop replicas done by the same folks who worked on the series. Thanks go to all those amazing craftspeople down in New Zealand for your imaginative talents and hard work, and our acknowledgment that the shows we love are the result of an entire team of talents.

31 It's a recent event, but our November 2003 Official Farscape Convention deserves a place on this list. Definitely a love-in between fans and the stars and creators of this fantastic show, the convention was one of the best received and reviewed events we've run, and Farscape itself shows all of fandom that great sci-fi can still be done on television and perhaps the very best is still to come!

32 Surely the best thing about all these Creation years were the friendships made and the careers launched at our conventions which often serve as meeting grounds for people to get together and get to know each other. So many times we meet industry people who tell us that they began their careers by attending Creation events. That makes us feel great, and we know that so much talent lies within our current audiences: it makes us excited for the future of the field.

33 Our last memory/highlight is of all the wonderful fans and staff we've gotten to know over these 33 years! From the fan clubs in the early days of NYC, to the great folks led by Valerie, Sherif, and Iris here in California, to our friends up in Seattle and in Dearborn and all places in between: you are part of The Creation Family and we think about you often. And, of course, to our current staff and everyone who has been part of the Creation "ride": we wish you all good health, lots of fun, and a future filled with great memories like these!

- Your friends at Creation Entertainment


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