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Candid photos from Conventions Past #1
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Jonathan Harris Jonathan Harris, the legendary Dr. Smith, was the total professional, both on-stage and off. He presented an hour of Hollywood anecdotes that had the audience in total rapture, and then proceeded to sign autographs for everyone. He could teach the younger celebrities a thing or two!

Here he is, the "crazy" character actor generations have loved as Grandpa on The Munsters: Al Lewis. He's been performing for audiences longer than most of us have been alive and he made his only appearance for us in New York City (where he is a well-known man about town). Al Lewis

Anthony Perkins Anthony Perkins captured the imagination of movie goers with his scary portrayal of Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. He played many similar roles in his distinguished career and we were honored when he made a very rare appearance for us.

Sometimes famous people just come to look! Here is the man who has made movie and television viewers laugh for years, as a writer, director and producer and "2000 Year Old Man." Mel Brooks, here checking out the dealers room! Mel Brooks

Roddy McDowall His Hollywood career began when he was a child star and he later became on of the nation's leading celebrity photographers, raising money for his favorite charities in the process. Roddy McDowall is fondly remembered by genre fans for his work in Planet of the Apes.

The most popular child actor of his generation, Ron Howard became on of Hollywood's top directors using what he learned on the sets of his early television work. Ron was with us to promote Cocoon, a great motion picture. Ron Howard

Dr. Issac Asimov One of the earliest supporters of Creation events was the amazing Dr. Issac Asimov, writer of a huge number of books, but certainly beloved for his rapport with sci-fi fan audiences. We still miss his appearances at our shows!

Quantum Leap became quite a smash hit with a loyal following of fans, many of whom attended our annual Official Quantum Leap Conventions, where we welcomed the two stars of the series: Scott Bakula and the pictured Dean Stockwell. We also had a panel at one of the events, including Jason Priestley at the height of his "teen-craze" period. We had to sneak him in and out of the facility. Dean Stockwell

Gene Roddenberry No fond memory section of Creation events would be complete without a snap of Gene Roddenberry, the man who gave the world Star Trek. Here he is joined by his wife Majel Barret, who has carried on the legacy.

One of our favorite guests is Leonard Nimoy, an actor who really knows how to touch his audiences. On stage he brilliantly takes us back through the years of our enjoyment of Star Trek and his varied career. Leonard will be doing some more appearances for us in the future and we are thrilled. Leonard Nimoy

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