LOS ANGELES, August 2002

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This fifteen year old event franchise which we coproduce with STARLOG GROUP is one of our favorite shows. Fangoria Editor In Chief TONY TIMPONE did another amazing job bringing in the finest horror genre talent available (and imaginable)! Here are a few highlights from this great event:

The Fangoria/Creation Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to GEORGE ROMERO, one of the genre's most enduring and seminal director/creators. His "Dead" trilogy remains the high water mark in zombie films and features a bumper crop of up and coming talent, many of whom were on hand to acknowledge George's contributions to the field.
Horror virtuoso CLIVE BARKER was on hand to discuss his new movie for Sci Fi Channel "Saint/Sinner". Truly a fan favorite, Clive is not only an extreme talent but a wonderful man, much loved by our audiences. He paints, helps design action figures and is a producer, but his writing and high concept ideas are particularly brilliant. He'll always be a welcome member of our family.

HEATHER LANGENKAMP still looks the same as she did when she did those terrifying Nightmare on Elm Street films with Wes Craven and Robert Englund. She's a talented, classy lady.

Elvira revealed: CASSANDRA PETERSON has entertained horror fans for many years now and her character is still the unofficial Queen of Halloween. Her latest flick, "Elvira's Haunted Hills" is a hysterical romp for her and special guest stars like Rocky Horror's Richard O'Brien.
Master of horror makeup TOM SAVINI is now a makeup teacher in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa., but we all love him for his memorable monsters and makeups in films from "Creepshow" to the "Dawn of the Dead" trilogy.
CLINT HOWARD is one of the most popular character actors in film and TV, and has been seen in countless projects (he was the tranya-drinking alien from classic Star Trek's "Corbomite Maneuver"). Clint was at the show discussing his great role in "House of the Dead".
"Hellboy" is the comic character created by MIKE MIGNOLA (left), who has been a comic fan favorite for years. Now the character is being brought to the big screen with a big budget film to be directed by GUILLERMO DEL TORO, the masterful talent behind films like "Blade 2". Both spoke to a packed house and signed autographs for hours.
THE LADIES OF EVIL DEAD- (from left) ELLEN SANDWEISS, SARAH YORK & BETSY BAKER entertained the audience talking about their work in the cult classics directed by Spiderman Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell.
"Fear Dotcom" is one of this year's biggest hits and director WILLIAM MALONE (right) was on hand to discuss the film with several people, including fan favorite JEFFREY COMBS (left), who is beloved for his outrageous roles in films such as the Re- Animator series, From Beyond, and TV shows: Weyoun the Vorta and Brunt the Ferengi from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, an Andorian on Enterprise and many others.




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