Creation Grand Slam IX
Pasadena Convention Center
March 30 - April 1, 2001

Photos are courtesy of Ron & Claire Douglas and may be downloaded for personal use only, they may not be reproduced or published without permission.

Contact: Ron & Clare Douglas

George Takei - Sulu of Star Trek - Original

Jimmy Doohan - Scotty of Star Trek - Original

George and Jimmy Together

Michael Dorn - Worf of Star Trek - NG and DSN

Leonard Nimoy - Spock of Star Trek - Original

Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols - Chekov & Uhura of Star Trek - Original

Ferengi Family Show I

Ferengi Family Show II

Bill Shatner - James T. Kirk of Star Trek - Original

Bill Shatner Cont.

Ricardo Montalban - Khan Noonien Singh

Marina Sirtis - Counselor Troi of Star Trek - NG

James Darren - Vic Fontaine of Star Trek - DSN

Majel Barrett Roddenberry - The First Lady of Star Trek

Chase Masterson - Leeta of Star Trek DSN

Quark and Odo

Armin Shimerman - Quark of Star Trek - DSN

Rene Auberjonios - Odo of Star Trek - DSN

Garrett Wang - Harry Kim of Star Trek - V

Kate Mulgrew - Capt. Janeway of Star Trek - V

Voyager's Last Bow I

Voyager's Last Bow II

Voyager's Last Bow III

Trekers Vs Trekies

Creation Home