Moments from the 2005
Xena Burbank, CA Convention

While perfection is a goal that is stated as unattainable, for us the perfect convention weekend was the 2005 Annual Official Xena Convention. Truly one for the ages!

A glorious time was had by all and love was surely in the air as fans from the far corners of the world came together to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the series that changed the face of television forever.

To state the obvious, Xena fans are blessed with two superstars that are simply the most outrageously talented ladies around! Just check out these photos: have any series stars ever "brought their game" to a convention like Lucy and Renee?

From Lucy suggesting a 10th Anniversary cake entrance (ever try to find a giant prop cake in less than a day?) to Renee notching up photo ops to a whole new level by posing with everyone in her costume wedding gown.. to that hot disco song that Lucy sang on entering... and Renee's dancing: well, we're still recovering from that number. No wonder the fire alarm went off!

And while L&R certainly took the cake (no pun intended) there was so much more to cherish and remember. Every guest was sensational, but we must give some special shout-outs:

- Rob Tapert and Chris Manheim for an absolutely way too short presentation that gave us all a rare look inside the production of the series and the camaraderie that existed in the writing room

- To "the man" Steve Sears for writing the incredible XENA PUPPET SHOW: what a performance the puppeteers gave and an immediate huge standing ovation was their reward! It was perfect and quite a surprise!

- To Alexis Arquette for the winning turn during the cabaret and to Alison Wall for a beautiful performance piece! We love raising the bar for convention entertainment and you guys really flew!

- To Hudson Leick: for never letting her audience down and bringing her singular personality to our stages yet again!

- To fantastic writer and inspiration Katherine Fugate for updating us on the feature film we are hoping for!

- To Ted Raimi for bringing the convention to a close with a rousing comedic presentation "Ted" style!

- And to everyone else for your contributions in making this the best one yet: Meghan, Sheeri, Tsianina, Missy, Jennifer, Gillian, David, Bruce, Danielle, Paris & Gary Jones!

Creation's special thanks to our own Sharon Delaney for the spectacular MC job: the perfect mix of good questions and audience interaction with our guests

Well over $30,000 was raised for charity during the convention, continuing in the unprecedented dedication to "the greater good" that has made Xena fandom the most generous of all!

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Lucy & Renee

Lucy & Renee

Lucy & Renee

Renee O'Connor

Renee O'Connor

Renee O'Connor

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Lucy Lawless

Alexis Arquette

Alison Wall

Hudson Leick

Katherine Fugate

Meghan Desmond

Sheeri Rappaport

Steve Sears

Ted Raimi

Tsianina Joelson

Missy Good

Jennifer, Gillian & Paris

Chris Manheim & Rob Tapert

The Desert Party!

Costume Contest!

The Art Show!

The Puppet Show!
CHICKS WITH STICKS were a big hit appearing at our evening cabaret!
Awesome performance that the audience loved!
Photos by: STEVEN L. SEARS except the one of him which is taken by MARY D.

Here's a couple of notes we've received that we'd like to share with our amazing audience of fans that were part of the 2005 10th Anniversary Official Xena Convention:

From Starship Foundation (Lucy is on the board of this children's hospital in New Zealand and we helped raise money in support at The 10th Anniversary Convention):

"Many thanks for thinking of us and delivering this wonderful donation. We're so lucky to have people like you and Lucy helping our cause"

And, from Robert Bruce, the late Kevin (Ares) Smith's best friend and representative:

"Thanking you once again sincerely for your continued support. Sue and the boys are all doing fine and are overwhelmed at the donations that continue to come in."

And, from The James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship of Hofstra University:

"Special Thanks to Creation Entertainment and devoted fans and celebrities for their continuous support of the James W. Ellis, Jr. Scholarship"

In honor of Anita Ellis’ father who had colon cancer this scholarship was established in 1997. This scholarship helps students who have had cancer touch their lives. This scholarship has raised over $400,000 and has helped a total of 350 students with their college education."

We at Creation Entertainment pledge to continue our efforts to support these and other worthwhile charities.

Your friends at Creation Entertainment



Congratulations to all who entered and to the winners of our 2005 Xena
Music Video Contest - the variety and quality of the entries were amazing!
We salute the winners in this year's contest:

Alexandra Weber
Angie Gray
Carri Cleaveland
Deborah Abbott
James Gottfried
Jen Stamey
Jett Kuch
Jill Arenson
Katie Enqish
Katie Esposito
Kim Archer & David Carter
Linda Crist
Michelle Eisenreich
Nellie Stinson
Sarah Cave
Sharon Nuttycombe
Tara Chadwick
Tara Lowe
Theresa Pierce
Wendy Woody
Marilyn Cristiano
Denise Byrd

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