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re: Xena 10th Anniversary Convention

To all the wonderful performers of the weekend I say Good On!. Lucy and Renee' the great group from the cabaret and to the many who gave us their time ..Thank you!

- C.T.


I just wanted to tell Lucy and Renee that it was absolutely the most wonderful experience ever. I loved their performance, I loved the whole Con, it was great. The cake idea was perfect. Just perfect. My compliments also to Danielle, Hudson, Alison, Tsianina, Bruce, and everyone else who dropped by that weekend. They truly were all wonderful guests. A special thanks to Renee, who braved hundreds of us to do the photo op. I can't thank her enough.

I can't thank everyone enough, it was my first con, and it was just amazing. I plan on becoming a regular, keep up the great work.

- K.


First of all, Lucy and Renee just keep proving over and over again that they are SIMPLY THE BEST--as entertainers and as human beings. Just in case they missed all the cheers and applause, let me unequivocally state that their "out-of-the-cake-and-into-the-go-go" routine was a huge crowd pleaser. And Renee's photo ops! WOW! I'm just blown away by the fact that she would do the mock wedding pics. Knowing that a large percentage of the Con crowd are gay women, and not being afraid to play to that audience, really makes these ladies something special. Is it any wonder that I'm spellbound by these two women who are so generous with their fans?

As for the grrls being "a little worried that their idea of fun might be a tad crazy," perish the thought--they're my kind of crazy! Those fringed go-go outfits were adorable, and they really know how to work that fringe. <g> I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But as much as we love Lucy and Renee, it wouldn't be a Con without all the other guests who make the entire weekend so special. I don't know how you do it, but year after year you manage to bring together such wonderfully entertaining, and just plain nice people. Every last one of them, Con veterans and Con virgins alike, seem to be as appreciative of Xena fandom as we are of them.

Now about that puppet show. WHAT A WONDERFUL TREAT! The script (thank you, Steven) was excellent, the puppeteers were very talented both with the puppets and the singing, and I loved the music (thanks, Adam). It was sooo funny, but it was also a touch nostalgic--the next best thing to watching a Xena episode. Would it be too much to hope for another puppet show in 2006?

Oh, and the video contest! I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the fan-made music videos and the other videos made by the Xenaversity, Deb and Wendy, and any others I may have forgotten. They're great! I'm so glad these videos are part of the Con. It's amazing how many talented fans there are in the Xenaverse.

I've been to Pasadena twice and to Burbank twice now, and each time it's been a magical weekend. As you well know, the Con is more than just a show. It's also catching up with friends you haven't seen in a year; it's making new friends; it's hoping your suitcase will hold all the merchandise you just had to have; and it's talking about all things Xena with people who share your obsession.

A very special thank you for keeping the magic alive. Putting on a convention must be quite a job, and I can only imagine how much planning, coordination, preparation, etc. goes into it. So I'm very glad we have the Creation family to make it happen.

Thanks for a wonderful time, and I'll be looking forward to Burbank 2006.

- J.



This was my first Convention and I really enjoyed myself. Lucy and Renee's entertainment was fun. They were great. I am happy to say that my first brush with stardom was a positive one.

- A.L.


That was our first Xena convention and we had an unbelievable time. The biggest and most pleasant surprise was how nice the actors were and accessible. From Danielle and her table dancing, to Jennifer and Bruce chatting with us in the lobby to Renee making sure our photo op came out ok. It was awesome.

- M.H.


While I found the whole convention very overwhelming - it was my first Xena Convention - there is one activity that will forever stick out in my mind - Hudson's yoga class.

I wasn't sure of what to expect. At the beginning of the session, she told us that yoga was very spiritual and we would touch some deep set emotions that were either suppressed or trapped within us. When the session ended, I felt so alive, so centered.

I feel that Hudson tried to make an emotional connection with her fans, which is a quality I really admire in her. It was a special moment for me which I will never forget.

- L.K.


First, thanks to Lucy for her incredible quirky mind that makes it so much fun for all of us. The idea of the cake and the go-go outfits was inspired. It is so great to have something so out of left-field coming at us. It was truly a great surprise. For once, there were not even rumors about what was going to happen, even though the cake standing there was mighty suspicious!

Thanks to Renee for her patience at the photo up and making sure that everybody felt special for the 15 seconds they got to spend with her. Her choice of the wedding dress was great, and showed a great sense of humor.

It was wonderful to see both Lucy and Renee so relaxed with their fans. It is nice to feel appreciated by the people we admire so much. The puppet show was so great! Of course, you can expect a great show if Steven has anything to do with it.

Rob and Chris were very honest and a joy to listen to. I must say that I have really started to appreciate Rob from listening to his commentaries on the DVD's. He obviously loved the characters and the show, and that contributed greatly to the quality.

I want to mention Alison Wall, Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Katherine Fugate, who were at the hotel bar after the daily schedule and spent time just talking and having fun with the fans.

Here is hoping for many years of this wonderful "cult." Because of it, a lot of good is being done through charities that we contribute to because of our love for Xena, Lucy, Renee, and others. The world is truly a little better because Xena existed, and the people who brought the show to life.

Battle on, everybody!

- A.S.


Please give my heart felt thanks to Lucy, Renee, Rob, all the cast members who attended and the Creation Team for putting together one of the best if not the best convention that I have ever attended. The birthday cake idea was genius, I will never forget it, and my photo with Renee in her FS costume I will cherish forever. Please say a special thank you to Renee for her kindness and generosity that she shares so willingly with the Xena fans. And tell Lucy that I beleive that she hasa true comedic talent. The Creation Staff were all courteous and helpfull.

- E. P. L.


I have to say that last month's Xena convention was one of the most fun events I have ever attended! Please let Lucy and Renee know that their performance was the highlight of the weekend and what a fantastic surprise it was. People couldn't stop talking about it afterwards.

Also, Renee donning her Wedding dress costume for the photo-op was awesome. It was so funny watching people walking around showing off their "wedding" photos. And I was part of a TX group that had our photo taken with Renee and we all just love how it turned out.

- T.L.


This years Xena Convention was the best ever!!! I can't imagine all the work that goes into putting on convention, but your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Please give your staff and volunteers two thumbs up on a well done job. Thank all of you at Creation.

- B.Z.


My head's still spinning from last weekend's amazing Xena 10 Con. It truly felt like a celebration all weekend long. I don't know if it can ever be topped. Lucy and Renee were so kind to return the love we felt as their adoring fans. Please thank them for always meeting and ever exceeding our expectations. We loved every minute they were with us. And like time spent with good friends it is always too short and never enough.

The disco night was great fun. I am glad I brought along my Lyre, LyreCD all the way from New Jersey and encouraged the willing DJ to kindly play "Dancin in the Moonlight" and ""Sisters are Doin it for Themselves". I promised him those songs would crowd the dance floor. He gave me a thumbs up when that happened. Danielle and Meghan were great dancers. Danielle was having as much fun as we were. Steven was dancing up a storm. I recall last year he said he never danced. Well, I think he made up for lost time this year. Hudson, Ted, Allison, David and Jennifer were so kind and patient and friendly with the fans. The appearances and warm interactions of all the other guest stars including Alexis, Sheeri, Paris, Gillian,Tsianina, and Bruce were wonderful as well. Katherine, Missy and Chris were charming as ever. And a special ThankYou to Mr. Robert Tapert for letting us take a peak behind the screen. I never get enough of him!

Thank Renee for making us all feel weak in the knees after the tongue in cheek wedding dress photo op. She has such a sweet and lovely gentle spirit. Every fan I spoke to remarked how warm her handshake felt. Wewere so luckyto have had the opportunity if onlyto share 15 seconds with her. I keptrecallinga phrase from the song Lucy sang while she and Renee performed their go-go dance routine that could easily fit both their personas as performers and as people..."something divine in you". I couldn't agree more with those words.

- P.R.


Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant convention. What can you say about the cast who take the time to attend. They are all very talented people in their own way. To Lucy & Renee thanks again for taking the time to attend. The entrance from the cake was awesome. I think most of those thought that something would happen when we saw the cake sitting there. To Danielle, Meagan Alison, Steve and Bruce for staying at the dance until closing time, a good time was had by all. To Renee for taking the time for photo ops. Although I am not sure that I got myself completely composed when I walked into the room and saw what she was wearing. To everyone involved a great big thank you. Hopefully we will see more of the same in 2006.

- L.K.


A awesome job to all, the shows had alot of love put into them. The talent that shows thru from all .... I really have to thank everyone for all the time and hours of fun and talent in all the shows. I know Lucy and Renee always come together and put something that we all don't forget. Such fun loving ladies.. Rob is so funny. I again thank all the cast and the staff and all who helped put such a event that will be remembered always. THANK YOU TO ALL

- G.


Yes, that was one hell of a weekend. I love Lucy's weird and wacky mind! The cake and go-go bikinis was a brilliant idea. And the photo op, well....the left side of my brain is still trying to recover. Renee looked up at me and said "Wow", I don't know if that was good or bad, but the left side of my brain just shut down when she spoke to me. The fact that Rob, Lucy and Renee are willing to go above and beyond for their fans is what keeps bringing us back. All of the other guests that take the time to come are great too! I always enjoy Danielle and Hudson, but it's always good to see different people every year. I especially like seeing the reactions of the people that had small or one time only roles. They are always amazed that we are so thrilled to see them.

The puppet show was great, a big thank you to Steven, Adam and the puppeteers! Tell Lucy and Renee that I don't think they have to worry about being too crazy for this crowd. Anything they do would be fine with us! This was my 5th convention and they just keep getting better and better. A great big thank you to Rob, Lucy, Renee and all of the other guests. Also a great big thanks to Adam and Gary.

- C.S.


The puppet show was so professional and a delight and surprise tribute to us all (the fans) Steve and Adam put some real heart into it not to mention the puppet company. This was the first convention for one of my nieces and she went away starry eyed.

- M.M.


Well, that was one hell of a weekend, wasn't it? Out of the weird and wacky mind of Lucy Lawless, we got Lucy and Renee popping out of an anniversary cake in their go-go bikini outfits from "Lyre, Lyre"! And Renee showed up for her photo ops in the wedding gown from "Married With Fish Sticks." Rob Tapert and Chris Manheim should take that comedy routine of theirs on the road. They had so much fun on stage together. All the guests were just phenomenal and fun and giving and filled with the joy they had working on the show.

Holy smokers, what a weekend. The smile has still not left my face!

Zoe Bell will be one name I look out for. Thanks for that "behind the scenes" information. I am looking forward to seeing the movie.

Getting to know more about Mieghan Desmond, Tsianina Joelson and Sherri Rappaport was way cool. I loved their characters in the show, and finding out a little about their motivation, background and what they are up to now. David Franklin should do stand up in his spare time, he was that funny.

Bruce Hopkins was just precious. Alison Wall's presentation of her one woman play was fascinating - how she can character shift so quickly. Alexis...OMG.. he was funny.

My best friend and I were in the fourth row for the segment with Lucy and Renee. Excitement was running through the audience like an electric current. The concept, Lucy, was wonderful! You do so much for us fans, and putting yourself out there as you did was an incredible gift. I know so many fans that are totally inspired by that little shimmy outfit of Renee's from Lyre, Lyre, and to have you both jump out of the cake in it was a SMASH HIT! The two of you singing together was a special moment for me. The wigs were crazy, as was that diamond in Renee's navel! The banter was delicious, and we all appreciated your openness.

Lucy, your work with World Vision is an inspiration. I was quite moved by the clip we saw of your trip to India.

The puppet show.. Damn good! Wow, I was floored at the script (thank you, Steve!), the music (Adam and Steve - awesome) and the concept of healing our hearts a bit after FIN. Anyway, I laughed til I cried, and that's a good thing. The puppets and sets were precious, and the time and energy you put into it was an amazing present. It made the weekend, I think!

Two other segments were new to me and I loved them - Rob Tapert and Chris Manheim, and the panel with Jennifer, Gillian and Paris. Chris was insightful and funny. The three women had great questions from Sharon to work with, but really showed how deep they are. Paris gave us all a kick in the pants in answering the question to the gentleman who wanted to be an actor. I wish Jennifer and Gillian could have come on Friday. I was totally impressed with all three. Talented people! Talk about two power panels, those were packed!

Hudson was so elegant in appearance and her usual bad self. We love her to the bone. She also cuts deep into me when she shows her true nature - how patient she is with people with special needs. We can all learn some tolerance from Hudson.

Ted..wow. That was the first time I'd seen him. He was funny, insightful, and very loveable.

I want to thank all of you at Creation, the volunteersand all the stars for giving us such a memorable weekend! The videos were awesome. They add a huge dimension to the event, and I thank all those who put their work out there for our pleasure and consideration.

- T.W.


To Lucy: I like so much your surprises. The idea of the cake and outfits was fantastic....Those outfits look so good on you both. That sense of presence you project would make us follow you anywhere. Thank you for being there after all these years.

To Renee: What can I say? Happy to see you on stage and more than happy to have that pic with you. You are so sweet and I really appreciate what you do for your fans. Thank you for being there celebrating this anniversary with us.

To the other guests: Thank you so much for your time, sharing with us the joy of be part of the Xenaverse.

To Creation staff: Thank you. Your efforts took us, the Xena fans, to the best convention ever.

- R.L. Anaco
Anzoategui - Venezuela


It was my first time overseas so it was also my first convention and it turned out to be a blast! Renee and Lucy's performance was very entertaining. It was generous of them as well as all the other guests to come and share Xena's 10th anniversary with us.

I met heaps of new friends and have some great memories. Well done and I hope I can make it to the next one.

- T.G.


Lucy and Renee,

What can I say but WOW!!! You sure now how to make an entrance! Your performances in the go go outfits sure notched up this party to a new level. Too crazy? I think not. I loved it! Thank you both so much for taking time out of your lives to entertain us and to answer our questions. You both ROCK!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

- J.


Just a quick note. I didn't think 2001 could be topped, but I do believe 2005 was the best con y'all have ever done. Everyone (staff, stars & con attendees) were upbeat, and things ran very smoothly. I've heard several comments on various lists that this was the best con ever. Keep up the good work. :-)

- L.C.


This was one of the best cons ever! I've been to four of the last five California cons and have enjoyed them all, but this one was very special. Please thank Lucy and Renee again for their time and generosity. Of course we thought their routine was wacky, but we loved it! And Renee in her wedding gown was a scream. I don't think anyone could thank her enough for giving us a gift like that. As for the puppet show, I laughed til I cried. It expressed just what we were all feeling. All of the other guest were so generous with their time at the Dessert Party and the Breakfast as well.

- S. D.


The 10th Xena Convention. An anniversary. The circle has come full course. It was in 1995 when Xena: Warrior Princess graced the American television. It began as a spin-off from the legendary show, Hercules, and took off like a rocket and the rest was herstory.

This has been our 8th Xena Convention and each has its own magic that we will treasure forever. There was so much to do and see. This convention has been so much fan-oriented where the creativity and resourcefulness of the fans were manifested. Artworks from very talented Xena artists were showcased at the Xena Art Show. Body arts were displayed for the Tattoo Contest. Fantastic music videos were shown from the comedic to the very moving ones with awesome clips and perfect music.

A convention would not be complete without the costume contest. The celebrity judges were Katherine Fugate, Steven Sears, Alison Wall and David Franklin. The costumes were great and creative and the fans did their best to work the stage and impress the judges.

This was our first time to see Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) on stage and she was so engaging.

Hudson Leick (Callisto) did not disappoint. She looked glamorous.

The Xena Puppetry Show written by Steven Sears and performed by the renowned puppeteer Len Levitt and crew did an ingenious and fabulous show. It was hilarious and moving at the same time. We were close to tears by the end of the last song. Puppet Gabrielle kept asking Puppet Xena what was it that makes them come back again and again. The fans. They dedicated a song to the fans. They did it for us.

Deborah Abbott and Wendy Woody's "Deliver X" short film was very impressive.

And last but not the least, upon arriving at the main theatre and admiring the banners which decorated the walls, we noticed a life-size cake at the side of the stage. Hmmm, it both got us thinking that maybe Deborah Abbott, the Xena look-alike, would be coming out of it for the costume contest. We asked her about it and she laughed it off.

Little did we know that it would be no other than Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor who would be surprising everyone. Before their appearance, a lone spotlight was on the cake and we put two and two together and knew that they would be coming out of it somehow. What a hilarious and grand entrance which garnered thunderous applause!

We truly enjoyed Lucy and Renee's singing and dancing and their being TWOgether on stage.

We are happy beyond words to be a part of the 10th anniversary celebration of a show we so love. The fans, the behind-the-scenes people, the stars and Creation organizers made it all possible. Thank you so much!

- Twin X


I am being truly sincere when I say that seeing Lucy and Renee perform together on stage was more fun and exciting to me than when I saw Cher in concert last week.

Lucy and Renee have some kind of extra special appeal that is hard to explain. I think it's because their inner beauty shines through. The girls gave us way more than we expected. They are beautiful inside and out. My son had a photo op with Renee and hasn't been the same since:-)

It was our first convention and we enjoyed everything about it.

- A fan forever, J.S.



I only have one word WOW That was an awesome weekend, from start to finish as usual it was a full weekend. I enjoyed meeting all the stars I am always in awe that they take time out of their busy schedules to be there for us. Lucy and Renee: my heart is so full of love for these 2 very talented woman. I had a very funny feeling looking at the cake and thinking mmmm what is that for and the more I thought about it the same thought kept coming into my head Lyre, Lyre I know what's going to happen they are going to pop out of the cake and of course they had to wear the go-go outfit. It was wonderful. And I would love to have Rob Tapert and Chris Manheim back again they were both so wonderful and informative I hope they both enjoyed themselves as much as we enjoyed having them. These days the cons do not feel right till Steve Sears shows up, he is such a generous man not only does he do time on stage he is around all weekend taking the time to talk to anyone who asks a question.

The puppet show was awesome so well put together. At the end I had tears in my eyes when it finally came out that it was because of the fans love for Xena and the show that she returned.

Thanks to everyone at Creation. I could name names but there are just to many, I wonder each year what they can do to make it better and each year it gets better. All the hours many people put in to pull off the weekend thank you. And a big thank you to all the stars that came from far and near to share a piece of their lives. Thank you Lucy and Renee for again gracing the stage for us.

- Thank you, R.


To Lucy & Renee,

Coming out of the cake,was the biggest gift you could have given us fans. Only you two would have done something like that for the fans, and believe me we all know it. You both are the most kindest, caring actors on the planet. Everyone is saying that this was the best convention ever. We have been with Xena since the start, and we will continue to support the legacy for as long as you will have us. Believe it or not, there were many first-time convention goers this year. Most of them said they just found out about Xena by watching the DVD's. Some are new to the vast worldwide web. I can only see the Xena fandom growing stronger. Renee, thank you for taking the time to do the photo ops. You cannot imagine how many fans you made very, very,very happy. Thank you again for sharing your time with the greatest fans in the world!!!

- B.Z.



Please tell Lucy and Renee they are beyond The Best. I don't think I have the words to say how much I loved seeing them perform...AND as for getting the opportunity to get my picture taken with Renee...OH MY GOD!!!!...I almost chickened out three or four times before I got to the end of the line. Thank god I had two friends do it with me. She was GREAT, the picture turned out GREAT and I am so glad I didn't chicken out.

- C.


Lucy and Renee you're the greatest. You made the convention ROCK with your song and dance number. Thank you so much for being there. Everything about the whole weekend was awesome. It was like the first convention, even better. Creation you're the best with setting up our Xena conventions.

- N.G.


Please pass along my praise to Creation, Lucy, Renee and all of the others involved in making this convention (2005) one of the best. I've been attending the annual Xena convention since 1999, and by far this years was the best!

I loved the music videos. Deb and Windy's little movie was hilarious. Steve's puppet show was fantastic. The dance party on Saturday night was a blast.

Of course Lucy and Renee were wonderful. I loved every minute of it, and appreciate their willingness to spend what little free time they have with us.

Please give Renee a special thank you for taking the time to have her picture taken with hundreds of fans. If she could have just seen how happy she made everyone. I and everyone else that walked out of that room had these big goofy grins on our faces. Thank you for a wonderful job!

- RM


To Lucy and Renee,

Thank you so much for making this the best year ever. What an entrance..in style and having the time of your life. I loved the idea and was thrilled to see you both. The minute I saw the cake I KNEW Lucy was coming out of the top. The big surprise was to see Renee coming out right behind!! What a riot! You both are amazing, down-to-earth people. You put yourselves on the line every year for all of us, and from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you.

To Renee, You are wonderful.Thank you for taking the time out of your busy life to spend time taking photos with us crazies. Such generosity is so rare in this world. What a breath of fresh ai rI find when I attend a con...the nicest people I have ever met and the closest friends. To Lucy, Your sense of humor and smile warm my heart. Thank you for taking the time to spend a Saturday afternoon with us.

- J. H.


I believe this was one of the best con I've been to. Lucy Renee popping out of a cake, singing dancing. Wonderful. I'm glad they seemed to feel comfortable in answering questions even in sharing a little about their children with us.

The other guests were great also. And the puppet show I thought was terrific.

Not sure WHO decided what Lucy & Renee would do at the con, but whomever did, it was the best. Their performance was great. There are many words to describe how they made me feel but my four year old granddaughter said it best when we showed her the pictures we took. "Wow! Xena cut her hair and Gabrielle's hair is not the right color. But they are still pretty even if Xena had to wear Gabrielle's clothes." So, I have to agree with her WOW is the only word to describe what they gave me this past weekend. Thanks for all your work to get them and all the terrific people that appeared.

- S.T.


Thank you very much for the wonderful convention. Lucy and Renee were terrific as well as the other celebrities. The photo ops with Renee was a wonderful opportunity.

- G.


I had a great time at the convention. I enjoyed every aspect of the convention. This was my first time attending a Xena convention and it was all great. I enjoyed Renee and Lucy's performance and appearance very much. Danielle and Alexis were wild and crazy, but in a good, fun and entertaining way.

- J.


Wow what a weekend. that was just the best time ever. Much thanks to you for working so hard to make this con special for us fans. as for Lucy and Renee coming out of the cake in go-go costumes. I don't think it could of got much better than that. We were all wondering what was up with the cake on stage and hoping we would see the two of them pop out. They did a wonderful job of entertaining us. The tenth anniversary could of not been better. Crazy? Yes. Wild? Yes. Yet so are all of us fans. Much thanks to both of them for answering our questions and coming back and sharing their lives with us once again.

I think it is true we will all keep coming back as long as they do. Their surprise entrance was much appreciated by this fan. Also, Renee in her married with fishsticks wedding costume on for photo ops. Much thanks to you all for giving us the best possible convention of all time. A special thanks to Katherine for knowing how to make each of us feel special, Steven for just writing the best possible script for a puppet show and knowing us fans so well, Danielle for just being her crazy wild self, and to Rob Tapert for being a genius.

- B.M.


I just wanted to congratulate everyone at Creation for the best Xena Con ever. Also say thanks to Lucy and Renee for their performance, it was amazing. Thanks again and see you next year.

- B. & A.


I wanted to say thank you so much for such a great xena con 2005. I was so impressed with the celebrity line up and the entertainment. Especially Lucy and Renee. I loved the cake idea and the puppet show was the best. You make it so worthwhile to go every year.

- Sincerely, A.J.


Thank you so very much for putting on such a great show! Loved watching you all singing and dancing and having fun, the cake idea was great and the gogo outfits were pure genius! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives to do this for us, it really was very entertaining and so much fun.

- ET


Fabulous convention. I'm not sure I can say enough of wonderful I thought it was this year. You guys did a wonderful job.

Lucy and Renee I think were by far the best of any in the past. They are such gracious women The idea of them popping up out of the cake as a celebratory salute to the 10th anniversary. And celebrate they did. They were having lots of fun on stage just like we were! I'm just so impressed with these two ladies, with their generosity and love for the fans. What a way to start, go go dancing with hair to go with it. I loved it. Just to hear Lucy sing and them dancing back and forth across the stage. Just beyond words.

Renee's photo ops I know were a huge hit with the fans and her coming in her Married With Fishsticks costume was absolutely the best. Appreciate her putting forth that extra touch.

I also enjoyed watching and listening to Rob and Chris during their time together. Hearing their comments about the show and other things.

Steve Sears puppet show was fantastic and the company who made and put the play on were great.

The other guests were all wonderful. I was pleasantly surprised by Sheeri Rappaport in her wit and candor for a first timer she was great.

Thanks again for making it the best yet.

- S.L.


This was my first time to a Xena convention and America as I am a relative newcomer to the Xenaverse. I traveled from England to the Con and really didn't know what to expect, would it be full of insane obsessives? Would it be worth all the money spent? I have to say YES!!! it was amazing, all the time and effort spent on coordinating it, all the stars for their time and being so gracious and entertaining.

Lucy and Renee, your slot was amazing. I was touched by the time and thought gone into doing your cake routine and thought it was great you had actually thought about putting on a show for the fans. Listening to you talk about the show and your work since the show and your general perception of things was a very interesting angle and one as a fan you don't normally get to see. Listening to you talk about your thoughts and feelings as the stars of the show added a new level to my appreciation for the show.

Rob, Steven and Chris, thanks for an insight into what made the show tick. And thanks for making a show which truly covered every emotion possible. The most OTT and amazing action scenes and especially the comical episodes and finally the Bitter Suite was a masterpiece.

Ted, Danielle and Hudson had me in stitches, I laughed so hard my sides hurt along with Alexis as the gracious host of the Friday night cabaret. I was particularly impressed with the way Renee and Katherine Fugate spoke with such depth on issues in and around the world and the thoughtfulness of their personalities just shone through with every word spoken.

And lastly the photo op with Renee, What can I say an amazing and unbelievable experience, probably the most surreal thing that has happened in my life. However after traveling all the way from England if I had made the decision not to do it I would have deeply regretted it. Thank you for your time it was worth every moment of standing in line, and thank you for making hundreds of ROC fans very very happy. The whole experience for me was amazing. A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who helped arrange it.

- V.


To Lucy and Renee -- For gamely popping out of cakes and going "go go", then sharing a grand (and lengthy) time with your fans.

To Hudson: My brother loved your Yoga class. And your session on Saturday afternoon epitomized old-style Hollywood glamor, combined with a touch of wickedness, as only you can do it. You are looking gorgeous.

To Chris Manheim and Rob Tapert: Thank you for the humorous perspectives and candid insight on what it takes to produce something as special as Xena: Warrior Princess.

To Steven Sears, Adam Malin, Len Levitt, and The Puppeteers: What a special, charming, hilarious performance! They sing, they dance, they throw chakrams!

To Katherine Fugate: Always interesting; always considerate of those who love the series, as you do. Thank you for taking the characters of Xena and Gabrielle seriously, giving us a very special and memorable episode.

Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Gillian Waters, and Paris Jefferson: Thank you to three beautiful, talented, poised, professional women. Your team discussion provided a highlight of the Convention and left me totally impressed by your dedication to your craft.

To Alexis Arquette: Whatever Xena Wants, Xena Gets.... and you certainly nailed that one. Thank you for hosting the Cabaret.

Alison Wall: Funny woman -- and Blossom was very creative. I'm grateful you shared it with us.

To Ted Raimi: Thank you for Joxer. You were so genuine and sweet on Sunday afternoon -- a true gentleman.

To Renee again: As a straight woman, I about fell over when I first saw the costume and setting for Sunday's photo op. Then I realized just how special it was for you to choose that Married With Fishsticks bridal ensemble -- something so totally unique and memorable could only come from a unique, memorable person. And that you are. The grin I have in our photo is as broad as any I can remember. In fact, I'm still grinning as I type this. THANK YOU. (Now, will you help me explain it to my family when I frame it and hang it proudly here in my home?)

- C. L.


Please convey my thanks to all the guests for the GREAT time I had at this year's annual Xena convention. Everyone was wonderful and gave their all for us. What fan wouldn't be appreciative?

Please also let Lucy and Renee know that their opening dance was a show-stopper and only in a good way. They were super! I know there were nothing but big grins of the fans around me as both of them came out of the cake.

Steve Sears' puppet play was marvelous. I loved every minute of that, as well and laughed all the way through. It was a play that understood the show and the fans and was honest about both. Besides it was just great entertainment.

I enjoyed hearing Chris Manheim's thoughts about the show. I have read her interviews in the old Chakram, but have never seen her in an interview. Rob Tapert was interesting (and funny), too. It is always interesting to hear his take on the show. I want to thank him for taking the time to come and talk with us, as I do Chris.

Finally, I had a chance to speak with Gillian Waters during autographs. I told her then that I would dearly love to see her perform at one the Xena cons in the future. She has a fantastic voice and I think she would be great in one of the evening shows.

- bd


It was fantastic. Lucy and Renee jumping out of the cake was a great idea. And please tell Renee that she was great in her photo session! We appreciated her sense of humor with the Married with Fishsticks wedding dress. It made the photo event special.

- J.B.

That was the best convention I have ever been to. I keep trying to explain it to my friends, but there are no words to describe the feeling of being there and having such an amazing time. I got to hang out with friends that I only really get to see at Xena conventions, and I got to watch two fabulous ladies up on stage dancing their hearts out. Lucy and Renee: you have nothing to worry about. You both looked so hot and sexy up there in your "Lyre Lyre.." go-go outfits. And nice dance moves you two! It was all very cheeky and fun...I loved it!:) You both were lovely during your Q&A session as well. and Renee...thank you so much for the photo op. You looked absolutely beautiful. Very clever indulging the fans with a mock wedding photo. And your gown was from a Xena ep...very cool. :)

All the other performances were great too! The puppet show was hilarious! But it was also quite lovely and I felt all warm and fuzzy at the end when we find out it was the fans that brought everyone back. I felt very special at that moment, so thank you to Steve Sears and everyone else invovled on Xena and the puppet show.

So many memories from this convention..having lunch with Meighan Desmond, yoga with Hudson, seeing Lucy and Renee, dancing all night at the desert party, hanging with friends and stars at the charity breakfast, watching my friend, Jen, meet Ted Raimi (super cool and super funny) for the first time and seeing how happy she was b/c he is her absolute favorite. And many more memories. It all was such a loving and beautiful thing to experience.

- A.P.


This convention was the best one yet! What fun we had! Alison Wall and Bruce Hopkins made themselves very accessible and very charming, kind and friendly. Everything we have come to know Kiwi's to be!!

Renee was the best in the photo op's making everyone feel special and loved. What a gal!!

Lucy was beautiful and funny and very much down to earth. What more can be said.

Steve Sears was cool, man, cool.

Katherine Fugate exudes intelligence and love!

Thanks again!

- JL


To Lucy and Renee:

I wanted to thank you both for a fantastic time this past weekend. I look forward to the conventions every year and when either one of you are there, let alone both, I know that I am in for a treat. I never walk away disappointed. You both put so much time and thought into these conventions when you could simply not come at all and it means the world to all of your fans. Thank you for being there.

- CR


I want to say what I great time I had the con. It was one of the best con's I have been to in long time.

- S.


First of all, a big thank you for a great weekend in Burbank. As usual we had a fab time, and Renee was so sweet posing for all those pictures in a wedding dress...she must've been frozen! Good luck with all your upcoming conventions. We hope they're as much fun as Burbank was for us.

- Best Regards, L & M

Just a quick note. I didn't think 2001 could be topped, but I do believe 2005 was the best con y'all have ever done. Everyone (staff, stars & con attendees) were upbeat, and things ran very smoothly. I've heard several comments on various lists that this was the best con ever. Keep up the good work. :-)

- See y'all in Seattle!, L

This was one of the best cons ever! I've been to four of the last five California cons and have enjoyed them all, but this one was very special. Please thank Lucy and Renee again for their time and generosity. Of course we thought their routine was wacky, but we loved it! And Renee in her wedding gown was a scream. I don't think anyone could thank her enough for giving us a gift like that. As for the puppet show, I laughed til I cried. It expressed just what we were all feeling. All of the other guest were so generous with their time at the Dessert Party and the Breakfast as well.

- S.D.


Thanks for all of your hard work. The convention was way more than I expected.

- Thanks again, J.


I had such a spectacular time. The event with LL & ROC so rocked. Thanks so much for letting the audience and the fans be involved in talking with them. It made the con such a success. That and the photo ops with Renee. Alexis made up for Hudson not being able to host the evening event. I really felt like this was the most relaxed and in tune event. There were so many positives I can't even go into them all. Please keep the ice cream social an annual event. Please tell all the people involved what a great time so many people had.

- Thanks for hosting this. G.


Kudos on a great Con.  That was my 4th, and it was great! You did a great job!

- Thanks, T.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Xena convention. It was a blast of a good time as always. I really enjoyed hearing Rob Tapert and Chris Manheim discuss the show. I thought Sharon did a great job moderating the Q&A with all the guests. She always asks great questions. Steven Sear's puppet show was wonderful. Even if we never get a Xena movie I could live with Steven's version of how Xena came back from the dead. Adam, you did a wonderful job with the music. You do have many skills!!

Other highlights were the Friday night cabaret with Alexis. He was fantastic! It's always great to see Lucy and Renee together. I loved the opening with them popping out of the cake. Please let them know how much I appreciate them taking time from their busy lives to come to the convention.

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you holding the opening of Sunday's show until Renee's photo op was done. Although I would have gladly missed part of the con to get my photo with Renee, I'm glad I didn't have to.

I really enjoyed participating in the tattoo contest!

So thanks again for a fun weekend. I'm looking forward to Seattle!!

- J



A big, big thank you to you two and everyone at Creation for a GREAT 10th Anniversary Xena Convention. I certainly hope you all get a lot of people e-mailing you feedback because the general buzz I've been hearing has been EXTREMELY positive. This con seemed to rejuvenate the Xena audience and give a great start to all the first-timers that were there. People I know who had planned on this being their last Xena convention are already making plans for next year. I would say my personal highlights were Lucy and Renee singing, jumping out of the cake and their whole Q&A appearance. Their dedication to having fun with the fans and the convention is wonderful and VERY much appreciated by the fans.

Big thanks to Renee for doing the photo ops and coming up with the great wedding dress idea. I hope the experience was a good one for her because it was wonderful to get the chance to meet her, even briefly. Alexis Arquette was a big hit at the Cabaret. He was absolutely wonderful. The first-time guests were wonderful. I hope they had as much fun at the con as we had meeting them. And a HUGE thanks for playing our film, "DeliverX". We had a blast putting it together and it was amazing getting to see it on the screen and hear the audience's reaction. We've got an idea already for next year that will be a doozy if we can pull it off. :) Thanks again and go take some time off... you deserve it!

- Wendy Woody

Thank you so much for all your hard work, this years convention was a blast!! I had the most fun at this convention and met some wonderful new friends. I didn't want to leave-of course coming home to 14 inches of snow and bitter cold had nothing to do with that. <g>

Please thank Lucy and Renee for always being so gracious with their time-they are two very classy ladies. Oh, you know, I just knew Lucy was going to pop out of that cake! As soon as I saw it, I told my friend Lucy was going to jump out of it. I was however, surprised to see Renee pop out! Not that I didn't think she wouldn't do it, just that I never gave it any thought. Those two definitely crack me up.

Thanks to everyone involved in making this such a huge success, especially Renee, Lucy and Danielle. I enjoyed partying with her (Danielle) at the dessert party-that woman is wild (a person after my own heart) ; )

- Thank you all again! C.

Hi, I just wanted to tell everyone at Creation, Thanks for a great Xena convention. It was fantastic. It was my very first one, & I'll definitely do it again. My sister and I had a great time. Lucy and Renee performance was awesome. All the stars were great. Really very nice people. I was really impressed with Renee and Hudson. They were so sweet,so kind, so giving to everyone and just really beautiful ladies. I'm glad I went. Tell Renee & Lucy keep up the good work. They are both very special ladies.

- Love, R.

I want to thank you for sponsoring such a wonderful convention. This was just such a positive experience that we hope to attend next year. Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.

- K.F.
PS We were just so impressed by all the stars from this show. We especially enjoyed Hudson Leick, who is a very gracious woman. She took the time to make everyone feel special, who waited in line for an autograph or a picture. And, of course Renee O'Connor was just lovely.

I wanted to drop a line to thank the Creation staff for a very enjoyable convention. I also hope you will convey my personal thanks to all the guests, but most especially Rob, Lucy and Renee for taking time out of their busy lives to come and entertain and/or talk to us. I had a good time and plan on coming back next year.

- V.S.

Just wanted to let you know that I had the most wonderful time at the convention this year. Renee once again proved that she is the absolute best. Her photo op was indeed a dream come true and it was so much appreciated that she went beyond the norm to make it even more special. It will always be a treasured possession of mine. I also was thrilled that Meighan Desmond was there this year. She was so terrific and looked to be having as good a time as any of the fans. I do hope she can come back again sooooooon. As a matter of fact, every guest was great this year and the lineup was impressive. I give this year's convention a big 10!

- P.

I just wanted to say thanks to Creation. This was the best Xena convention, yet. Thanks to all the guests that attended. Lucy and Renee for taking questions on Saturday. Lucy for coming up with the idea of coming out of the cake. Renee for the photo ops, that made my weekend.

- Thanks, A.

Just a quick note to say again a fantastic job to Creation this weekend and a giant thank you, thank you to Lucy and Renee! Saturday's show was great! Whose ever idea that was (and I'm not even going to try to guess) was a hit! Great choice in music and of course, a much appreciated performance! Wow! They looked outstanding side by side in that legendary costume. I hope they had a lot of fun because I know I did. And Renee's choice for Sunday's photo op was priceless! I'm still smiling at that one and glad I didn't wear white. <G> Again, good on all of you!

- B.P.

Just wanted to say that I thought you all did a great job at the convention this year. My friends and I had a good time. It was hilarious that Renee came to the photo op dressed in a wedding dress. She is such a good sport! Kudos to her. It was very nice to have some different events added to the schedule. The puppet show was a hoot! I also really liked the way the questions were done. There are so many of us that just cringe when inappropriate questions get asked, so we thought it was a great idea to have you "screening" the questions ahead of time. <g> I find Rob very interesting to listen to and really enjoyed his time on stage. Well, I just wanted to say a quick thanks for a fun weekend!

- Thanks! W

Just got back home, uploading pictures to the web. I wanted to thank Adam, Gary and all the staff and volunteers for their work in making this one of the smoothest going con yet. The guests were fantastic, I still can't believe Lucy and Renee did that number, absolutely loved Alexis Arquette, Sherri Rappaport and all the guests we have seen before or who were there for the first time. Thank you for organizing the art show, it was great to see all those works on display.

- Thanks again, M.F.

Hi, I was at the Xena convention this weekend and had a great time...thank you. I was also able to attend Chris Mannheim's Writer's Workshop...she was an awesome lady, full of energy and wit. I walked away from that class with some valuable tools for my endeavors in script writing.

- Thanks, A.A.

Just wanted to let you know I had a GREAT time at the Con and was very impressed! Great job! Renee & Lucy were, of course, amazing! They looked like they were having lots of fun just like we were! I'm just so impressed with those two ladies with their generosity and love for the fans that I can't imagine not following their careers or miss the chance to see them in person.

Steve's puppet show was really great! I laughed a lot and was touched with the sentiment of the fan's love bringing back all of the characters. Hudson, of course, looked stunning and never fails to bring out the "animal" in the audience. She is by far, my favorite supporting actor who comes to see us. Again, THANK YOU for a great time and I'll be there next year!

- D.S

Overall, it was another great con. I liked the newer guests. I wish one time the boys that played Solan would come. I also like the panel arrangement. I think the interaction is better when they have each other prompting them about things. And once again, Sharon was outstanding as a MC...She phrases questions well and asks them in a very engaging manner.

Oh! And I loved the composite picture with the guests on them...for those of us long time con goers with every picture ever printed signed, this was a great way to get them in one place.

- C.