Kevin Smith Tribute

February 17, 2002

There is no doubt that Kevin was one of the coolest, nicest guests we've had the pleasure of working with over the past 30 years.

When we started with our Hercules and Xena Conventions we had no idea that the stars we were about to bring over from New Zealand would be the most fun, most caring and most talented group we've ever had to work with. As Michael Hurst explained to our audience at our Xena convention in Pasadena this past weekend, actors in New Zealand have to be able to do everything well since the acting community is small and they are called on to do so much if they want to make a living.

Kevin Smith TributeKevin could do it all and we were extremely fortunate to bring him to the States numerous times. His regular "convention appearances" were always to be treasured but when we were able to really let him perform it was amazing. He was a fantastic singer and when we brought his "band" over (Kev, Joel Tobeck and Danielle Cormack, along with Tim Omundson on harmonica) they tore the house down. After the first performance (which was a riot!) Kevin came backstage and asked if they were good enough to come back again. That was after he sang beautiful ballads, several rock numbers, imitated Elvis perfectly, did a number from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and received a sustained standing ovation.

The best musical moment ever at Creation had to be the beautiful duet that Kevin did with Gina Torres. Wow!

Then there was the time that Kevin arrived direct from New Zealand, did his rock music gig with us, partied all night, appeared at the charity breakfast, did his convention appearance and then signed autographs for everyone.

One of Kevin's last U.S. appearances was at the Creation Convention in Dearborn. It was just a few weeks after the tragedy of Sept. 11 and he was a trouper who made the show when some would not. It was a wonderful convention highlighted by the team-up of Kevin and Hudson Leick (Callisto). The pairing of these two was indeed magical and we had them starring in AR Gurney's play LOVE LETTERS. They gave a truly awesome performance with Kevin portraying an American Senator.

Kevin was willing to do anything for a good cause: he changed clothes with Hudson on stage generating a huge charity donation for Hudson's dress. It was hilarious!

All of us here at Creation will miss this kind, generous and extremely talented gentleman. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends in New Zealand and, indeed to all of his many fans throughout the world.

We are waiting here to find out more about how we can all help Kevin's family. When an official fund is announced we will let you know, and, as those who attended the Pasadena Convention are aware, over $25,000 was already raised during the convention.

Kevin: we'll never forget you!
Your friends at Creation Entertainment

Kevin Smith Tribute

From Sharon Delaney, Official Xena Fan Club:

Our thoughts are with Kevin Smith's family.

2/17/02 -- I talked with Michael Hurst and Lucy today. They are ever so grateful for the fan support of Kevin's family. Lucy said she and Michael want to make sure there is a proper mechanism in place to help Sue, Kevin's wife, deal legally with the monetary donations coming from the fans. For Robert Bruce, Kevin's agent, this was the loss of a man as close as a brother. Robert and Michael will be seeing a solicitor this week to set up a fund for the family. They will let us know the name and address so anyone who wishes can contribute to the family which very much needs our help. Lucy also told me that Smith is not Kevin's legal last name, so his wife is not Sue Smith. Lucy sends her deepest thanks and love to everyone for their support. As Michael said on stage, he was grateful to be among the fans at the convention because he was so far away from his own family. The outpouring of love meant a great deal to him. Lucy was on the phone Saturday night when when all the actors were on stage and Michael asked everyone to stand and applaud in tribute to Kevin. Lucy and Rob stood up in their living room, applauding, and joined with all of us.

Here are some scenes from the moving presentation done on Saturday Evening February 16th at the Pasadena Center in honor of Kevin Smith. Surrounded by Renee and Michael and other stars from Xena and Hercules, Lucy and Rob join in by telephone from New Zealand. Our hearts are with them all.
Here are a few photos of Kevin's appearance at the 2000 Xena Convention in Pasadena, CA
Kevin Smith Tribute
Kevin Smith Tribute
Kevin Smith Tribute
Kevin Smith Tribute
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