There was just something very special about The 3rd Annual Official Star Trek Convention that was held July 29-August 1, 2004 at The Las Vegas Hilton.

Everyone was in such a good mood and having such a great time: our appreciation goes to the thousands of fans from around the world that helped to make the event the biggest Star Trek Convention in well over a decade!

With Vegas being a true vacation destination that immediately puts visitors in a "fun" frame of mind, coupled with a wonderful program of special events and major celebrities housed at a world famous property that boasts the Star Trek: The Experience theme attraction, this convention certainly had it all!

We know everyone had their own special moments, but here's some of ours...

SPOCK'S BRAIN, a live performance of a classic Trek episode, fully authorized by Paramount: the first time they've okayed a theatrical version of Star Trek! It was quite a treat and it rolled right into a glorious "Dessert Party" where about a thousand fans mingled and mixed to celebrate being in Vegas!

BRENT SPINER'S appearance solidified our belief that Mr. S. is truly one of the most talented performers ever to be part of Star Trek. His comedic timing on-stage is brilliant (in fact we once tried to pair up Brent with a script where he would play Groucho Marx!) Thanks Brent for being part of Creation events!

WIL WHEATON has really come into his own as an on-stage improv artist (as part of his hilarious troupe EARNEST BORG-9) and as a talented writer. Each time he gives a reading at our shows more and more fans attend, a testament to his growing popularity. Classy guy
too: the only celeb to send US a thank you note after the Vegas convention! Wil, we're with you every step of the way!

THE RODDENBERRY FAMILY was represented by the return of Majel Barrett to our stages, gracious as ever and a separate appearance by Eugene Roddenberry. It's so great that the Roddenberry/Creation tradition begun by "The Great Bird of The Galaxy" lives on. We can't wait to see what creative projects Eugene has in store for all of us in the future!

SHATNER/NIMOY on STAGE TOGETHER: celebrating four decades of friendship and sharing their warm comraderie with their fans: truly a show biz moment. These guys are an inspiration to us all!

The SALLY MALIN TEACHER'S RECOGNITION AWARD was presented for the first time to Barbara Givens, Star Trek fan/Educator. Fantastic moment and really a recognition to all the hundreds of teachers in attendance at the convention. Bravo to all.

Now, here's some super-cool photos to bring back these and other memories from the convention. Make your plans now to be with us in 2005!

Photos courtesy of Ron & Claire Douglas
Here is a great letter we received from the first recipient of our Teacher's Award:

Dear Creation,

I was the winner of the Sally Malin Teacher Recognition Award at the 2004 Star Trek convention, Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. It was one the most memorable days in my life. Over three hundred fans congratulated me after and said they were teachers also! It was a tremendous honor given not only to me, but all teachers who serve the educational needs of this nation. Creation Entertainment is to be congratulated for establishing this outstanding recognition of teachers.

- Barbara H. Givens

Las Vegas 2004 was so much fun we doubled our prize winners for the Next Generation cast autographed photo...the winners were:


Here's a cool note we got back from Larry and Elizabeth:

You guys are AWESOME! Thank you so much. We had such a wonderful time and we will be back next year!

- Your "definitely returning next year friends",
Larry and Elizabeth

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