TV Land Convention - August 16 & 17, 2003 - Burbank California
The first Official TV Land Convention was held August 16-17, 2003 at the Burbank Airport Hilton. It was a joint venture between TV Land Network and Creation Entertainment, and all parties worked diligently to produce a unique and wonderful event for fans of classic television. Some of the great luminaries of TV history appeared at the show: here are some scenes from this memorable experience.
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Fans were greeted by the vibrant and colorful TV Land Convention stage when they entered the auditorium. A retro living room set made the guests feel at home (if their home was decorated in the 60's, that is).


The TV Land Store was chock full of wonderful collectible items, some made especially for the event.


As part of the filming of a documentary about the event that will hopefully air on TV Land later this year, an interview platform was erected in the ballroom foyer.


Colorful signs and banners adorned the walls and ceilings of the Hilton Convention Center.


Some of the attendees looked oddly familiar!


At the entrance to the building we had the Monkee Mobile parked, much to the delight of their fans. Note the giant Welcome banner on the side of the building.


(from left to right) Karen Levy of TV Land, LLOYD SCHWARZ (producer), legendary creator/producer SHERWOOD SCHWARTZ, DAWN WELLS (Gilligans Island), Rob Pellizzi of TV Land, BARRY WILLIAMS (Brady Bunch)


Famous Child Actors of Classic Television presentation (from left to right): BRIAN FORSTER & SUZANNE CROUGH (Partridge Family), LARRY MATTHEWS (Dick Van Dyke), KEN OSMOND, (Leave It To Beaver), LISA LORING (The Addams Family), BUTCH PATRICK (The Munsters), MASON REESE (Classic TV Commercials)


Art of the Second Banana presentation (from left to right): TOM LESTER (Eb - Green Acres), BERNIE KOPPELL (Dr. Bricker - The Love Boat), ROSE MARIE (Sally - The Dick Van Dyke Show) and JACK RILEY (Mr. Carlin - Bob Newhart Show)


BERNIE KOPPELL looks on as ROSE MARIE delivers another hilarious anecdote.





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