Updated: April 13, 2015

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention

Friday, Saturday & Sunday
July 17-19, 2015

Hilton Parsippany
One Hilton Court
Parsippany, NJ 07054


Silver Weekend Package

(formerly known as Preferred Weekend Packages)

Here is a great way to attend ALL THREE days (YES THE CONVENTION HAS BEEN EXPANDED TO THREE DAYS throughout the tour with Vegas being four days!) of the convention and personally meet Ian, Paul and Matthew Davis in attendance when getting your in person autographs. Here is what you get when you go "SILVER Weekend" for this convention:

1) Wonderful reserved seats in the main theatre where all our major guests appear and events and contests occur! These seats are YOURS, come and go, all three days. Your seats are behind the Gold Weekend Package seats and you get to pick them when you order

2) You get to pick your actual seat in the theatre with our new ticketing chart system!

3) Complimentary in-person autographs* with IAN SOMERHALDER, PAUL WESLEY, MATTHEW DAVIS and MICAH PARKER. Bought separately these in person autographs would cost $195 so you can see why SILVER WEEKEND PACKAGES are considered such a good bargain and virtually always sell out quickly. With Ian’s autograph already sold out this becomes the only way to grab his highly in demand in person signature! Take advantage of this deal and grab your seats today! AWESOME!

4) Among the first to get autographs with those featured in #3 as we go in order with Gold Patrons first, then Silver Weekend Patrons.

5) Pre-Registration Fun: we get you set for the weekend before other patrons and give you first crack at the exclusive merchandise!

6) Wristband access: we have special color coded wristbands and collectible lanyard credentials for Silver Weekend Package Holders: once you get set you don't need to wait again!

7) Admission to the vendors area and of course!

8) Complimentary admission to the Friday Night Karaoke Party hosted by Micah Parker and featuring selected celebrity guests and YOU can be the star and sign with the celebs too (if selected). The process for selection is explained on the schedule. Come to enjoy, come to hang with new and old friends, come to get to know the celebs, or come to take the stage and sing! Note that this event is a non-reserved seating one so chairs are removed from the front and it is first come first served in terms of location as to where you stand. For those that don’t want to stand there are always seats available in the rear.

9) Complimentary admission to the Vendors Area of course!

$239 -SOLD OUT

*Please note that if you have autographs as part of your ticket package benefits you will need to have something for the celebrities to sign. They will sign anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention.