Updated: May 8, 2024


When you purchase the Gold Weekend Admission Package Pass, you are getting a top-of-the-line experience that includes the best-reserved seats in the house, complimentary autographs from select guests and more!

Reserved Seats

Reserve your seat in our main theater for all three days of the convention! Choose your spot when ordering online and enjoy the best views in the theater.

Complimentary Autographs

Jensen Ackles is ONLY signing autographs for Gold & Silver Weekend package holders. NOTE: If additional autographs become available, we will be offering a la carte tickets closer to the convention date. In addition, you also receive in-person autographs from Misha Collins, Matt Cohen, Adam Rose, Osric Chau, Adam Fergus and Alaina Huffman!
Note: Your Gold pass is good for ONE autograph from each guest included in the package. If a celebrity whose autograph is included in Gold must cancel, we work to try and replace with another guest (or multiple guests) who will sign in place of the canceled guest. If we cannot find a guest replacement(s), then we will provide a pre-signed autograph photo of equal or greater value.

Exclusive Sunday Panel with Jensen for Gold ONLY

You get a special Q&A panel with Jensen (and possibly another guest)! He will also appear later in the day for everyone else.


You'll get complimentary admission to see Rob Benedict and house band Louden Swain for an amazing evening of great music! PLUS, you'll keep your same great seat that you enjoy during the day.

Priority Lines for Autographs

Gold are the first to be called for all autograph signings included in this package, going row by row.

Priority Pre-registration

Gold can pre-register before any other guests the night before the convention, getting first dibs on merchandise and any remaining autograph or photo op tickets. Note: It’s not mandatory and you can register any time the registration station is open.

Special Weekend Credentials

Receive a special Gold badge, lanyard and wristband for the weekend!

Admission to the Vendors Area

You’ll get to visit the vendors room filled with awesomestuff and other related merchandise!

Like Your Seat? Keep it!

You can renew/purchase the same exact seat, or try for a better one in ORLANDO, FL for the next convention (if applicable). Just visit the Registration area at the convention for more details.



Admission Pass ordering information

GOLD ADMISSION PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS and only those autographs listed above in the Gold Autographs description are the autographs included in your package. If there is an autograph not listed in the Gold Autographs description, those must be purchased on an a la carte basis at the convention (if not sold out).

Additional ticket options will be available closer to the convention date including: 
Silver Weekend Admission Packages
Copper Weekend Admission Packages
General Admission Weekend Packages
Preferred Single-Day
General Admission Single-Day 

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