Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural
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the creation entertainment difference

Unlike so many other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict company policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place. Nothing upsets us more than hearing about other conventions that sell tickets to patrons and then those very same patrons have to wait on additional lines inside the facility to get into (or sometimes not!) the main theatre. An important Creation Entertainment difference we want you to know about!

The Creation difference extends to our 40 years experience in running fan conventions. In the last few years we've seen promoter after promoter fail taking hard earned ticket money down with them. Inexperienced promoters, often first-timers, use celebrity images and names to get ticket money which they use to hopefully pay their expenses. When that fails they've already gone through "your" ticket money and they collapse leaving no recourse for ticket holders. They say "buyer beware" but this has happened in Twilight, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly fandom (to name just a few) and we really feel for those great fans who have lost their ticket money and upset travel plans.

**All Convention tickets have a $7.75 shipping/handling fee charged per ticket ordered. This applies to all online, phone, fax and mail orders.

***Attention Attendees: Do not purchase Creation Tickets from scalpers or anyone trying to offer tickets as you arrive at our convention locations. Each ticket is checked for authenticity at the door with a scanner and we can not let you in if your ticket is counterfeit (which has happened recently). Each ticket once scanned makes any and all copies of that same one of a kind scan void and we can only let the first person in with it. Please ony buy your tickets only from Creation in advance or at the door, we seen too many nice folks lose their hard earned money this way and be turned away. Thanks, we appreciate your support!

Please email our volunteer coordinator:
and let us know which convention you would like to volunteer.
PLEASE NOTE: You must be 21 years old or over to volunteer.

We really appreciate your help in publicizing this event on-line. Grab our banners to put on your site!

Free Shipping on ALL Photos!

ALL GUESTS are contracted to appear and all convention contracts specify that appearances are tentative and subject to change as film and television work demands take precedence as can a personal conflict. Our events will take place whether a specific guest cancels or not (we always try to book replacements) and therefore we can not issue admission ticket or ticket package refunds if a particular guest does not fulfill their appearance contract. Of course we will always refund separately purchased photo ops and autograph tickets for a guest if they cancel.

We know that taking photos makes the convention even more fun and we thought it would be a good idea to share our photo taking policies for you before you arrive at the convention so you can prepare. In the auditorium, photo taking is encouraged, but only from your seat. It is unfair to run up to the stage and block the view of others who have paid for reserved seats in front of you. Even if there are empty seats, patrons must sit in the seats they paid for to be fair to everyone. Due to fire marshal regulations everyone must be seated during performances. Please also be courteous to your neighbors when taking pictures. Photo taking is not allowed during autographing sessions nor during the photo ops. Only those people who have autograph tickets may come up to get autographs. At the Gold Exclusive Parties: photo taking is encouraged when the guests arrive (but only from your seats). After a sufficient time for all to get their photos we ask that your cameras be placed down so the celebrities can enjoy their time at the two food functions. Thank you for understanding the need to have these few rules so everyone is safe and has fun.

The vast majority of our guest celebrities take questions from the audience during their on-stage time. Therefore it is incumbent upon those that ask questions to make them ones that allow our mutual shared time with the celebrities to be enjoyable, interesting and entertaining for all (including the guest). Asking for hugs, telling stars we love them (we all do, that's why we're here), giving gifts, getting into long personal stories, or worse, is not acceptable for this format and, in fact, is quite self-centered when you are in essence "representing" all of fandom to a celebrity. Join us in trying to make this convention the best entertainment for everyone!

In the event of convention cancellations or date changes Creation Entertainment is not responsible for patrons' costs involving travel or hotel accommodations or any other non convention ticket expenses.

Advance ticket sales are generally turned off early to mid-week of the week of the events. Tickets, if they are not sold out, are sold at the convention of course.

Creation celebrates our many years of Convention Memories

Issac Asimov
Here's a pic of the legendary sci-fi author/genius Isaac Asimov, a frequent visitor to our early conventions and quite a character as well! It is amazing that we got to work with him after reading so many of his books.

Young Hercules Ryan Gosling
From the "you never know" category, here in the middle is "Young Hercules" at our Official Hercules/Xena Convention (pictured with his co-stars from that short lived series). He's better known by his real name today: Ryan Gosling, an incredible actor doing wonderful work in feature films.

Karl Urban, Kevin Smith and Danielle Cormack
Back in the heyday of Xena popularity we had the pleasure of meeting some of New Zealand's top talents as they often guested on the series which was filmed in that beautiful country. Left to right: Karl Urban who went onto major stardom as Star Trek's new Dr. McCoy, Kevin Smith, one of our all-time favorite guests, on the verge of international fame when he was killed in a tragic accident, and Danielle Cormack who continues to perform in New Zealand.

Robert Englund
For over two decades we had the pleasure of presenting the country's leading horror fan conventions, Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors with the popular magazine and illustrious editor Tony Timpone. These shows were a breeding ground for up and coming genre talent and that makes us proud. Here, one of the icons of the field, Robert Englund, on stage.

Bruce Lee Action Figure
During one crazy phase we started manufacturing action figures and selling them in Toys R Us amongst other national retailers. Bruce Lee was probably are most realistic looking figure, but we also had success with Saturday Night Live figures and Drew and Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

Farscape Convention
It had one of the most loyal and passionate fan movements behind it and a gloriously talented cast of performers working with amazing and intelligent scripts. We were delighted to be associated with this incredible and still missed series and it was always a special pleasure to work with star Ben Browder.

Early Creation Convention
We were ahead of the times back in the 80's with conventions mixing all sorts of fan favorites together. Usually all the different fandoms got along and it is nice to see that Dr. Who is more popular than ever. We were licensees back in the day and worked with many of the earlier Doctors, including, of course, the larger than life Tom Baker.

Official Star Trek Convention San Francisco
Here is a scene from a recent Official Star Trek Convention in San Francisco with Brent Spiner on stage speaking to a sold out crowd.

DeForest Kelly
There was never any guest nicer than the amazing DeForest Kelley who graced our stages many, many times always putting on a warm and entertaining presentation for his legions of dedicated fans. He was just as cool as you would want him to be!

Nimoy and Quinto
The only time this ever happened: Three Mr. Spocks on stage, a really special moment

Spock Bust
It all started with a Mr. Spock head: our entry into the world of Star Trek merchandising began full time when we purchased 1,000 of these 35 years ago or so. We still have a few left!

Star Trek 45th Anniversary
Every five year anniversary marks a special time to remember for Star Trek fans and our conventions take on an air of a family reunion of long-time fans and the stars we all admire. Sadly we also mark the loss of some of those talents who appeared with us regularly at our events. They are missed.

TV Land Store
One of our most fun to run conventions was The Official TV LAND Convention. Here is the convention store we set up offering goodies to fellow TV fanatics!

Larry Hagman
This is pretty cool: Sam Rubin interviewed legendary Larry Hagman at our TV Land Convention, sadly a one-time only gathering, but did we ever enjoy meeting so many of our all-time favorite TV stars!

Tim Conway
Another wonderful moment from the TV Land Convention: here's the hilarious Tim Conway regaling the audience with anecdotes about his career that has spanned decades.

TV Land
Dick Martin, George Schlatter and Alan Sues at the TV Land Convention

Creation's Amazing Panel
Here's an amazing panel we did in LA at the famed Biltmore Hotel: Forry Ackerman, Ray Bradbury, Ray Harryhausen and John Landis!

Jack King Kirby
Comic book and entertainment fans owe much to the legendary JACK KIRBY, the revered talent who co-created the Marvel mythology and made many early appearances with us, among his most devoted followers. Although his passing never allowed Jack to see the amazing success of his characters in film we do know that his appearances at conventions always brought down the house!

John Noble
It is always great when we can personally thank a performer for an absolutely beautifully done job and that was just the treat when John Noble appeared in Feb of 2013 wrapping up his epic FRINGE series, one of our all-time favorite shows!

Alfre Woodard
The beautiful and talented Alfre Woodard graced her stages to reminisce about her appearance in Star Trek as Lily in the movie Star Trek: First Contact, but of course she is best known for being an Academy Award and Grammy nominated actress as well as having an incredible 17 Emmy nominations (winning four).

William Shatner, Sir Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy
Our Vegas Star Trek Convention is ALWAYS full of surprises! Sir Patrick Stewart joins William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in this once in a lifetime moment! We're glad we were there!

Wally Schirra and Alan Bean
In 2006, space pioneers, astronauts Wally Schirra and Alan Bean, guested at Grand Slam: it was an honor!
Photo Credit: David Livingston

Kirsten, Robert and Taylor
Three of the most popular actors on the planet graced our stages along with their The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn director: Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner helped us make history at an official fan gathering done in conjunction with the press junket and in association with Summit Entertainment.

Creation 1971
Our first convention program in 1971, ticket prices were $1.50 a day and our special guest was legendary comic artist superstar Jim Steranko!

Creation 1971
We even had time to publish 6 issues of a popular comic art fanzine called Infinity when we were teenagers. Back in the days before the internet, printed fanzines and conventions helped keep fandom connected.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
When we ran The Official STAR WARS Convention we brought in Gene Roddenberry as a surprise and this moment in time was a true highlight. Gene was a great mentor of ours and he is always in our thoughts, especially when we gather for our Official STAR TREK Conventions.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
LOST was one of the great TV series of all-time and we were proud to be an official licensee for the show. Here three of the stars, Ian Somerhalder, Evangeline Lilly and Naveen Andrews, grace our stages in a Creation Convention appearance.

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
Two of our most popular celebrity guests from the Stargate franchise making their only Creation appearance together on stage: Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping! We love following their careers post Stargate and look forward to enjoying their work for years to come!

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
How's this for cool? Arnold as THE Terminator at our Official T-2 Convention, an awesome occasion!

celebrating star trek 40th anniversary
A VERY special moment in Creation History

BILL SHATNER & LEONARD NIMOY toasting the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek on the exact day, 4 decades later, that the original series began its TV run! Taken in Chicago at Creation's Salute to Star Trek's 40th! Thanks, Bill and Leonard for being such a big part of Creation Entertainment! Who would have thought that as kids that watched classic Trek, that one day we'd be working with these show biz legends!

History is made again at Creation when LEONARD NIMOY passes the ceremonial "#1 Vulcan" tee-shirt to the new Mr. Spock ZACHARY QUINTO. It all happened in front of the audience at Grand Slam XVI. Creation Conventions: it is ALL about making wonderful memories like this!

Jack Nicholson
Superstar Legend Jack Nicholson made the "Creation" scene, a definite ultra-cool moment in our 40 plus year history!

Patrick Macnee
Growing up watching THE AVENGERS was a particular joy so when Patrick Macnee joined the Creation line-up of stars it was a joyous occasion for us and his many fans!

Star Trek Captains
It's never happened before or after but it was another of our proudest moments: having four STAR TREK Captains share the stage. Let's hope we can pull it off again some day and add a few more?

Star Trek Captains
Long-time Creation friend (and early fan attendee turned superstar producer) DEAN DEVLIN brought along friends Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer to one of our shows. Dean is currently behind one of TV's greatest shows LEVERAGE!

Star Trek Captains
The impeccable Ricardo Montalban created Star Trek's most popular villian as Khan but in person he truly was one of a kind and his two appearances for us were definitely amongst the most memorable! He is sorely missed by all Trekkers and was indeed a Hollywood classic himself!

Star Trek Captains
Gracious and supportive to us as ever William Shatner made sure first time Creation guest star Joan Collins (in her only convention appearance) was comfortable on stage, reunited decades after their ultra-popular classic Trek appearance together!

Star Trek Captains
As promised, a seat for all! Here's a scene of the amazing theatre we used for years for our Las Vegas Star Trek Convention. At Creation shows: no waiting and worrying about seeing the stars!

Star Trek Captains
Pretty Cool we'd say to have welcomed the ultra talented Elijah Wood as Creation promoted several Official LORD OF THE RINGS events.

Here's some shots of Leonard Nimoy's last convention appearance (courtesy of Paul Harvath), taken at our Chicago 2011 Official STAR TREK Convention. Thank You Leonard for your three decade association with Creation: we've loved every minute of presenting you to your adoring fans (of which we number ourselves!):
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell
Nimoy Farewell

Leonard Nimoy's emotional farewell to Star Trek Conventions: 2011 Chicago

Nimoy Farewell

Nimoy Farewell
These guys are HILARIOUS on stage together and we love having them at our events: true superstars of the genre: Jonathan Frakes (now busy directing) and Brent Spiner!

Jensen Ackles sings Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man," at Supernatural VanCon 2015


Jensen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jared
Here’s a photo taken by our own superstar photo op photographer Chris at our 2015 Las Vegas Official Supernatural Convention that featured, for the very first time anywhere, Jensen, Jared and Jeffrey Dean Morgan at one of our tour stops! It was incredible!

You have to check this out! Creation Entertainment's Salute to Supernatural events are simply not like any other fan conventions: here's our house band led by actor/singer Rob Benedict introducing "The Boys" to a sold out house at our Vegas gathering!


Jensen and Jared Jensen Jensen
Photos courtesy of Megan

Misha, Jared, Jensen and Mark
Jensen Misha and Jensen
Photo courtesy of Christopher


Be sure of which day a guest is doing photo ops/autographs
before purchasing your admission tickets.

Please note that tickets are delivered to you via e-mail in PDF format which you should print out and bring with you to convention registration. Most customers receive their PDF tickets within 3-5 business days of having placed their order.


Creation Entertainment's


Chicago, IL
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
October 23 - 25, 2015

Hyatt Regency O'Hare
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois
(At O'Hare Airport Area)

Updated: October 7, 2015

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Events Ticket Info Hotel Info Schudle

Do we ever love the city of Chicago! Not only is it a gorgeous place to visit and sight see it has always been “our good luck” launch pad for our various different conventions and Creation Entertainment’s Salute to SUPERNATURAL Tour proved no exception to the rule as Midwest fans, from the start, supported this gathering. There is always a special feeling to the Chicago conventions and with our move to the bigger and more deluxe Hyatt Regency O’Hare we have more space to do a better job in making sure that you have the absolute best vacation while visiting with us. Reserve the dates as we are very much looking forwarding to returning to CHICAGO!

For those traveling to the convention please note that we potentially will have some guests appearing Sunday very late afternoon or into the early evening (although not Jensen and Jared if their schedules remain as they have been in the past although their autographing is starting early evening sometime, though it is hard to predict due to airfare itineraries in advance). In order not to miss anyone or anything kindly make appropriate plans if possible. Many attendees choose to stay overnight on Sunday so there is no rushing and they get to fully enjoy all that is offered while “cooling down” from the convention fun prior to departing for home.

We would like to take a moment here to thank our incredible guests (what other convention tour can boast the continual appearance of all four leads?), host Richard Speight, Jr. and Karaoke co-King Matthew Cohen, along with all the other celebrities and of course the incredible Supernatural fandom. It is virtually impossible to refer to the Supernatural gatherings as “fan conventions” any longer: they simply are not like anything offered in the past by any group. Really it is three non-stop days of comedic improv by the guests, live musical performances featuring a house band led by a star of the series, unbeatable fan/celebrity interactions, over the top super-fun parties, the finest photo ops delivered at any comparable event, and the funniest MC/Host we could hope for. And, of course, “The Creation Promise” rides along every show: we don’t overcrowd and we don’t oversell: EVERY admission ticket, no matter what kind, is guaranteed a seat in the theatre to see all the guests: no waiting, no worrying: it is ALL designed to give YOU to very best, most memorable weekend possible!

Please note that these conventions are intended for adults in terms of some of the on-stage appearances of our guests which often include somewhat off color humor and/or profanity. Children are welcomed if accompanied by an adult who is aware of the content of some of the stage material.



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Special Guests

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles
Dean Winchester
Appearing Sunday
Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki
Sam Winchester
Appearing Sunday
Misha Collins

Misha Collins
Appearing Saturday

Crowley of Supernatural
Appearing Saturday and Sunday.
Richard Speight Jr.

Richard Speight, Jr.
"The Trickster" and Gabriel
Hosting all three days and co-hosting our famous Creation FREE for ALL “Karaoke Kings” Friday Night Party.
Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen
Young John Winchester
Appearing on stage Saturday and on Friday Night, making special fantastic fun for our audience as half of "The Karaoke Kings" as he is large and in charge of Friday Night's famed free party for all.
Rob Benedict

Chuck Shurley/Carver Edlund One of the most beloved of all our Supernatural Tour guests, Rob's long and varied show biz career includes apppearances on Buffy, Felicity, Birds of Prey, Alias, Monk, Threshold, Psych, Head Case, Franklin & Bash and most recently, Masters of Sex. He is also the lead singer for the LA rock band and convention house band, Louden Swain.
On Stage all three days as Richard’s Comedy Cohort and bandleader of Louden Swain. Doing photo ops and signing Friday and Saturday.
Osric Chau

Kevin Tran
Appearing Friday and Saturday on stage, generally at least one day in cosplay outfit, Osric has become one of our most favorite guests because he is a fan himself and so approachable at the convention. He also participates in the Friday Night Karaoke Kings Party as well as the "Saturday Night Special" Concert (where he generally gets a spontaneous standing ovation, he is that special a performer).

MATTHEW PIKE in Season 1’s “Bugs” and SAMANDRIEL in 3 episodes of Season 8 – “What’s Up Tiger Mommy”?, “A Little Slice of Kevin” and “Torn and Frayed”
Appearing On Stage Friday.
Ruth Connell

Rowena of Supernatural
Ruth is best known to fans as Rowena (Crowley’s mom) of Supernatural. After getting her start in the Scottish Ballet, Ruth made her film debut in the short “Soldiers Leap” which was directed by Robert Cavanah and starring Billy Boyd and Rupert Graves.

Ruth’s appearance, autograph and photo op day is SATURDAY.

Cole Trenton of Supernatural
Travis has a great career going with his TV appearance work including appearances on NCIS:Los Angeles, Vegas, Rizozoli & Isles, Torchwood: Web of Lies, CSI, Criminal Mind, Touch, and others.

Travis will be appearing on stage, signing autographs and taking photo ops with fans on FRIDAY.
Briana Buckmaster

Sheriff Donna Hanscum
Appearing Friday

Sheriff Jody Mills
Kim is appearing on stage, doing photo ops and signing autographs on FRIDAY. Kim will also return on Saturday to do extra photo ops and autographs.

Executive producer of over 200 episodes of SUPERNATURAL, it is an honor to welcome “the man” behind the scenes of the series at his first scheduled Official SUPERNATURAL Convention who has had an amazing career in TV prior to SUPERNATURAL as well. And yes, he’s the “real’ Bobby Singer!
Robert will be on-stage, signing autographs and doing photo ops on SUNDAY.


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Customer Support E-Mail: ANY problem you have please write to us at: and we'll look into it and get right back to you. Thanks!

All guests are announced when contracted, and all convention contracts include clauses allowing actors to cancel if they get film and/or television work. In the rare case of a guest cancellation we always try to do our best to replace performers. We can not, however, refund tickets for a convention admission based on a guest cancellation, beyond of course specific autograph and/or photo op tickets which are not included in packages.

For those attending our conventions and making travel plans: please know that the majority of guests that appear on stage do so usually in the later part of the day (although that is sometimes different for actors working on a current series). Sometimes autographing runs into the evening or later when guests appear late in the day. Because we have to wait for guests to give us their flight information we can not tell you in advance when these autograph sessions will occur until the convention schedule is posted at this website a few days before the event. For those out of towners that want to guarantee autographs of stars appearing on Sunday we do suggest staying over or planning a later leaving time. More recently both Jensen and Jared's autographs have occurred starting around 6:30pm Sunday though there is no guarantee of that for this particular show.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We do suggest buying tickets only from the original source: through this website. Because all tickets are scanned for use at the convention we can ONLY allow the first person in using each singular ticket. Autograph and photo op tickets are also scanned for one time use.

Flashes occur from phone and cameras often during stage presentations. If you are sensitive to such lighting please be advised to take the necessary precautions. For our attendees please keep flash photography to a minimum and try to learn how to get the best pictures in different lighting situations. Generally flash is not the best way to take photos at the convention. We will attempt to have a more detailed note page of getting the best pictures at conventions available soon.

Make sure to get on our SUPERNATURAL e-mail newsletter list
to get announcements about SUPERNATURAL events!

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Convention Events


Please note that these conventions are intended for adults in terms of some of the on-stage appearances of our guests which often include somewhat off color humor and/or profanity. Children are welcomed if accompanied by an adult who is aware of the content of some of the stage material.

The Official Supernatural Convention in Phoenix 2015

Here’s a new video of clips from our New Jersey 2014 tour stop featuring
GIL McKINNEY, MISHA COLLINS and ALAINA HUFFMAN. Pretty cool, check it out!



photos from DCCON 2015
Photos courtesy of A. McKeon

Click thumbnail below to view larger image.


Master of Ceremonies


What can we say about a gentleman we are deeply indebted to for amping up the entertainment level at our conventions. Richard's work on stage as MC is exceptionally entertaining and his quick wit manages to bring out the very best of our guests without overshadowing them. Our definition of a "perfect host" and Richard makes this tough job truly look easy.

Our hats are off to him as we gladly continue a relationship we truly treasure. Richard, of course, has had a long career outside of Supernatural including work on Yes, Dear, Jag, Jericho, Justified, Band of Brothers, and The Appomattox, amongst others. Naturally Richard will be with us all three days of the convention.

Shot at the 2014 Vegas event, here’s an video interview with the man who makes it happen as host/MC of all of our Salute to Supernatural Conventions. Richard's dedication to giving our attendees an awesome time at each gathering is an inspiration to us all.

Speight Jr. and Misha
This shot taken at our visit to Vancouver captures how fantastic Richard is mixing it up with the guests on stage, including the wonderful Misha Collins. (Photo by Meg)

THE BIG DICK -n- MATTOWSKI Cult Classic Karaoke

The Karaoke Kings

There has never been a fandom party quite as unique and as much fun as Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen’s The Karaoke Kings Patry. The Kings have decreed the 2015 theme for Creation Entertainment’s FREE FOR ALL Karaoke Night Parties set for Friday Night is THE BIG DICK -n- MATTOWSKI Cult Classic Karaoke featuring Rob Benedict.

Dig "The Dude?" Fan of "Frankfurter?" Betting your the best "Bettie Page?" Then the 2015 karaoke theme 'CULT CLASSICS' is right up your alley. Deck yourself out as your favorite Cult Characters from your Culti-est favorite movie, TV show, novel, comic book, band... if you know 'em and love 'em, dress like 'em! The more original, the better! So dig deep, dress well, and come show off your handiwork at the con's best -- and free-est -- party!

Dressing up is not mandatory, just for fun, but you can come as you are. Chairs are removed from the front of the theatre for those that wish to stand close to the action but there are seats in the rear for those that just want to chill and watch. Our DJ is available on Friday during the final hour of our vendors area to meet fans that want to sing and help them with their song selections. While this is not a guarantee you will be selected it will help!

Our Creation Entertainment KARAOKE KINGS are large and in charge of our famous Free Karaoke Parties and are joined by special celebrity guest back up singers, usually, but not always, our Friday guests. But you really never know who Richard and Matt are likely to bring out on stage! And don't forget to pick up your exclusive photo op with the guys spiffed out in their themed shades and duds available at our photo op section below! These special photo ops are done about an hour into the Karaoke Party night.

Please note the appropriate drinking age in the convention city you are attending. The hotel bartenders card for proper age. Please drink responsibly, if you choose to drink, at the parties.

Dick and Matt Las Vegas Dick and Matt Class of 2013 Dick and Matt Groovy

An interview with Karaoke King Matt Cohen and a special celebrity drop-in!


A Concert Event! Louden Swain’s "SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL"

We are proud to welcome the incredible band LOUDEN SWAIN featuring wonderful lead singer and Supernatural's own ROB BENEDICT on stage joined by guest Supernatural celebrity performers tentatively including so far MARK SHEPPARD, OSRIC CHAU, RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR., TRAVIS AARON WADE and MATT COHEN. This is gonna be awesome! THE CHICAGO SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL" CONCERT IS COMPLIMENTARY FOR GOLD WEEKEND, SILVER WEEKEND MEMBERS PLUS COPPER SEATING MEMBERS (keep your same seats that you had during the day).



Please note the appropriate drinking age in the convention city you are attending. The hotel bartenders card for proper age. Please drink responsibly, if you choose to drink, at the parties.


Louden Swain


LOUDEN SWAIN will also serve as the convention’s house band throughout the weekend, so you’ll enjoy their music, intros and interaction with host Richard Speight, Jr. and our guests all three days. As Rob is Richard’s comedic sidekick this works out great and has to be seen live to be fully amazed at how wonderful these guys are and how much they have raised the fan convention going game: no one is even close!

Rob Benedict

Louden SwainThe four-piece Los Angeles indie group Louden Swain makes music best described as a combo platter of classic, alternative and hard rock, sounds that have won over legions of fans including those that watched them perform in concert at some of our past conventions. . Because they went over so big we knew they had to return in cities around North America and so it is! Let their music touch your heart and reserve SATURDAY NIGHT for LOUDEN SWAIN and their special guest performers: you won't be disappointed!

Fronted by lead singer and actor Rob Benedict (known to Supernatural fans as Chuck Shurley and Carver Edlund), Louden Swain also includes bassist Mike Borja, lead guitarist Billy Moran and drummer Stephen Norton.

Each new album has arrived brimming with gumption and sparky intellect, leading to a lot of early buzz: “The LA pop rock band has a polished sound reminiscent of Marvelous 3,” says Kayley Thomas of Pop Matters, “one that crackles and sparks with wit, humor, and a powerful mix of intellectual and musical playfulness and maturity. Bursting with energy and whimsy.”

Benedict’s connections to the acting world – he has appeared on TV’s “Felicity,” “Alias” and “Supernatural” and films like “Waiting” – then led to the tune “Help You” being placed in the 2010 Jenna Fischer movie “A Little Help,” in which he co-starred. A successful tour of Europe through England, Germany and Austria also brought Louden Swain to new audiences.

“We’ve been at this for a while, a little more than 10 years, and we’ve known each other for more than that,” Norton says. “We have a certain amount of maturity – this isn’t our first barbeque – and yet, we’ve done everything without a label. In many ways, we feel we’re just starting to break.” - Portions edited from a bio by Nick DeRiso

Here are some various pictures taken at recent Saturday Night Special performances (formerly called “the cabaret”). We can’t think of a better way for our audiences to enjoy our guests than seeing them perform LIVE and do what they do best: entertain audiences! These have proven to be extraordinary highlights of the Salute to Supernatural Tour experiences and we can’t wait for YOU to see it in action! Please note that performers vary from show to show, but we always have an outstanding line-up for your entertainment.


Rob Benedict
Billy Moran Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict Rob Benedict Louden Swain Osric Chau and Rob Benedict Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict Rob Benedict Mark Sheppard and Rob Benedict


Here are some fantastic photos from previous Creation Salute to Supernatural Conventions. Courtesy of our attendees, Jeni Berry(from our recent visits to Dallas) and Megan Jackson(from our Burbank convention and Las Vegas 2014). Check it out and join us to make some great memories!

Click below to view larger. Use arrows to scroll images.

Costume Contest

cosplay at creation eventsTHE "SUPERNATURAL" COSTUME CONTEST

Here's an opportunity for you to show your creative talents by entering our famous Costume Competition. Held on Saturday, come dressed as any Supernatural character (or make up your own) and vie for audience applause and great prizes including a $250 Gift Certificate(Certificate good for 1 year towards Creation Merchandise Only, excludes convention, autograph and photo-op tickets). Good Luck!


Misha Costumes
"Castiel" a fan favorite for the Supernatural Costume Contest

Music Video Contest


One of the coolest highlights of the convention is the running of fan produced Music Videos honoring SUPERNATURAL, its themes and characters. If you are a talented video editor now is your chance to show off your creativity and vie for prizes at The Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention Tour 2015.

Rules: One music video about SUPERNATURAL may be submitted on DVD only (please no computer-based media like CD accepted). PLEASE USE ONLY NTSC FORMAT FOR YOUR DVD. Entries are judged on the following criteria: video quality, audio quality, editing quality, inventiveness, song selection, and originality. Humorous submissions are encouraged. Entries can not be returned, and person submitting entry is granting Creation the right to play this entry in perpetuity at Creation events worldwide and/or on line at the Creation website(s). Creation does not sell music videos so your entry will never be sold as a commercial product, just presented at our events/on line.

Winners will receive a $100 gift certificate good for Creation Merchandise (Creation merchandise only, excludes convention, autograph and photo-op tickets). Winners will be announced and certificates awarded on site. Please tell us which specific convention the music video is for and send In your video using order confirmation or signature required in order to know if it has arrived. We do not announce winners until the event. Thanks and good luck!

Note: Due to the high volume of entries for our Music Video Contests, we are forced to limit entries to those people actually attending the specific show they are entering for. You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award on site before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited. URGENT: PLEASE NOTE THAT COMPETITION CLOSES FORTY DAYS PRIOR TO THE ACTUAL OPENING DAY OF THE CONVENTION, NO EXCEPTIONS! PLEASE NOTE that we are also looking for entries to introduce our supporting cast members so please keep that in mind too! Please note that fans should not use footage from other than the shows we are honoring even if it features the stars of the current show the convention is about.

Please only submit a specific music video entry for one event, do not repeat the same submission at multiple events because it will not be considered after it’s first convention showing.

Creation Entertainment
217 South Kenwood St.
Glendale, CA 91205

Random Acts

Creation Entertainment’s 44 year history of supporting great charities continues with our acknowledgement of the fine work being done by Misha Collins and Random Acts. Check out the video and get involved!


Vendors Area


Look out because we have tons of cool official SUPERNATURAL licensed products to offer attendees! There will be official photographs shot from studio source, great t-shirts and apparel, jewelry, mugs and glassware, banners and posters, books and magazines, autographed items, and more! This is THE place to be for Supernatural collectors!

PLEASE NOTE: Because we are a merchandise licensee of Warner Bros. Television for Supernatural only licensed by the studio Supernatural products are permitted for sale at the convention. Other vendors of other genre merchandise are invited to attend as well. For our attendees we wanted you to know that the vendors area is small because of this fact.... we didn't want anyone to come expecting a huge dealers room. (Click image to view larger)


Be sure to check out Fangasm’s table in our vendor room – with two new books about Supernatural and what it means to be part of the SPNFamily. “Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls” is the popular book that tells the real story of being a Supernatural fan, with lots of behind-the-scenes insights from Jared, Jensen, Misha and many others. Or pick up “Fan Phenomena: Supernatural” to celebrate ten years of the Show – with insightful (and amusing) chapters written by Misha Collins and Richard Speight, Jr.!

For more information:


cosplay at creation events Misha Fangasm

Make sure to be on our FREE SUPERNATURAL fan
EMAIL BULLETIN LIST to get the latest updates.


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Misha Convention Tributes

Misha SPN LV (On Stage)

Castiel Costume Contest

Misha Interview

Please place this at your site linking back to Thanks!


Join our Salute to Supernatural Facebook group:

Follow us on Twitter for Salute to Supernatural Convention updates:

Follow us on Instagram for Salute to Supernatural Convention updates:


Convention Tickets

Please make sure to bring ALL your printed out tickets to the convention as we can not replace any tickets forgotten or lost. This holds true for all ticket-buyers domestic and outside of The United States as we no longer have a will-call or hold ticket desk. Our convention sites generally have a business office where you can print out your tickets if you have left them home by mistake. Once you present your ticket(s) at registration, photo op areas, or autograph sessions they will be scanned for legitimacy and one-time use only. Thanks!

Please do not purchase tickets second hand.

There have been too many people who unfortunately are copying their scannable tickets and reselling them to unsuspecting patrons. We turn away any ticket that comes ups SCANNED ALREADY and will let ONLY the first person in.

The only way to avoid this issue is NOT to buy tickets from anywhere but Creation’s website or at the convention itself at registration.

Please note: if you have autographs in a package you have purchased you are free to “gift” these to other people as long as they have some sort of admission ticket to the convention. Special exclusive events like J and J’s private Gold Session and free admission to the "Saturday Night Special" Concert for certain packages should not be resold as the lanyard card and wristband must match for complimentary entrance to these events.

Customer Support E-Mail: ANY problem you have please write to us at:
and we'll look into it and get right back to you. Thanks!


NOTE: You may buy Photo Op and Autograph tickets before buying an Admission ticket, but you need an Admission Ticket in order to use the Photo Op and Autograph tickets. Please buy an Admission ticket as soon as you can as we can never guarantee Admission tickets won't sell out before the show. Join our Free Email list to get updates on ticket availability.

ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS and these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!

Gold Weekend Package





















Gold Weekend Package

(Click for details....)


Silver Weekend Package

(Click for details....)


Gold Weekend Package


We have added a new category of tickets called COPPER WEEKEND PACKAGES. These new packages consist of the following super-cool benefits:

1) Excellent guaranteed reserved seating in the theatre all 3 days where you will see all the guest stars on stage and enjoy the wonderful host/MC Richard Spieght, Jr. and his sidekick Rob Benedict and house band Louden Swain plus all the great performers appearing live mentioned elsewhere on the site!

2) You can pick your actual seat off the seating chart and this will be yours for the entire convention unless noted.

3) Complimentary admission to our "SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL" CONCERT starring LOUDEN SWAIN featuring lead singer Supernatural's own ROB BENEDICT and special SUPERNATURAL celebrity guest stars performing: MARK SHEPPARD, MATT COHEN, RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR., TRAVIS AARON WADE, OSRIC CHAU and others to be announced. You keep you same great Copper located seats you have for the day for this event as well! Performers are tentative and subject to change. THESE EVENTS ARE THE TALK OF FANDOM BECAUSE THEY ARE LITERALLY THE BEST SHOW EVER DONE AT A FAN CONVENTION.

4) Collectible laminate signifying your Copper Status at the convention

5) Pre-Registration on the night prior to the convention and on the first day so you can get your credentials earlier than others and also get one of the first cracks at the souvenirs (after Gold and Silver)

6) Admission to the vendors area of course

7) Admission to our famous Karaoke Kings Concert Party Night event! If you haven't attended one of these get ready to LAUGH, SING AND ENJOY! Truly a night to remember, starring The Karaoke Kings Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen plus special guests, usually those appearing Friday, but not always! Please note that front chairs are removed for this event, so it is not a seated affair which means that we do not have reserved seating for this. Note the theme for the 2015 events has been announced above.

Please note that COPPER WEEKEND packages DO NOT INCLUDE any AUTOGRAPH or PHOTO OPS, those must be ordered separately if desired.





ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS and these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!


Preferred Weekend Package


This is the most economical way to attend all three days of the convention. You get a guaranteed seat in the theatre to see all the guests and events during the daytime, except the special Gold Only panel. You also get into the KARAOKE KINGS CONCERT and are able to purchase any autographs or photo ops that are available as well as, of course, gain access to the vendors area. You get to participate in our pre-registration times, and that is your choice, it is not a ncecessityl There are a limited number of GENERAL ADMISSION WEEKEND PACKAGES AVAILABLE, so please order soon!


*October 6, 2015: We’ve been able to add a small number of these tickets!



Preferred Weekend Package


Here is the best way to attend any single day(s) of the convention. You get a reserved seat, yours come and go all day, in the main theatre where you will see all the stars and events of the day. Of course you also have access to the vendors room and the Friday Night Karaoke Concert. You also get to pick out your actual seat when you are ordering!



Please note that preferred single day seating does not include autographs and/or photo ops and those must be ordered separately if desired.




Here's the most economical way to attend any one or two days of the convention. NOW is the time to make your plans! These tickets do guarantee a seat to the sides of the theatre and you will see all daytime celebrities and events. Of course you also have access to the vendors room and the Friday Night Karaoke Kings Concert. These tickets, of course, do not include autographs or photo ops.


*October 6, 2015: We’ve been able to add a small number of these tickets!



ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS and these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!



NOTE: You may buy Photo Op and Autograph tickets before buying an Admission ticket, but you need an Admission Ticket in order to use the Photo Op and Autograph tickets. Please buy an Admission ticket as soon as you can as we can never guarantee Admission tickets won't sell out before the show. Join our Free Email list to get updates on ticket availability.


We know that many fans like to give gifts to our celebrity guests and we feel this is a lovely gesture. However, it's impossible to accommodate the large amounts of gifts and we do not have an adequate system to accept them at locations at so many different venues. Therefore, we are offering the following addresses for fans to send gifts to the celebrities:

Jensen Ackles
c/o Management 360
9111 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Jared Padalecki
c/o Industry Entertainment
955 S. Carrillo Dr.
3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Misha Collins
1920 N. Hillhurst #170
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Mark Sheppard
14431 Ventura Blvd #606
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Richard Speight, Jr.
c/o Thruline Entertainment
9250 Wilshire Blvd., Ground Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Autograph Tickets

Autograph and Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention in order to redeem autograph and photo op tickets. Photography is not allowed during the autograph sessions.

Here is the incredibly rare chance to get an in person autograph from the sensational stars of SUPERNATURAL. These stars will sign any item you bring from home or buy at the convention. There will be tons of great photographs and other collectibles available at the convention that will be suitable for signing purposes. If you have autographs included in the ticket packages you have purchased and you want more than one autograph per celebrity you can purchase them here and then get all your signatures from that celebrity at the same (first) time you are called up.

** Please note that we can not accept "on cell phone" tickets for autograph and photo op sessions so you must print them out at home and bring them to the convention on paper, not your phone. Thank you! We can accept "on cell phone" tickets for admission however.

We are asking that our audience does not delay photo ops or autographs by telling our stars personal stories of how the series has helped them during these sessions. We are well aware of the importance of this issue and the great work the series’ stars have done in this area but we feel it is not in the best interests of the conventions to over burden our celebrities with so many difficult and heart wrenching stories focused at an event that is meant to be fun for them and the audience. We are asking as some of the celebrities have, that your personal stories be posted to their Facebook pages where they can read them in moderation and at a time when they are not dealing with long lines of other folks. Thank you for your consideration in these matters which also includes not taking time at our question line for personal stories and relate your questions to the series and the stars on stage. THANKS!

JENSEN ACKLES $99 -SOLD OUT (Sunday) Note: Jensen's autograph is complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons, it is always a quick sell-out!

JARED PADALECKI $99 -SOLD OUT (Sunday) Note: Jared's autograph is complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons, it is always a quick sell-out!

MISHA COLLINS $50 -SOLD OUT (Saturday) We are working with Misha to have him return on Sunday to do additional autographs. If this is the case these autograph tickers will be sold at the same price at the convention. Note that Misha will be signing on a complimentary basis for our Gold Patrons on Saturday. Others who want his autograph will need to purchase a ticket if they wish.

MARK SHEPPARD $35 (Saturday and Sunday) Please note that Marc’s autograph is complimentary for Gold and Silver Patrons. Mark will also be returning on Sunday to do additional autographs. If his autograph is included in any admission packages at this event he will sign for you Saturday only (as well as for any separate ticket holders). You may also use your separate autograph tickets for Sunday’s signing (remembering this only applies to non-package tickets if applicable to this convention’s complimentary autographs)

RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. $25 (Friday & Saturday) Richard's autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately if desired.

MATT COHEN $25 (Saturday) Matt's autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately if desired.

ROB BENEDICT $25 (Friday and Saturday) Rob's autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately if desired.

OSRIC CHAU $30 (Friday and Saturday)

TYLER JOHNSTON $25 (Friday) Please note that Tyler’s autograph will be complimentary for Gold and Silver Weekend Patrons.

RUTH CONNELL $30 (Saturday)

TRAVIS AARON WADE $30 (Friday) Note that Travis’ autograph is included on a complimentary basis for Gold Weekend Patrons. Others will need to purchase his autograph if desired.


KIM RHODES $25 (Friday and Saturday). Your ticket will be good either day. Please note that Kim’s autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately.

NEW! ROBERT SINGER $30 (Sunday) Mr. Singer’s autograph is not part of any package and must be ordered separately.



Note: Patrons must bring an item for celebrities to sign. You can bring something from home or purchase a photo or other collectible in the vendors room. Please feel free to purchase as many autograph tickets of a particular celebrity as you'd like.

Note: Guests appear ONE day of the convention, so therefore their autographing and/or photo ops take place that day, except in VERY rare occasions which will be noted. If you are not attending all days of the convention it is wise to wait until specific days of appearance are announced before purchasing autographs or photo ops. You must have an admission ticket to the convention to get autographs or photo ops.


Photo Ops

Photo Op Tickets do not include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention to enter into the photo op areas. Due to security considerations and guest concerns we cannot facilitate the giving of gifts to guests at the photo op sessions. LIMIT OF TWO FANS PER PHOTO-OP, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE! TWO FANS CAN BE IN THE PHOTO OP FOR THE PRICE OF ONE PHOTO OP TICKET.

Your photo will be taken by Creation's all knowing and super-powerful official staff photographers. They take the best pictures, make the stars comfortable & willing to pose more freely with fans, and generally are beloved by all. JUST CLICK TO OUR E-MAIL FEEDBACK SECTION TO READ ABOUT HOW GREAT CREATION PHOTO OPS ARE! Please read: PHOTO OP F.A.Q.

Please order photo ops early to avoid a sell-out which always happens at every Supernatural Convention where Jensen and Jared appear!

** Please note that we can not accept "on cell phone" tickets for autograph and photo op sessions so you must print them out at home and bring them to the convention on paper, not your phone. Thank you! We can accept "on cell phone" tickets for admission however.

Photo ops may be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Photo ops may not be used in whole or part, disseminated or distributed for profit or otherwise in any way.

We are asking that our audience does not delay photo ops or autographs by telling our stars personal stories of how the series has helped them during these sessions. We are well aware of the importance of this issue and the great work the series’ stars have done in this area but we feel it is not in the best interests of the conventions to over burden our celebrities with so many difficult and heart wrenching stories focused at an event that is meant to be fun for them and the audience. We are asking as some of the celebrities have, that your personal stories be posted to their Facebook pages where they can read them in moderation and at a time when they are not dealing with long lines of other folks. Thank you for your consideration in these matters which also includes not taking time at our question line for personal stories and relate your questions to the series and the stars on stage. THANKS!



MISHA COLLINS $85 (Saturday and Sunday) Available in a limited number. NOTE: MISHA’S SATURDAY PHOTO OP IS NOW SOLD OUT. Misha has graciously agreed to return on Sunday, schedule permitting, to do additional photo ops. These SUNDAY ONLY photo ops will be sold at the convention pending availability. THANKS!
UPDATE AS OF OCTOBER 5, 2015: Misha’s schedule has indeed been firmed up and he will be doing photo ops as CASTIEL on Sunday as described below, in celebration of the 5th anniversary of his charity RANDOM ACTS. Because of the nature of this photo op we decided to be fair to all we should sell them before the convention as we can only offer a limited number and there are some folks only coming on Sunday. Please note that these Sunday photo ops are obviously priced differently than Saturday’s. THANKS! Pending timing we MIGHT be able to offer some Misha as Misha photo ops on Sunday as well. If so, those will be on sale at the convention.

MARK SHEPPARD $55 (Saturday and Sunday) Mark will also be doing photo ops Sunday and photo op tickets will be good for either day of your choice.

RICHARD SPEIGHT, JR. $45 (Friday & Saturday)

MATT COHEN $45 (Saturday)

ROB BENEDICT $45 (Friday and Saturday)

OSRIC CHAU $55 (Friday and Saturday) Please note that Osric often appears in “cos-play” outfits so can never predict “who” he will be at the convention, or he may come dressed one day and in “work” outfit the next, you just can’t predict but your ticket is good either day!


RUTH CONNELL $45 (Saturday)



KIM RHODES $40 (Friday and Saturday) Your ticket will be good either day.


GROUP PHOTO OPS: These are ultra-cool, check it out!

NEW! First Time Ever: Jensen & Jared and Robert Singer and YOU! $299 Limited Availability. (Sunday)

"The Supernatural Superstar Sandwich" YOU with JENSEN ACKLES and JARED PADALECKI $259 -SOLD OUT (Sunday) Always one of our quickest sell outs!

Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen (Friday Night and Saturday): There are TWO different photo ops with these stars and your ticket will be good for either, just show up with your PDF ticket and you can get a photo op at either posing. On Friday Night the guys will be in their Karaoke Kings Costumes. On Saturday the two stars are dressed in their "normal" convention appearance attire. $69

LOUDEN SWAIN and YOU! Our house band and the anchor of our Saturday Night Special Performances in a photo with YOU! $50 (ALL THREE DAYS)

MISHA COLLINS AND MARK SHEPPARD AND YOU! Two all-time favorite stars together with YOU! $115 -SOLD OUT (Saturday)

“Pre-Game with Rich and Rob” Photo Op: Get amped up for partying on Friday night at The Karaoke Kings Bash, with this exclusive photo opportunity with our host and “side-kick” Richard Speight, Jr. and Rob Benedict and YOU! $69 (Friday)


FAVES TRIO: Richard Speight, Jr., Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and YOU! $99 (Saturday)

“Bad Ass Sheriffs” KIM RHODES, BRIANA BUCKMASTER and YOU! $75 (Friday)



SPECIAL ADDED PHOTO OPS As of 7/6/2015: We are happy to present some added and new photo ops since we now have the flight itineraries of our headline stars. ALL of these are available now, but in limited supply so please order as quickly as possible to avoid a sell out! Thanks for your continued support!

Session #2: J2 JENSEN ACKLES, JARED PADALECKI and YOU! The "boys" are able to stay longer, so we are able to add additional J2 photo ops done in a 2nd separate session a bit later in the day than the first session which is now long sold out! $269 -SOLD OUT (Sunday)

The J2M Trio: JENSEN ACKLES, JARED PADALECKI, MISHA COLLINS and YOU! These photo ops are available in very limited quantity! Get it while it lasts! $349 -SOLD OUT (Sunday)

Jensen & Misha: YOU with JENSEN ACKLES and MISHA COLLINS! Limited Availability $219 -SOLD OUT (Sunday)

Jared & Misha: YOU with JARED PADALECKI and MISHA COLLINS! Limited Availability $219 (Sunday)

Misha as CastielNEW! 5 years ago Misha began his amazing charity Random Acts and a big party took place at our just passed New Jersey Convention where the famous KARAOKE KINGS Party was streamed worldwide and mucho money was raised. It just didn’t seem perfect though that Chicago, where The Official SUPERNATURAL Conventions began, was not part of the celebration in a unique way. So, now in a continuing celebration of the anniversary, we are proud to announce that Misha has agreed (on Sunday only) to appear for his photo ops as CASTIEL in costume. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Random Acts and since these are available in a limited number and to give everyone a fair shot at them we are offering them on line prior to the convention. If any remain they will be on sale at the convention. We’re very happy to be part of supporting Random Acts in any way we can and we’ll be raising money during the convention as well through various other means. Due to the charity nature of this photo op and the fact it just recently came together, unfortunately we are unable to switch folks or upgrade them from Saturday’s now sold out photo op with Misha as Misha (which in itself is pretty cool of course). We hope to perhaps be able to do this again in support of the charity if you miss out.

THE CASTIEL PHOTO OP $139 Limited Availability (Sunday only)



Photo Ops


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Hyatt Regency O'Hare
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois
(At O'Hare Airport Area)

The Hyatt Regency Hotel at O’Hare Airport stands regally as one of the nations most stand-out hotels architecturally and has recently been renovated. We are proud to be here for our gathering and welcome fans from around the globe to this fine property.

Rooms at special lower than normal rates are available to those with the convention: $153 nightly for singles, doubles or twin (two beds).

The Hyatt is sold out on Wednesday 10/21/15.

For reservations call 888 421 1442 or use
Booking Link and reserve on line (make sure to leave time to see the sites of lovely Chicago too!):


Creation Entertainment holds a "block" of rooms for our attendees. These blocks of rooms have a lower rate than standard rates at the hotel, but they also have a "cut-off" point after which hotels may choose to revert back to their own higher rates for our customers. Usually this cut off date is one month prior to the event, but this does vary. Therefore it is always wise to book your rooms for our conventions as early as possible.



Dealers and Vendors

It is not acceptable, due to studio rules, to sell prints of your artwork of the characters that are owned by the series studios. Also, our venues to do NOT allow the sale of food products as they consider them competitive.

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Shows start about 10 or 11 in the morning and run till about 6 or 7 at night. But they can start earlier and/or end later if necessary to accommodate an actor’s schedule for autographing and photo ops. The hour-by-hour schedule is posted late in the afternoon (California time) on the Wednesday before the convention.

All guests and scheduling are tentative and subject to change.

Creation assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by convention venues. All dates, venues and guests are considered tentative and subject to change. Check back frequently for updates.

NOTE: ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGEABLE. ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED AT ANY CONVENTION. Still photography is for personal use only - public dissemination and commercial use strictly prohibited.

HARASSMENT POLICY: Creation Entertainment is dedicated to providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of race, age, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance, We firmly believe in the ideals of one of our mentors, Star Trek’s late and beloved creator Gene Roddenberry.
We do not tolerate harassment of any kind from anyone. Patrons violating these rules may be expelled from the convention (without a refund) at Creation's discretion and hotel security may well be called in to facilitate this response. If you have any issues with anyone, please ask to speak to Adam, Gary or Stephanie immediately. One or more of them is available at each of our conventions and they can be reached through registration or by the convention MC/Host. Issues of this importance should not be handled by our volunteers, as great as they are.

By attending Creation events you agree to allow your image to be used on our website and in news documentaries or stories, either filmed by Creation Entertainment or other entities.

All ticket prices are subject to change, please order as early as possible.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation of the convention, or a date change, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for refunding airfare or any other costs other than the payments made directly to Creation Entertainment for ticketing. Also in the unlikely event, due to weather, transit issues or last minute illness or other reason given by celebrity, an advertised guest does not make their appearance at the convention, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for any refunds other than separate specific to the guest autograph tickets or photo op tickets. In the extremely rare chance that a guest does not finish his or her autographs or photo ops (which has only happened in a hand full of cases over 40 plus years, always due to something out of our control) Creation Entertainment will only be responsible for the refund of the separate autograph or photo op ticket.

In the extremely rare case (which has never happened before) our computer systems may accept more tickets than we have allotted for. If that should occur we would refund ticket money to the last several people (in order) who did manage to get a confirmation or ticket. As we've said it has never happened but we want to have a fair scenario in place it if does occur.

Flashes occur from phone and cameras often during stage presentations. If you are sensitive to such lighting please be advised to take the necessary cautions.

We are not responsible for orders that are rejected during processing that may be due to customer errors (usually caused because the customer does not complete the entire ordering process to the very end), credit card failures (usually caused when there is not enough funds in an account or the credit card company rejects the charge for any number of reasons including out of state ordering or unfamiliar ordering to the customers’ general pattern), or system errors during transmission of the order.

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