Updated: July 19, 2018

Creation Entertainment's


The only FOUR day event on The Official SUPERNATURAL Tour

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
March 28-31, 2019 


Be sure of which day a guest is doing photo ops/autographs before purchasing your admission tickets.

Please note that tickets are delivered to you via email in PDF format which you should print out and bring with you to convention registration. Most customers receive their PDF tickets within 3-5 business days of having placed their order.

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There is only one true way to guarantee luck in Las Vegas, because live entertainment fans strike gold each year at the biggest and best Official Supernatural Convention held annually at The Rio. In 2019 we are proud to be returning with the joyous news that the upcoming Season 14 will continue the amazing tradition of Supernatural being North America’s longest running genre show ever.

Please note that as much as we love providing our Supernatural fans with fabulous multiple shows during the year, we won’t be hosting as many conventions in 2019 as we have in previous years. There will be far fewer choices in 2019, and you DON’T WANT MISS OUT on your chance to see all the awesome Supernatural stars like Jensen & Jared and Misha! If you can’t make any of the conventions we have listed so far, make sure to sign up for our email to keep you updated on the upcoming SPN shows!

For the SPN family, a worldwide group formed by the love of the series, its truly incredible and giving stars, and the wonderful storylines, Vegas each year is the one place everyone tries to be at. March 28-31, 2019 is the date to make the scene and be seen in the live entertainment capital of the world.



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Be sure of which day a guest is doing photo ops/autographs before purchasing your admission tickets.

Dean Winchester

Appearing Sunday.

Appearing Sunday.

Sam Winchester

Appearing Sunday   

Appearing Sunday.


Appearing Saturday 

Appearing Saturday.


Appearing Thursday.  

Appearing Thursday.


Convention co-host and lead singer/songwriter of Louden Swain and anchor of our famous Saturday Night Special Concert. Co-hosting all four days.

Co-hosting all four days.

Gabriel and the Trickster

Richard is also currently directing episodes of the series as well. A true comic master with an audience, Richard serves as our MC/host of the convention for all four days.

Co-hosting all four days.

Young John Winchester

One of our all time most fan friendly guests, Matt serves as a Karaoke King at our famous Friday Night Karoake Party. Also appearing on stage, doing photo ops and autographs on Saturday.

Appearing on stage Friday.


Lisa will be appearing on stage, taking photos and signing autographs Friday and Saturday. She will also be participating in Karaoke Friday night and the Saturday Night Special Concert.   

Appearing Friday and Saturday.

Aaron Bass

Adam will be appearing on stage, taking photos and signing autographs Thursday.

Appearing Thursday.

Charlie Bradbury

Felicia will be appearing on stage, taking photo ops and signing autographs on Saturday.

Appearing Saturday.

Our House Band

Rob Benedict is the songwriter/singer joined by equally talented members of the group Billy Moran, Mike Borja and Stephen Norton. Our house band All four days.

Our house band all four days.

Watch this space for future updates on our guest lineup...


In general, questions for our celebrities are taken from the audience at microphones in the front of the audience area. Yelling of questions from the audience is disruptive and rude to everyone present and may result in being asked to leave the theatre and convention. We ask that everyone respect their fellow attendees. 

There is something special about the Vegas Convention, we have the biggest and best guest list of the year, the Saturday Night Special Rock Concert is at its hottest, there are always new first time stars welcomed to the family, and Jared, Jensen and Misha are at the top of their live entertainment game here, to say nothing of all of the other multi-talented celebrities that come to appear before the greatest audience throughout all fandoms.

We’re proud to always have all of our Supernatural affiliated charities on hand, as well as a rocking vendors room, hilarious host/MC Richard Speight, Jr. and our house band, Louden Swain, as led by the beloved singer/song-writer, also known as “God” Rob Benedict as their lead singer and songwriter. Rob and his band Louden Swain made fandom history when they became the convention’s house band on stage throughout the four days, but they broke the convention mold forever with the launch of Creation Entertainment’s presentation of The Saturday Night Special Rock Concert, a true treat to behold.

And Friday Night is free to all as Matt Cohen is our Karaoke King, large and in charge of a super fun night where celebrities serve as back-up singer for our lucky selected audience members. We’re even working on a “board game night” with some of our fave celebrities on Thursday night. Look for that soon as well as several “extra” limited attendance events.



Announcing Our 2019 Tour House Band: On Stage All FOUR Days of the convention….
LOUDEN SWAIN has become a mainstay Official SUPERNATURAL CONVENTION attraction on our stage throughout the weekend, and we can't imagine a convention being as exciting without them! Lead by talented lead singer, and Supernatural's own, ROB BENEDICT (God, Chuck) their songs will have you dancing, singing and we know you’ll be moved by Rob’s fantastic lyrics which touch us all.

With their help we've transformed these convention events from regular shows to something truly unique: Here in Vegas, four days of non-stop live music, comedy and improv entertainment!


The task was a tough one, one nearly impossible. Who would be wise and witty enough to keep audiences throughout the world laughing and happy while waiting to see the next guest, who could easily be the most favorite of any or all of the audience.

Who could possibly wrangle the talent from backstage and keep them on time, introduce them in a loving yet hilarious way, could sing them on with Louden Swain and then expertly make his way off stage at exactly the right time?

Who would be smart enough to ask for an amazing house band led by the Paul Shaffer to his David Lettterman? Who would be so bright to pick Rob Benedict and Louden Swain to be his co-horts, a job so well done that it led to a television series where they played “slightly” exaggerated versions of themselves.

Finally who was so good that at the end of the convention, he as the MC and Rob would receive regular standing ovations and receive invitations to return to the series and also to direct them? That man is “the” man, Richard Speight, Jr. and it is a joy to work with him in raising the bar on fan conventions forever. He’ll have you laughing more than any comedian on The Vegas Strip, and that’s something you can bet on all four days of our convention!

At this time due to all his other work commitments Richard will be hosting the majority of the convention but not the Karaoke Party on Friday Night.

Karaoke King Matt Cohen is joined by a roster of other stars in a night of celebrity/fan interaction including the sensational Lisa Berry. You could sing your favorite song with some of the stars of Supernatural as YOUR backup singers! Admission is FREE!

Please note that this is a GENERAL ADMISSION EVENT, so you do not keep your same seats you had during the day.

Please note that those that choose to wait for upfront spots for this event, we do not allow “holding” spots on the wait line for more than one other person. Thanks! Click here to view the FAQ and learn how to sign up!



Karaoke Night has become a spectacular event at our conventions. If you have never gone, you're missing out! Come join us at our next convention. Above is a recent video to show you how cool they truly are!



Above is an amazing example of what happened at one of 2018’s Saturday Night Special Rock Concert, but each one has its own special memorable moments.

There can only be one night that has rocked the fandom world, and we are so proud of this attraction of fantastic fun that allows the stars we love on Supernatural really show how multi-talented they are. LOUDEN SWAIN, the Los Angeles indie band led by talented lead singer and Supernatural's own, ROB BENEDICT (God, Chuck) is joined by Supernatural celebrity guest performers that will include Richard Speight, Jr., Matt Cohen and Lisa Berry plus of course others to be announced. You just never know who will show up and the show in Vegas traditionally is one of the year’s highlights.

The concert is included in many of our amazing full convention ticket packages and you keep your same seat if you have a Gold, Silver or Copper Convention Package
. Don't have a package ticket but still want to see the show? No problem! General Admission Tickets are only $80 and can be purchased on our site today or at the convention. Buy your tickets today and don't miss out on a once in a lifetime concert!

Ticket ordering FAQ


The "SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL” concert ticket does not include admission to the convention, and you do not need a convention ticket to attend the concert. If you choose to stand in line early to be up front at one of the limited in size dance areas you may only hold one additional place to be fair to everyone else and their is no guarantee if your companion is not there when the doors open there will be room in the dance areas. The dance areas are first come-first served and when filled kindly take a seat (either one that you had with the above mentioned packages, or if not in a general admission area). Thank you!





Are you a talented video editor? A walking encyclopedia of all the epic moments from Supernatural who thinks, "These would be awesome set to music?" Here is your chance to flex your creative muscles, and fan knowledge, to compete for prizes at SPN Official Convention 2019 shows!

Click to see more information.

Entries are judged on the following criteria:
• Video, Audio & Editing quality
• Inventiveness
• Song selection & originality
• Humorous submissions are encouraged!

Winners will receive a $75 gift certificate good for Creation merchandise (excludes convention, autograph and photo op tickets), and will be played on screens at the Official Supernatural Conventions! Winners will be announced and awarded at the specific show.

Below you'll find the rules, submission guidelines and anything else you might need to know:

• One SUPERNATURAL music video may be submitted, and only one.
• All submissions must be on DVD and in a sleeve or jewel case to be accepted. -We do accept music videos on Apple-compatible flash drives and also NTSC formatted DVDs.
• In your submission you must list the specific convention the music video is for.
• Entries are limited to people attending the specific event. This is due to an overwhelming number of submissions.
• Please keep the submissions under five minutes.
• Winners are announced at the event.
• You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award at the show before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited.
• The competition closes 40 days prior to the convention. We will NOT make any exceptions to this.
• Don't forget about the great supporting cast members of the show!
• We ask that you do not use footage from shows other than Supernatural.
• Entries cannot be returned, and person submitting entry is granting Creation the right to play this entry in perpetuity at Creation events worldwide and/or online at the Creation website(s).
Creation does not sell music videos so your entry will never be sold as a commercial product, just presented at our events/online.
• Do not submit the same video for multiple events. It will not be considered after its first submission. This also goes for videos that have been recycled with only minor changes.

Good luck!

Creation Entertainment
SUPERNATURAL Music Video Contest/LAS VEGAS 2019
217 South Kenwood St.
Glendale, CA 91205


Show your creative talents, and impeccable taste in characters, by entering our famous Cosplay Contest! Held on SATURDAY, come dressed as any Supernatural character (or create your own) and compete for the audience's applause to win great prizes! Who wouldn't want a giant Gift Certificate good for Creation merchandise and the adoration of the audience?

Note: Gift certificate are good for one year towards Creation Merchandise Only, excludes convention, autograph and photo-op tickets.



Our vendor area is overflowing with official SUPERNATURAL products to offer attendees! You can expect to find official photographs from the studio, t-shirts and apparel, jewelry, mugs and glassware, banners and posters, books and magazines, autographed items, and a lot more! Welcome to Supernatural Collector Heaven!

Our vendor area is small compared to a massive “comic con” that covers many properties, and that's how we like it. Our conventions provide a more personal experience, and that extends into the vendor area, to give the fans (and celebrities) a more rewarding show. You won't have to wade through seas of merch you aren't interested in just to find the gold because we bring only the best to our vendor area.

Trivia Contests
Whoever thought that all that Winchester watching could be turned into great gift certificates! Be chosen to play one of the three rounds and who knows you could be the last person standing and a true trivia master and take our gift certificates to enjoy and spend! This event is generally, though not always, done the first day of the conventions.




We appreciate the support!

For updates on events, guests and tickets join our

Bring all your printed tickets:

Please make sure to bring ALL your printed out tickets to the convention as we can not replace any tickets forgotten or lost. This holds true for all ticket-buyers domestic and outside of The United States as we no longer have a will-call or hold ticket desk. Our convention sites generally have a business office where you can print out your tickets if you have left them home by mistake. Once you present your ticket(s) at registration, photo op areas, or autograph sessions they will be scanned for legitimacy and one-time use only. Thanks! 

Customer Support E-Mail: ANY problem you have please write to us at: customer.service@creationent.com and we'll look into it and get right back to you. Thanks! 

NOTE: You may buy Photo Op and Autograph tickets before buying an Admission ticket, but you need an Admission Ticket in order to use the Photo Op and Autograph tickets. Please buy an Admission ticket as soon as you can as we can never guarantee Admission tickets won't sell out before the show. Join our Free Email list to get updates on ticket availability.

Tickets are delivered to you via e-mail in PDF format:

Please note that tickets are delivered to you via e-mail in PDF format which you should print out and bring with you to convention registration. Most customers receive their PDF tickets within 3-5 business days of having placed their order. All Convention tickets have a $8.50 shipping/handling fee charged per ticket ordered. This applies to all online, phone, fax and mail orders. 

ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS; these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!

HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Hotel rooms may be reserved as indicated towards the bottom of this page.

We begin selling tickets with our Gold Packages, out most coveted of ticket packages we offer. All admission tickets give you guaranteed seating in the theatre: so don’t worry about seeing any of the stars or events you want to. Anything specific to a full convention package is specifically mentioned but all the guests appear for everyone too of course. Each level is limited so act fast, and don't let a once in a lifetime opportunity slip through your fingers! Coolest thing and we thing unprecedented in the fan convention world: you can actually pick YOUR own seat in the theatre when you purchase a reserved ticket option or package and we don’t sell ONE more ticket than we have seats for, so there is no extra worrying or waiting to see who or what you want. It is our way to give you the very best vacation we can!

Gold Weekend is our most comprehensive ticket package! “Go Gold” pick the seats closest to the stage, and you are all set for a time to treasure forever. Here’s what you get in the “Gold Package":

Reserved Seats

Reserve your seat in our main theater for the entire event! Gold Package Holders choose their seats while ordering your packages on line, ensuring the best views in the house. This seat is yours for the whole four days, free from wandering seat-stealing monsters, no salt circle necessary!


This is one of your ONLY chances to get in-person autographs from Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki the entire weekend! They will only be signing in person for Gold & Silver ticket holders. In addition to Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, you get in-person autographs from Misha Collins, Tahmoh Penikett, Adam Rose, Lisa Berry, Matthew Cohen, and more to be included.

Priority Lines

You are in the front rows for all autograph signings included in this package! Now you'll spend less time in line, and more time in enjoying the show.


Your package includes tickets to the SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL concert with LOUDEN SWAIN, featuring Rob Benedict, Joined by guest celebrities singers Matt Cohen, Lisa Berry, and Richard Speight, Jr. and more to be announced. With Gold you keep the same great seats you enjoyed during the day.

Priority Preregistration

Gold gives you priority registration before any other guests! Get first dibs on exclusive merchandise and any remaining autograph or photo op tickets! Preregistration generally takes place the night before the convention starts and isn't a necessity, but can help make your weekend be as smooth as possible. Come on Wednesday night to meet friends, get a first look at the merchandise and first grabs at available autograph and photo op tickets.

Collectible Credentials

Special collectible badge and wristband only for Gold package holders! These keepsakes will always remind you of your amazing time we hope we deliver for you!

Exclusive Sunday Superstar Panel with Jensen & Jared

On top of their regular convention appearances, "The Boys" do a more intimate panel just for our Gold Weekend Patrons. These panels are always full of special moments, insight and laughs!

Like Your Seat? Keep it!

If applicable you can renew the same exact seat, or try for a better one, at the following year's convention in LAS VEGAS!

Access to our famous Karaoke Kings Concert Party Night!

A karaoke party like you've never seen! NOTE: Seats are removed from the front rows for this particular party so it is more general admission. Seating is provided further back in the theatre for those that want to just sit and relax. For a full description of this event please see the description on the site.

Admission to the Vendors Room

You’ll get to visit the vendors room filled with gorgeous Supernatural goods and related items.

These are early bird prices and may rise at any time.


Ticket ordering information

*Please note that if you have autographs as part of your ticket package benefits you will need to have something for the celebrities to sign. They will sign anything you bring from home and there is a wide assortment of photos and other collectibles on sale at the convention.

ADMISSION TICKET PACKAGES DO NOT INCLUDE PHOTO OPS; these must be purchased separately below or at the convention (if not sold out). Thanks!

Additional ticket packages including:
Silver Weekend Admission Packages
Copper Weekend Admission Packages
General Admission Weekend Packages
Preferred Single-Day
General Admission Single-Day will be available as we get closer to the convention.

 Please be on our FREE EMAIL LIST so you are advised of new ticket option launches! We will, to the best of our ability, send out an announcement each time a new ticket bracket becomes available. But checking the website frequently is recommended as well. Thanks!



As we get closer to the convention, we auction off special VIP Experiences and Meet & Greet events for a limited number of fans with our amazing guest stars through our online auctions site! Ten lucky fans get chance to bid to win an exclusive VIP experience. Also on auction are special Meet & Greets events with each of our celebrities in attendance, in a limited group setting. Imagine hanging out with the stars of Supernatural!

To find out when the bidding starts and get to access to the auction, join our mailing list here!


Ever dreamed of having an exclusive concierge assigned to you, and only you, at your favorite Creation Convention? Our Concierges know the rules inside and out, and use that knowledge to get you in line with the VIPs! Not only that, they also help you keep track of every event, signing and photo op, so you won’t miss a thing. If you're interested in this premium service, write concierge@creationent.com.

We know that many fans like to give gifts to our celebrity guests and we feel this is a lovely gesture. However, it's impossible to accommodate the large amounts of gifts and we do not have an adequate system to accept them at locations at so many different venues. Therefore, we are offering the following addresses for fans to send gifts to the celebrities:

Jensen Ackles
c/o Management 360
9111 Wilshire Blvd. 
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Jared Padalecki
c/o Industry Entertainment
955 S. Carrillo Dr. 3rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Misha Collins
1920 N. Hillhurst #170
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Richard Speight Jr.
c/o Thruline Entertainment
9250 Wilshire Blvd., Ground Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Rob Benedict
Thruline Entertainment
 9250 Wilshire Blvd
Ground Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Louden Swain
Box 500
11271 Ventura Blvd
Studio City CA 91604

Briana Buckmaster
PO BOX 1087
Gibsons, BC V0N1V0

Gil McKinney
c/o Framework Entertainment
9057 Nemo St Ste. C
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Matt Cohen
Lane Management Group, Inc.
4370 Tujunga Blvd. Suite 130
Studio City , CA , 91604


Having the chance to to get an in-person autograph from the stars of SUPERNATURAL is incredibly rare, but we've worked hard to bring it to you! The stars will sign any item you bring from home or buy at the convention. There will be tons of great photographs and other collectibles available at the convention that are perfect for signing.

Have more than one thing you want signed? Purchase multiple tickets and get all of your autographs at once!

Autograph tickets DO NOT include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention in order to redeem autograph tickets. You get one autograph per ticket.

Jensen & Jared - Gold and Silver packages only!

Misha Collins $89 (Saturday)

Misha will be signing autographs for those folks who have packages where his autograph is included on a complimentary basis, plus also those who have separate autograph tickets.

Tahmoh Penikett $40 (Thursday)

Tahmoh will be signing on a complimentary basis for those package holders which include his free autograph, plus those that have purchased his separate autographs.

Richard Speight Jr. $50 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Richard’s autograph is not part of any ticket package and if desired must be purchased separately either in advance at this site or if still available at the convention.

Matt Cohen $50 (Sat)

Matt's autograph is not part of any ticket package and if desired must be purchased separately either in advance at this site or if still available at the convention.

Rob Benedict $50 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Rob's autograph is not part of any ticket package and if desired must be purchased separately either in advance at this site or if still available at the convention.

Lisa Berry $40 (Friday and Saturday)

On Friday, Lisa will be signing on a complimentary basis for those package holders which include her free autograph, plus those that have purchased her separate autographs. On Saturday Lisa will only be signing for those with her separate autograph tickets.

Adam Rose $25 (Thursday)

Adam will be signing on a complimentary basis for those package holders which include his free autograph, plus those that have purchased his separate autographs.

Felicia Day $40 (Saturday)


Our prices here are EARLY BIRD pricing and may rise. Order early to avoid higher prices and the distinct possibility of one of our more popular items selling out.
Ticket ordering information

Click here to view the FAQ and learn everything you need to know to have the best experience!

What's it like to get a photo op?
We talk to some nice attendees who just had the experience!


Make a memory you'll never forget, at Creation Entertainment’s Photo Opportunities...

Your photo will be taken by Creation's magical, talented staff photographers! They take incredible pictures, make the stars comfortable posing with the fans, and are generally beloved by all.

Photo Op tickets DO NOT include admission to the convention. You must have an admission ticket for the convention in order to redeem photo op tickets.





TAHMOH PENIKETT $60 (Thursday)

RICHARD SPEIGHT JR. $50 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

MATT COHEN $50 (Saturday)

ROB BENEDICT $50 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

LISA BERRY $45 (Friday and Saturday)

ADAM ROSE $40 (Thursday)

KARAOKE SELFIES with MATT COHEN during our Friday Night Karaoke Party . Usually they occur about an hour into the party and you use your own phone $40 (Friday)

FELICIA DAY $60 (Saturday)


We are THRILLED to say that Misha, will be doing more photo ops on Sunday, in a unique and spectacular Misha way, to help benefit his famous charity RANDOM ACTS in continuing celebration of that amazing effort.

Misha as Castiel! We appreciate the great folks at our conventions in helping us meet our goal to help Random Acts, a charity we have strongly supported from its start. When we’ve done charity fund raising for RANDOM ACTS we’ve been able to raise A LOT of money for this great cause and appreciate very much your contributions! SO, TO CONTINUE, MISHA HAS AGREED TO APPEAR IN CHARACTER AND COSTUME AS CASTIEL. While we have had other genre celebrities in costume before, Misha is always unique and he has asked that you honor his beloved Cas character as he will be stay in character. So let’s not have Misha break out of his portrayal of Castiel at this photo op because it is SO DAMN COOL!

Only a limited number of CASTIEL PHOTO OPS are available at
$159 each (SUNDAY ONLY). Because of the unique nature of these photo ops and the charity aspect we can not upgrade or change Saturday Misha photo ops (Misha as Misha is pretty cool too)!


GROUP PHOTO OPS: These are ultra-cool, check it out!
Two customers can be in these photo ops for the price of one photo op ticket.

The Famous Sandwich Photo: Imagine a memory like this captured for all time by our great photographs. You with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, These always sell-out fast! $379 (Sunday) VERY LIMITED

Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and YOU: one of our most coveted items, limited amount available. $409 (Sunday)

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins and YOU: limited amount available. $289 (Sunday)

Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins and YOU: limited amount available. $289 (Sunday)

R2M: Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen and YOU! $149 (Saturday)

“KIngs of Con": Get amped up for partying on Friday night at The Karaoke Kings Bash with Richard Speight Jr., Rob Benedict and YOU! $99 (Friday)

LOUDEN SWAIN: You with our amazing house band! $65 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

DICK & MATT & YOU: Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen join forces with you! $99 (Saturday)



Our prices here are EARLY BIRD pricing and may rise. Order early to avoid higher prices and the distinct possibility of one of our more popular items selling out.
Ticket ordering FAQ

If you'd like to see how much fans enjoy our our photo ops, click here!

If you have more questions about photo ops, click here for our Photo Op FAQ!

Photo Op tickets DO NOT include admission to the convention and are NEVER INCLUDED IN ANY TICKET PACKAGES. You must have an admission ticket for the convention to enter into the photo op areas.

YOUR ONE PHOTO OP TICKET CAN INCLUDE UP TO TWO FANS. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE UP TO FOUR FANS IN A PHOTO, TO DO THAT YOU MUST PURCHASE TWO TICKETS (Two Fans x Two Tickets = Four Fans In One Photo). We cannot accommodate over FOUR fans in any one photo op.

Click here to view the FAQ and learn everything you need to know to have the best experience!



Special lower than normal room rates for those with the convention:
Friday/Saturday: $139* Single (One Double Bed), Double/Double (Two Double Double Beds)

ALL other nights: $99* (Single Bed) Double (one Double Bed) Double/Double (Two Double Double Beds)

*Plus daily resort fee of $30.00 (fee includes: Unlimited local phone calls, 2 guest admissions per day to the Fitness Center, In-room internet access to include (2) devices per room per day.

Call 1- 888-746-6955


Creation Entertainment is going green by joining forces with Fan Guru (formerly Cosmunity)! Make sure to download the Fan Guru app and you will be able to customize your own schedule for any con weekend you are attending. Fan Guru will have the schedule uploaded on their app after the schedule is posted onto Creation’s website.

Download the app now!

The show schedule is finalized the week of the convention to accommodate flight itineraries and filming schedules of our celebrities. Convention activities usually start around 10:00 a.m. but may begin earlier depending on schedules. Stage programming also usually ends around 6:00 p.m. or 7:00 p.m. and some autograph sessions begin after stage programming is complete for the day. This can run until 10:00 p.m. so PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY! Signings start later on Sundays, so we recommend that you plan to stay late or stay overnight. The final schedule is always posted one day PRIOR TO THE CONVENTION on either WEDNESDAY (for our three-day conventions) or THURSDAY (for our two-day conventions).

Our best advice is to plan for these time variabilities and check the schedule as soon as it is available.

All guests and scheduling are tentative and subject to change.



Unlike so many other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict company policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place.

Creation Entertainment has the right to refuse service to anyone who interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons, staff, actors, Creation Entertainment and the establishment itself. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment of any kind both in advance and/or at a particular event, illegal activity, unreasonable rowdiness, patrons lacking adequate hygiene and inconsideration to others. Refusal of service shall never be based on race or color, National origin or citizenship status, religion or creed, sex, age, disability, pregnancy or genetic information, Veteran or Military status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, medical condition, political affiliations or activities, or status as a victim of domestic violence, assault or stalking.



Customer Support E-Mail: ANY problem you have please write to us at: customer.service@creationent.com and we'll look into it and get right back to you. Thanks!

 Regarding the issue of alcoholic beverages at the convention: we do not allow alcohol to be present in our function rooms including the main theatre. This includes daily panel events and any night events. We kindly ask, for the evening event(s), you do not bring bags unless necessary. Water stations will be available in the room and, for those that have special medical needs, you can discreetly discuss those with security before entering and we will do bag checks. We regret that we've had to take this measure, but we must protect our audience and celebrities and we’ve been advised that this is a necessity. We retain the right not to allow entrance into any of the events to anyone who shows up appearing intoxicated. 

ADA Rules on service animals: This event welcomes service animals as per The ADA rules. Service animals perform valuable work or tasks and are trained to provide help directly related to a person's disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and therefore are not permitted at our event.

For those attending our conventions and making travel plans: please know that the majority of guests that appear on stage do so usually in the later part of the day (although that is sometimes different for actors working on a current series). Sometimes autographing runs into the evening or later when guests appear late in the day. Because we have to wait for guests to give us their flight information we cannot tell you in advance when these autograph sessions will occur until the convention schedule is posted at this website a few days before the event. For those out of towners that want to guarantee autographs of stars appearing on Sunday we do suggest staying over or planning a later leaving time. 

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! We do suggest buying tickets only from the original source: through this website. Because all tickets are scanned for use at the convention we can ONLY allow the first person in using each singular ticket. Autograph and photo op tickets are also scanned for one time use. WE’VE NOTICED A PICKUP IN BOGUS TICKETS and well-meaning fans being ripped off by those that have just resold copied tickets. 

Flashes occur from phone and cameras often during stage presentations. If you are sensitive to such lighting please be advised to take the necessary precautions. For our attendees please keep flash photography to a minimum and try to learn how to get the best pictures in different lighting situations. Generally flash is not the best way to take photos at the convention. We will attempt to have a more detailed note page of getting the best pictures at conventions available soon.

ALL GUESTS are contracted to appear and all convention contracts specify that appearances are tentative and subject to change as film and television work demands take precedence as can a personal conflict. Our events will take place whether a specific guest cancels or not (we always try to book replacements) and therefore we can not issue admission ticket or ticket package refunds if a particular guest does not fulfill their appearance contract. Of course we will always refund separately purchased photo ops and autograph tickets for a guest if they cancel.

PHOTO TAKING POLICY AT THIS CONVENTION We know that taking photos makes the convention even more fun and we thought it would be a good idea to share our photo taking policies for you before you arrive at the convention so you can prepare. In the auditorium, photo taking is encouraged, but only from your seat. It is unfair to run up to the stage and block the view of others who have paid for reserved seats in front of you. Even if there are empty seats, patrons must sit in the seats they paid for to be fair to everyone. Due to fire marshall regulations everyone must be seated during performances. Please also be courteous to your neighbors when taking pictures. Photo taking is not allowed during autographing sessions nor during the photo ops. Only those people who have autograph tickets may come up to get autographs.

The vast majority of our guest celebrities take questions from the audience during their on-stage time. Therefore it is incumbent upon those that ask questions to make them ones that allow our mutual shared time with the celebrities to be enjoyable, interesting and entertaining for all (including the guest). Asking for hugs, telling stars we love them (we all do, that's why we're here), giving gifts, getting into long personal stories, or worse, is not acceptable for this format and, in fact, is quite self-centered when you are in essence "representing" all of fandom to a celebrity. Join us in trying to make this convention the best entertainment for everyone!

In the event of convention cancellations or date changes Creation Entertainment is not responsible for patrons' costs involving travel or hotel accommodations or any other non convention ticket expenses.

Advance ticket sales are generally turned off early to mid-week of the week of the events. Tickets, if they are not sold out, are sold at the convention of course.

We are not responsible for orders that are rejected during processing that may be due to customer errors (usually caused because the customer does not complete the entire ordering process to the very end), credit card failures (usually caused when there is not enough funds in an account or the credit card company rejects the charge for any number of reasons including out of state ordering or unfamiliar ordering to the customers’ general pattern), or system errors during transmission of the order.

Creation assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by convention venues. All dates, venues and guests are considered tentative and subject to change. Check back frequently for updates.

NOTE: ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-EXCHANGEABLE. ABSOLUTELY NO AUDIO OR VIDEOTAPING ALLOWED AT ANY CONVENTION. Still photography is for personal use only - public dissemination and commercial use strictly prohibited.

By attending Creation events you agree to allow your image to be used on our website and in news documentaries or stories, either filmed by Creation Entertainment or other entities.

All ticket prices are subject to change, please order as early as possible.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation of the convention, or a date change, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for refunding airfare or any other costs other than the payments made directly to Creation Entertainment for ticketing. Also in the unlikely event, due to weather, transit issues or last minute illness or other reason given by celebrity, an advertised guest does not make their appearance at the convention, Creation Entertainment is not responsible for any refunds other than separate specific to the guest autograph tickets or photo op tickets. In the extremely rare chance that a guest does not finish his or her autographs or photo ops (which has only happened in a hand full of cases over 40 plus years, always due to something out of our control) Creation Entertainment will only be responsible for the refund of the separate autograph or photo op ticket.