Updated: July 20, 2023


The Vampire Diaries/Originals Reunion Dallas Convention 2023 COVID-19 Procedures & Policies

All procedures and policies subject to change

Creation Entertainment maintains that the health and safety of our attendees, celebrity guests and staff are a top priority.

Here are the following COVID policies and procedures* for The Vampire Diaries/Originals Reunion Convention 2023, being held January 27-29, 2023 at the Marriott Dallas/Allen Hotel.



1. Regardless of your vaccination status, we require a negative COVID-19 test result, which must be taken within 72 hours of your first day attending the convention. You will receive a special-colored, waterproof wristband, which you must wear for the entire convention in addition to your entry wristband. Removal of the COVID wristband will require you to retest.

For your reference, here are COVID testing sites in Dallas/Allen area. You may also use a Rapid COVID test kit that you have purchased over the counter, but you must take the test in-person at the convention in our private testing area, to show results. We will also have a limited supply of Rapid tests available on-site for a fee of $25, available while supplies last.

2. While we are aware that people can still test positive for COVID up to 90 days after initial transmission, if when you check-in with our COVID table you do test positive, even if you’ve quarantined, you will not be able to attend the convention. For those who cannot attend because of their COVID positive test status on-site, we are offering a rollover to a 2023 Creation event in the Nashville area. NOTE: The name on the test MUST match the name on the ticket. The rollover is ONLY applicable to the original ticket holder.

3. If you test positive between Sunday, January 22, 2023 and Sunday, January 29, 2023 or if you already have an active case of COVID at the time of our event, please stay home and email us at customer.service@creationent.com by Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023 at 12:00 AM PST and provide verifiable lab test results from a test that has been taken between Sunday 1/22/23 and Sunday 1/29/23 (rapid home tests are not acceptable) in order to be eligible to roll over your tickets.

4. If you are showing positive on the verifiable lab test as above, your tickets for 2023 will no longer be valid. Should anyone attempt to use invalid 2022 tickets at the convention they will no longer be eligible for the rollover and your tickets will not be refunded.

NOTE: You represent that if you do not comply with COVID-19 safety protocols that you will leave the event venue, and furthermore, you agree that you will not be due a refund of your Event ticket and CE will not be responsible for any consequential damages as a result of your expulsion.

5. Mask-wearing is optional indoors for all attendees, regardless of vaccination status EXCEPT in the COVID testing area and some meet & greets,, where masks are MANDATORY. Although mask-wearing is now optional, it is still highly recommended. *NOTE: Meet & Greets requiring masks will be announced.

6. Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the convention area for public use.  

7. If you are feeling ill, please DO NOT attend.

Please see below for our “Disease and Illness” Disclaimer


*See above regarding Meet & Greets

Please note that special poses/hugs and physical contact are not offered in the purchasing of a photo op.  Please also keep in mind that the actors, while they are recognizable to us, we are strangers to them, so don’t do anything to them that you wouldn’t want a stranger to do to you, especially in these times.


Disease and Illness Disclaimer: By using your admission pass, you represent and warrant that you will not enter the venue or participate in the Event in person if (a) you are aware, as of the date of the Event, that you have contracted and not completely recovered from COVID-19 or another communicable disease; (b) you are aware, as of the date of the Event, that you have been exposed within the prior two weeks to someone who had contracted or was subsequently determined to have contracted, COVID-19 or another communicable disease; (c) you have been tested for COVID-19 or another communicable disease but not yet received the results of such test; or (d) you have symptoms consistent with having contracted COVID-19 or another communicable disease. You also represent and warrant that, during the course of the Event, you will comply with all applicable regulations and guidelines imposed by CE and any Event venue regarding COVID-19 and any other communicable disease, which may include verification of vaccination, wearing masks, a daily symptom check, temperature checks, and/or COVID testing. You represent that should you not comply with COVID-19 safety protocols that you will leave the event venue, and furthermore, you agree that you will not be due a refund of your Event ticket and CE will not be responsible for any consequential damages as a result of your expulsion. We reserve the right to change any of our health policies as necessary.  

Thanks to our fellow fans, we’ve loved bringing the stars direct to their audiences for over 50 years! Join the celebration and be part of the unforgettable Creation family. 

Unlike so many other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict company policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place. 

Creation Entertainment has the right to refuse service to anyone who interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons, staff, actors, Creation Entertainment and the establishment itself. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment of any kind both in advance and/or at a particular event, illegal activity, unreasonable rowdiness, patrons lacking adequate hygiene and inconsideration to others. Refusal of service shall never be based on race or color, National origin or citizenship status, religion or creed, sex, age, disability, pregnancy or genetic information, Veteran or Military status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, medical condition (excluding infectious diseases), political affiliations or activities, or status as a victim of domestic violence, assault or stalking.