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The Official Hercules and Xena Convention 2000

2000 HX Convention
The marquee said it all: we've arrived at the Pasadena Center

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With the ultimate goal in mind of topping last year's event, plans for the "big" 2000 convention began almost the day after the close of the 1999 edition.

The decision was made to move the convention to the larger Pasadena Center, a facility that has worked well for our huge Star Trek show for so many years. We knew that fans would love the Pasadena area and many made the convention into a longer term vacation.

This time out, however, as the date drew nearer, it became clear that despite the best efforts of all involved, neither Lucy or Renee were going to be able to be with us because of production scheduling in New Zealand.

Although nothing could take the place of having that wondrous duo on hand, the convention schedule (now three days long) was filled to the brim with activities and guests.

The logistics of planning were the most complicated because so many guests were coming in from New Zealand. That, coupled with the details of two evening musical performances as well as a charity breakfast, kept all of us hopping. With the forces of luck on our side, all the stars arrived safely and happily, and were marvelous on stage and backstage.

There were an incredible amount of highlights to cover! Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you next year for the 2001 show!

Despite the overwhelming crowds we tried to offer opportunities for fans to mingle a bit with the stars. Some of these scenes were taken at our charity breakfast benefitting The James B. Ellis Foundation at Hofstra University. This great charity helps kids affected by cancer in their families to attend college. After appearing on stage the day before, doing their rock concert, and then "partying" all night, our amazing stars Kevin and Joel rested for one hour and then hit the early morning breakfast. We love the photo of all four of the breakfast guests!

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