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Saturday Night offered another rare chance for fans to see the talent in another light as we presented a musical cabaret. Sharon Delaney, president of the official fan clubs, opened the festivities, with a song parody suggesting how the cabaret came to be, and how Claire Stansfield was the perfect host for the night. Claire was a trouper, agreeing to do our cymbals bit. She was hilarious and seemed to enjoy the "gig" immensely. There's a reason that she is so beloved by the fans! We were particularly blown away (as was the crowd) by the enormous talent of Gina Torres. That lady can sing! She tore it up with "I Will Survive" and a lovely duet with Kevin Smith.

Another thrill was seeing, closehand, why Michael Hurst is such a big star down in his native New Zealand. He put on an incredible "mini-show" as his part of the cabaret and he really had a great time doing it. Then, as gracious as could be, he agreed to be in our last minute finale, appearing as a back-up singer! What a talented, nice guy.
Sultry Ebonie Smith was also a highlight and fans loved the fact that she toured through the dealers room and posed for pix.

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