The Official Xena and Hercules Convention 2001

The outdoor billboard says it all: and this time we have enormous space:
two entire buildings all devoted to our favorites!

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From the very start of our long involvement with Xena, it has been an incredible pleasure to work with the folks at Universal Consumer Products and Studios USA. When added to the wonderful support given to us by Rob Tapert and his Renaissance Pictures, and of course Lucy and Renee and all the cast members, we can honestly say that every day on Xena has been fun, creative and rewarding.

We know that the series will live in the hearts of fans throughout the world and that Lucy, Renee and Rob will offer us many years of entertainment to come with their future endeavors.

And, a very special extra added thanks to Geoffrey Short, the talented photographer who was on-set on Xena and supplied Creation with hundreds of gorgeous shots to produce our merchandise. Simply, he is the best!

Photos covering the convention were taken by Wendy Sparks.

Thursday Night we got the ball rolling with pre-registration and an early chance to grab one of the 100 or so new photos (along with convention T-shirts, posters and special souvenirs!). Fans came from all over the world: Brazil, Peru, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and an especially large contingent from England!

No one is a hotter guest than Hudson: fire engine red hot! Some smart producer should grab this amazingly talented lady and give over a series to her! It is a guaranteed smash!

Robert Trebor, the one and only Salmoneus, opened the show for us!

Karl Urban is two guests in one, and still extremely dapper even without shoes!

One way to hype a book is to have the entire audience pledge to buy it. Here is the hilarious Bruce Campbell: he really knows how to work a convention crowd!

Ebonie Smith is dressed to kill: and she did just that in our cabaret.

Adrienne Wilkinson lit up the stage: she truly is a talented singer and actress.

The trio of ladies starring in “Girls Night Out” part of our cabaret: Adrienne, Ebonie and Darien Takle.

The Creation Charity Breakfasts are always a highpoint of any Creation event and here fans get to mix and mingle with talent: Hudson is especially warm and wonderful in dedication to our charity selection: The James Ellis Foundation of Hofstra University.

The lovely Renee O’Connor with her husband Steve.

Lucy and Renee behind stage: what a supportive team!

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