The Official Xena and Hercules Convention 2001
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Mom and daughter on camera: good friends off: Lucy and Darien.

Backstage two of Hollywood’s young success stories: Greg Lee (now featured in Dark Angel) and Adrienne Wilkinson.

Ted Raimi sings and entertains the crowd: probably the hardest working star during the weekend: on-stage, two cabarets, the charity breakfast and an autograph session.

Tim Omundson and Adrienne backstage.

Tsianina and Adrienne hanging out behind the scenes.

The hottest show in town and fans are still talking about it: Alexandra and Claire’s Triple XXX Revue. The show was such a hit they are taking it
on the road: next stop Cherry Hill (check out our calendar listing).

The convention finale featured the fantastic fan line-up of costume
artistry. Wow!Picture includes: Jennifer Waggoner as Xena, Lisa Waggoner as Gabrielle, Janet Cole as Valasca and Meredith Armstrong as Ephiny

Their work captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Here’s some candids of Lucy and Renee on stage!

The final bow: cast and crew members of Xena singing “Last Dance!”

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