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It was an extremely emotional weekend as guests, fans and the convention production team joined together as news of Kevin Smith's passing reached us all.

The old adage "the show must go on" came into play and the convention was dedicated to Kevin's memory and to the start of fundraising for his family.

Kevin's many appearances at past Creation events always were incredibly fun and joyous and it was in that spirit that the convention continued in a beautiful and loving way.

We, as Kevin's friends and fans, could not imagine a better place to have spent that weekend.

This one's for you, Kevin !

Lifelong friends Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi yuk it up on stage. They are amazing!

When we thought of trying to put a "performance" together starring Claire and Hudson there was just no way we could ever imagine what those two would come up with. Talk about delivering the goods: Hollywood producers take note: these ladies are hot!

William Gregory Lee, Xena's Virgil announced his engagement

Alexis Arquette came dressed up for the occasion.

Backstage Alexandra Tydings and Alexis ham it up for the cameras along with Tim Omundson and Adrienne Wilkinson and Michael Hurst with Adrienne.

Tim and Adrienne also appeared on stage together.

Jacqueline Kim made her second appearance with us.

All the talent signed these prop swords to be auctioned off for Kevin Smith's family.

17-year-old Katie Stuart, Genia from "Many Happy Returns," makes her convention debut.

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