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Robert Picardo Robert Picardo

The Saturday Night Gala is one of the highlights for Trek fans and this year continues the tradition with a fantastic night of music and entertainment with Robert Picardo and Jordan Bennett.

See what happens when the stars of the hit TV Show Star Trek: Voyager and Broadway’s Les Miserables get together! Robert and Jordan have been friends for 38 years. They met doing a show in Los Angeles and became roommates for two years. Since that time they have both had successful careers, and BFF is a celebration of their friendship and their unique and complementary gifts for comedy and music, with great, engaging music and rolling-in-the-aisles exchanges. Bob and Jordan continue their 38-year competition to one-up each other and to please an audience. Most of all, BFF is an inspiring story of how great friendships enrich our lives.

The Gala is included in the full convention GOLD, CAPTAIN’S CHAIR or COPPER packages, keeping your same great seats! For everyone else, you can still attend the Gala by purchasing an a la carte ticket. Convention passes are not required to attend the Gala.

Note: The Gala ticket does not include admission to the convention.


A limited number of tickets will be on sale, and may sell out, at the convention.

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Tig Notaro

Tribute to Nichelle Nichols
Join our group of long-time friends and fans of Nichelle Nichols, as we discuss her life, legacy and the important contributions she made to society’s progress. She inspired many to pursue their own personal dreams and was a beacon of hope to a generation that watched her on the original series in the 1960s.
For over 30 years we at Creation had the pleasure of presenting Nichelle at scores of Star Trek Conventions and her dedication to her fans was indeed legendary. Her warmth and spirit live on in the hearts of all her fans and you are invited to share in this remembrance. Schedule: TBD

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Tig Notaro

The multi-talented TIG NOTARO will be performing a comedy show for our Thursday night dinner party, exclusive to Gold Convention patrons only!
Tig is an Emmy and Grammy-nominated stand-up comedian, writer, radio contributor, and actor as well as a favorite on numerous talk shows, including Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and EllenRolling Stone magazine named her one of the "50 best stand-up comics of all time."
She also currently appears in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead and wrote and starred in the groundbreaking TV show One Mississippi, along with hosting an advice podcast, "Don't Ask Tig" as well as the documentary film podcast "Tig and Cheryl: True Story."

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Ricardo Montalban

A presentation, interview, and documentary by Gil Smith & Natasha Galano

Join Ricardo Montalbán’s son-in-law Gil Smith and  Natasha Galano from Nosotros in honoring Ricardo Montalbán. We are marking the 40th Anniversary of the release Wrath of Khan, which is considered by many to be the most important movie of the Star Trek franchise.  
Joel M. Gonzales will present a short video tribute to Ricardo Montalbán Legacy through Nosotros, the organization that he founded in 1970 to advocate for Latinos in the entertainment industry.  
Gil Smith brings his unique insider's perspective on Ricardo Montalbán’s life story to the engaging set of interviews that he conducted in just the last few months with director/writer Nicholas Meyer, professors John and Maria-Jose Tenuto, and Ricardo's longtime publicist Joel Brokaw.  
After the 40-minute presentation, Star Trek fans and scholars alike will come away with an enhanced appreciation of the acting achievements and humanitarian contributions that are Ricardo Montalbán's worldwide legacy. 

Star Trek Movie Anniversary Screening

Star Trek Movie Anniversary Screening

We are hosting a FREE* screening of the iconic Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan to celebrate its 40th Anniversary!
Since its debut June 4, 1982, The Wrath of Khan has become one of Star Trek’s most beloved films! The story centers on Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) and his old nemesis, Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalban), who wants to use the life-generating Genesis Device as the ultimate weapon against Kirk and the Federation.
You don’t want to miss this memorable event (date/time TBD)!
*Convention pass is not required to attend the screening.

Star Trek Movie Anniversary Screening

In honor of its 20th Anniversary, we are also hosting a FREE* screening of Star Trek: Nemesis!
Premiering December 13, 2002, the final film in The Next Generation series follows Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart) and the crew of the Enterprise as they try and negotiate a peace treaty with Romulus, only to discover Romulan leader Praetor Shinzon (Tom Hardy) has plans to destroy the Federation with a weapon that can wipe out an entire planet.
Join us for an engaging time watching the film (date/time TBD) with fellow Trekkers!
*Convention pass is not required to attend the screening.

Larry Nemecek

Larry “Dr. Trek” Nemecek will also moderate a special panel that will take the audience behind the scenes of these two feature films. Don’t miss it! Scheduled for Thursday

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Garrett Wang

Meet Team Behind the Voyager Documentary
Come meet the production team from 455 Films along with Voyager's Garrett Wang to get an update on the progress of the Voyager documentary To the Journey, along with a glimpse of what has been shot so far.

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Mary Chieffo

Take a break from your busy convention schedule and join Mary Chieffo (“L’Rell from Discovery) for a relaxing yoga class on FRIDAY at 9:00 AM! It’s limited to 50 people, and you must bring your own yoga mat, towel and water.


A limited number of tickets will be on sale, and may sell out, at the convention.

Jimmy Place Bar and Grill

Chase Masterson

Join us for some food and drink at Jimmy’s Place Bar & Café! Chase Masterson will be on hand Thursday through Saturday to host for some Happy Hour festivities. Plus, some surprise stars might just show up for a toast! ID's will be checked. Cheers! Please drink responsibly.

Karaoke Night

Dominic Keating Connor Trinneer

On THURSDAY NIGHT, join Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating for an awesome night of karaoke fun and on FRIDAY NIGHT, Anthony Mongomery will host another great karaoke night! It's FREE for all attendees and a convention pass is not required. Guests are subject to change.

Anthony Montgomery

Click here for more information!

While it’s not a guarantee to be chosen, you must sign up your song choice in advance if you want a chance to participate in the Karaoke party. Sign up times will be listed in the Event schedule on the day of the party. There will be NO SIGN-UPS at the party. High energy, fun songs are encouraged! Please choose only ONE SONG and write down your FULL NAME. Groups can be up to 2 people MAX. Please write down full names of all people. Slips with partial names will not be accepted. If people submit the same song, one slip is chosen at random.

Rat Pack

Rat Pack

The finale of the Vegas show is always a highlight and we’re happy to announce that The Rat Pack is back! Infused with the essence of the famed original Vegas “Rat Pack” we present Star Trek stars in a hilarious evening of parody songs and banter. The show is an original musical comedy performance, written and produced by talented Max Grodenchik and joined by Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs and Vaughn Armstrong!
This is a FREE Event, and Gold, Captains Chair, Copper and Preferred Sunday patrons will retain their same seats.


Rat Pack

Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, CEO of Roddenberry Entertainment/Executive Producer and Trevor Roth, C.O.O./Head of Development of Roddenberry Entertainment/Executive Producer, will be on hand with their Roddenberry Entertainment team, producing a non-stop track of programming throughout the convention, offering informal entertaining and informative discussions and fan interactions. The Roddenberry stage area will be adjacent to Jimmy’s Bar, where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat and enjoy the activities on stage!

"Roddenberry Archive Interactive Exhibit"
For the first time ever, walk inside the life size Enterprise being created with perfect fidelity over the next decade by the Roddenberry Archive team, starting with the ship as it first appeared in “The Cage".

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Cosplay Contest

Our Creation Cosplay Contest is a true highlight of our convention. The inspired creativity of the attendees who participate is nothing short of amazing. This is their chance to show off some fantastic and elaborate costumes! Bring your cameras as many cosplayers are open to take pics with you and make great memories. We’ve had up to 1500 people attend in costume!
Set on SATURDAY, the famous COSPLAY COMPETITION takes place with a panel of celebrity and expert judges. It’s one of the definite highlights of the whole convention, with lots of cool prizes, including a very special best-in-show $1000 gift certificate! Let your creativity shine, come in costume and pump up the experience of The 56-Year Mission STLV!
Pre-Judging takes place SATURDAY at [TIME TBD] in the DeForest Kelley Theater. Just show up in costume if you’d like to participate and prepare to spend 1-3 minutes discussing your costume, inspiration and the creation process involved. Failure to appear in time for pre-judging will result in disqualification from the contest.
Only the selected entries from the Pre-Judging portion will move forward to be part of The 56-Year Mission STLV Cosplay Contest on the Main Stage [TIME TBD].


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Cosplayers: Special Photo Op Meet-Ups Set
Here are some special meet-ups for those in themed costumes! Times for the meet-ups will be in our schedule.

The Next Generation
All Animated Series

Strange New Worlds


Deep Space Nine
The Original Series

Practical Steps into Space with Jayden Sage

Jayden Sage

Practical Steps into Space with Jayden Sage
Since we have already settled space in our fictionalized world, it is now time we gear up to make humanity an interplanetary species. We are about to become a spacefaring species but what will humanity’s actual journey into space look like? Will we take small steps and pretend that they are giant leaps? Or will we take giant leaps and humbly submit that they are small steps, in a giant journey? Join Jayden Sage, Founder & CEO of Celestial Ventures & The Celestial Foundation, for a panel about our current space exploration agenda, inspired by fictionalized space but rooted in real world endeavors to make our greatest dream a reality. One where we will all participate. It's time to pivot our creativity and ingenuity to worlds beyond our own.  Scheduled for Friday.

7th Rule

Ryan Husk Cirroc Lofton

The 7th Rule Podcast with Ryan Husk and Cirroc Lofton
The popular Star Trek podcast team covers two topics in a lively session. Cirroc Lofton talks about viewing Deep Space Nine for the first time, 30 years later, as well as all the new series. What has he learned about Star Trek and the importance of DS9 to the franchise from the prospective of three decades? Ryan and Cirroc also honors their late co-host Aron Eisenberg -- the actor, visionary and Star Trek fan, discussing how Aron embraced fandom and how passionate he was about Nog and Trek in general. Scheduled for Sunday.

Voice Your Fandom! With Nerd Trek Podcast

Jeff Happ, Phil Routh and David Vos

Voice Your Fandom! With Nerd Trek Podcast
Come join the Nerd Trek Podcast hosts Jeff Happ, Phil Routh and David Vos as they discuss fan podcasting in Star Trek. We will cover podcast basics, finding your niche, themes in Trek, and much more. Also joining this panel will be: Rocky Robinson - Starfleet Underground, Subrina Wood - Syfy Sistas, and Heather Rae - Mission Log. Tentatively scheduled for Sunday

Sentience Legality with Shannon Fauver

Shannon Fauver

Sentience Legality with Shannon Fauver
What is Sentience from a legal and biological perspective as moderated by Attorney Shannon Fauver? The short answer is that there is no exact answer to the question, but should be a lively discussion. Scheduled for Sunday

Patents in Trek and Future

Bob Zeidman

Patents in Trek and Future
Bob Zeidman will host two panels, with panelists Shasha Jumbe, Dan Brownstone, Saurabh Vishnubhakat, Robert Sachs, Eric Kohli and Ron Laurie. In “Patents in The Future,” they’ll will address issues such as: If Klingons invent a device, can the first Earthling to figure out how it works get a patent (a surprisingly controversial question actually)? If you go back in time and steal someone’s invention, can you get a patent for it? If you watch Star Trek and then invent a transporter, can you still get a patent for it? Zeidman and his panelist guests will explore and answer questions from the audience. Scheduled for Friday at 12:00 PM 

Zeidman’s second panel “Patents in Star Trek will discuss various devices in Star Trek that eventually came into being and were patented. A fun and informative panel discussion. Schedule for Sunday at 12:00 PM

Star Trek & Mental Health Understanding

Star Trek & Mental Health Understanding 
This informative presentation will be a chronological view of Star Trek's reflection of our growing understanding of mental health issues. The franchise has shown and deals with mental health and our society's continuing struggles with this, especially in light of the recent issues in world events. A discussion of the reflection of our culture in terms of mental health in Star Trek will be enlightening and very pertinent to current times. The talk will be led by Lauri Hume, Social Science Specialist at the Veteran Health Administration, and Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Heather Armstrong.  Lauri has an A.S. in Criminal Justice, A.A. in Sociology and a B.S. in Social Science. Scheduled for Friday 

Science Panels

Mohamed Noor

Star Trek's Greatest Biology Hits and Near-Misses with Mohamed Noor
Since the beginning, Star Trek has always tried to explain the science underlying what's depicted. Come join biology Professor Mohamed Noor as he goes over some examples of the "greatest hits" and "near misses" on the biology that appears in the franchise -- from TOS Khan's history of selective breeding to panspermia and introns in TNG to evolving into salamanders at warp 10 in Voyager to horizontal gene transfer and mitochondrial DNA in Discovery. Attendees may be surprised to learn that even episodes about which people laugh have at least some spot-on real scientific elements. Come join for lots of science and lots of fun!
Mohamed Noor is professor of biology and Dean of Natural Sciences at Duke University, along with being a contracted science consultant for the Star Trek universe. He merges his passions by teaching biology concepts using depictions from Star Trek in the classroom, in writings, in online videos, and in-person presentations at conventions.

Dr. Norbert Zacharias

Dr. Norbert Zacharias, Ph.D in Astrophysics from University Hamburg, Germany, retired from the US Naval Observatory where his team produced the most accurate star catalog in the 2000s, which was the standard for astronomers for a decade. Join him for a presentation about astrometry that will cover what we know about distances in the universe, star catalogs, etc. with time for questions from the audience.  Scheduled for Sunday.

Dr. David Williams

Professor David Williams of Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration is one of our most popular science track speakers.  This year Professor Williams will offer two informative and entertaining presentations:  
1. Star Trek and Humanity’s Future in Space: A New Course for ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative:  Star Trek has always been inspirational and aspirational, offering one vision of humanity’s future in space. How can Star Trek be used to help train the next generation of STEM leaders? Join Professor Williams for a discussion of this new class and how Star Trek inspires new thinking about the human future in space.  Scheduled for Saturday
2. New Visions, New Voyages: Planetary Exploration in the Next Decade 2023-2032:  The US National Academy of Sciences commissioned a Planetary Science Decadal Survey to poll our community and set priorities for missions and destinations for Solar System Exploration for the next ten years.  This report was released in April – what did it find? Join Professor Williams to discuss the new missions and new worlds to be explored by NASA and our international partners in the next decade.  Scheduled for Sunday

Dr. Ian Y. Lian

Dr. Ian Lian is an associate Professor at Lamar University with the background in physics and bioengineering. He obtained his PhD degree from UC San Diego and received postdoc training at Sanford Consortium of Regenerative Medicine in the area of Stem Cell research. He has published his research work in top scientific journals such as Nature, Cell and ACS Nano and teaches courses in the areas of reproductive cloning, cryogenic biology, quantum mechanics and A.I. Join Dr. Lian as he talks about being a consultant of Science and Entertainment Exchange Program under National Academy of Sciences (interacting with producers/actors of movies including Nobel Prize/Academy Award winners) and more. Scheduled for Sunday

Dr. Thomas Targett

Much of what we think we know about space often comes from film and television, but Hollywood’s job is more often to entertain than to educate. In this presentation, Prof. Thomas Targett of Sonoma State University will sort fact from fiction, taking a humorous tour through the universe of Star Trek and Star Wars, and much more. Scheduled for Friday

Rica French

How do we know there is gravity in space? How do stars shine? Will the universe die? What’s the deal with this James Webb Space Telescope? Have questions about the universe? Think they’re not good enough to ask in front of others? Think again! Everyone wants to talk about space so that’s what we’ll do. Join Professor Rica French for an introduction to the universe and then the rest of the session is guided by your questions, comments, and discussion. We can’t promise to have all the answers, so we’ll collaborate and learn together. Appropriate for all ages; children especially welcome.  Scheduled for Thursday

Dr. Jason Eberl Kenneth Boyce

This presentation with Dr. Jason Eberl, Assoc. Professor Kenneth Boyce and Professor Beth Seacord canvasses the variety of bioethical issues Star Trek has depicted and the clinical practice standards exhibited by its medical personnel. He’ll present an ethical dilemma dealt with by each main Star Trek physician on each series to date and how it was resolved within the episode. For example, should Phlox save the Valakians in “Dear Doctor” at the expense of the Menk’s further evolution? Was it appropriate for the Doctor to use Crell Moset’s ethically-tainted research to save B’Elanna in “Nothing Human”? Did Bashir cross the line between his duties to Starfleet and as a physician in helping the renegade Jem’Hadar break their addiction to ketracel white in “Hippocratic Oath”?  The audience will then discuss whether they agree or not with the resolutions. Scheduled for Saturday.

John Billingsley
John Billingsley
Dr. Phlox of Star Trek Voyager

Artifical Intelligence

Deborah Khider Yolanda Gil

Star Trek’s representation of Artificial Intelligence has ranged from evil to benevolent, along with the “Computer” aboard the various ships that assists in scientific discoveries, controls the environment, and provides entertainment. But how far are we from having an android like Commander Data working with humans?
What are current assistants like Alexa and Siri capable in terms of actual understanding of human behavior? Do A.I.s have common sense, are they creative, do they feel emotion? Has the trial from The Next Generation’s “Measure of a Man” episode already happened? Most importantly, will A.I.s ever be one of us? Join Dr. Yolanda Gil and Dr. Deborah Khider for an engaging panel as they share insights in these topics. Scheduled for Sunday.

Click here for bios for our two scientists!

Dr. Yolanda Gil is Principal Scientist and Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California, Director of New Initiatives in AI and Data Science in USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering, and Research Professor in Computer Science and in Spatial Sciences. She is also Director of Data Science programs and of the USC Center for Knowledge-Powered Interdisciplinary Data Science. She received her M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, with a focus on artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Her research is on intelligent interfaces for knowledge capture and discovery, which she investigates in a variety of projects concerning scientific discovery, knowledge-based planning and problem solving, information analysis and assessment of trust, semantic annotation and metadata, and community-wide development of knowledge bases. Dr. Gil collaborates with scientists in many domains on semantic workflows and metadata capture, social knowledge collection, computer-mediated collaboration, and automated discovery. She is a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). She is also Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), and served as its 24th President.

Dr. Deborah Khider is a Research Lead at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California. She obtained her PhD degree in Ocean Sciences from the University of Southern California, with a focus on how climate has changed in the past. Her research lies at the intersection of AI and climate science both in terms of using machine learning for prediction of climate change and associated impacts and of developing AI systems that can work alongside climate scientists and decrease their time to science.

Mars Society

We are very happy to welcome The Mars Society as a convention participant. The Mars Society leads a worldwide movement to educate and inform the general public, members of the media, and government representatives about the importance of Mars exploration and the establishment of a permanent human presence on the Red Planet. The Mars Society promotes the importance of planning for a humans-to-Mars mission in the coming decades.

Dr. Robert Zubrin

Dr. Robert Zubrin, aerospace engineer, author and president & co-founder of the Mars Society, will be hosting an informative plenary talk about current plans for human Mars exploration and eventual settlement of the Red Planet (day TBD). 

Dr. Vandi Verma

Mars Society presents Dr. Vandi Verma, the Chief Engineer for Robotic Operations for the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover, and the Assistant Section Manager for Mobility and Robotics Systems at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Her presentation will highlight how she specializes in space robotics, autonomous robots and robotic operations. Also how she has worked on a number of Space Robotics and Artificial Intelligence research and technology development tasks and has designed, developed, and operated rovers on Mars, the Arctic, Antarctica, and the Atacama Desert. Scheduled for Day TBA

Sci-Fi Genre Header

Highlighting the Sci-Fi Genre in Current Film and TV
Join noted genre journalist, reporter and Intellectual Property/Content Manager Kit Bowen and Creation Co-CEO Adam Malin for a spirited discussion and discourse on the state of the sci-fi genre on television and in films. Special guests and audience participation will make this a fun and engaging segment. 

Trek History Live

Tig Notaro

TREK HISTORY LIVE! With Ande Richardson Kindryd
One of the last links to the days of Desilu and production of the classic Original Series, Ande Richardson Kindryd -- who was the personal assistant to Gene Coon writer/showrunner of The Original Series and creator of much of the foundation of Star Trek -- has had an amazing life and career that she will be sharing with us for the first time at the Las Vegas convention. Ande worked in the production office and has some extraordinary stories of her experiences with Gene Roddenberry, D.C. Fontana, Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, Harlan Ellison -- and her mentor, and closest associate, the late, great Gene Coon, who invented the Klingons and Khan, the Prime Directive, the famous Spock-McCoy banter and the Organian Peace Treaty. Ande worked for Mr. Coon all throughout his Star Trek tenure and then for the late producer John Meredyth Lucas for all his time as showrunner and finally she worked briefly for Fred Freiberger, before joining Gene Coon again over at Universal.

Join us for an engaging panel with Ande on Friday, moderated by Nate Hardy.

Art and Design of Star Trek

Presentations with Geoffrey Mandel
Join Geoffrey Mandel -- acclaimed graphic designer for Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, Insurrection and Picard and author of Star Trek Star Charts, Star Trek Maps, and the Star Fleet Medical Reference -- for two informative and entertaining panels at the convention.
On Friday, Geoffrey will present "Inside the Picard Art Department," talking about creating graphics for the hit Paramount+ series, and on Saturday, he'll host “Charting the Star Trek Universe,” speaking about his work on his books.

Thirfty Trekkie

Sally Seagraves

ThriftyTrekkie (Sally Seagraves) is a longtime Trek fan and cosplayer who loves introducing others to this life-changing hobby. They focus on recycling secondhand clothes and household materials to create convincing replicas of what we see on screen without using expensive fabrics and custom patterns. Join ThriftyTrekkie for a panel as they share their process and tips to help others do the same as a great way to practice new skills and discover more about yourself. Scheduled for Thursday

Trek Culture

Brian Fields

In an updated version of one of our most popular presentations of last year, join Brian Fields, living history recreationist and student of medieval weapons and armor for two panels.
1. Take a deep-dive look into the Bat'leth from an anthropological aspect, and how it has affected Klingon culture. Scheduled for Thursday  
2. Six hundred years before joining the United Federation of Planets Andorian blood feuds nearly destroyed this founding member race. How and why did it get this bad? What can we learn from the pieces we can glean in a broken historical record? Join Brian as he explores how a society made the call to destroy its past to preserve its future. Scheduled for Friday

Starfleet and the Military

Dave Eisenstein

Join Dave Eisenstein, a 20-year USAF veteran and Electronic Warfare Officer/Teacher, for two panels he discusses Gene Roddenberry’s creation of Starfleet and how Roddenberry always maintained that this organization was not a military service.
1. Eisenstein will discuss what defines the military and how Starfleet fit into its military trappings. Scheduled for Sunday
2. Then he'll present how Romulan Cloaking Devices are real in the 21st century with the technology called "Low Observables," or "Stealth" and will go through the science of how the military makes vehicles almost disappear on today's battlefield. Scheduled for Saturday

Government, Politics and Economics

Joe DePinto

This panel explores the different types of governments that are shown throughout the Star Trek universe as well as some of the economic systems. Discussion of the Federation as a representative republic with the Federation Credit as the monetary standard in a post scarcity economy is planned. Covering politics and economies of other alien races like the Romulans and Ferengi will also occur. Our lecturer is Mayor Joe DePinto who has worked for a Congressional Office, the Washington State Legislature, and currently serves as Mayor for the city of Yelm, Washington. Scheduled for Saturday

Trek Geeks

Trek Geeks Bill Smith and Dan Davidson

Trek Geeks co-hosts Dan Davidson and Bill Smith bring their extremely popular “Stump The Geek” series of podcast episodes live to Las Vegas. Can Dan answer the toughest Star Trek trivia questions that Bill can possibly create? The best part is, if Dan gets stumped, the audience wins awesome prizes from FanSets! Scheduled for Thursday.

Space Seed

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Wrath of Khan, the hosts of Inglorious Treksperts, Mark A. Altman, Daren Dochterman and Ashley E. Miller and special guests take you through the scripts you never saw that became Khan.   Day to be announced.

Quiz Show

QUIZ SHOW with RAFE NEEDLEMAN Are you the ultimate Trekspert to qualify as an Organian? Find out as we introduce to the legendary king of Star Trek trivia, Rafe Needleman, the author of the legendary Official Star Trek Trivia Book from 1979 with all-new questions! Scheduled for Saturday.


These two events feature Mark A. Altman (showrunner, Pandora, world’s foremost Trekspert according to LA Times, bestselling author and podcast host), Daren Dochterman (producer, Star Trek: The Motion Picture – Director’s Edition, co-host Inglorious Treksperts, concept designer; Westworld, Master & Commander) and Ashley E. Miller (showrunner, Netflix’s DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, writer; Thor, X-Men: First Class, Fringe, Black Sails)

No Minimum Bid Auctions Header

FIVE fast paced fun-filled "no minimum" bid auctions are set for 2022! Come and get ready to bid on rare Star Trek and other amazing collectibles. 

The Roddenberries

Meet Our House Band: The Roddenberries

We’re so pleased to have the Roddenberries as our special house band, keeping audiences entertained throughout the daytime activities!

The Roddenberries' versatile shows span the realms of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, Dr. Who, Marvel and DC in an effort to unite and entertain fans throughout the Nerd-o-Sphere. From artful recreations of movie and TV scores to pop/rock/classics parodies, this fun, energetic 10-piece troupe puts on a unique spectacle of rock-n-roll theater, comedy, and pure sci-fi awesomeness!

The Roddenberries

DeForest Kelley Theatre Header

The DeForest Kelley Theatre will have additional programming and panels more attuned to science and behind the scenes. It is also where we do the no-minimum bid auctions, contests, special guest star appearances, and surprises!

Vendors Header

Vendors Room Crowd

Want to be a vendor at the convention? Write to us at to let us know with what you want to display and sell! Note: Anything infringing on studio intellectual property is forbidden.

Vendors FAQ



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