This is the most cost effective way to attend all FIVE days of the convention at a ridiculously low price especially when you consider the hours of multi track programming and well over 100 celebrities. You get to see all the guests and events in the main theatre from a non-reserved guaranteed seat in the rear or sides and, of course, you can check out The Promenade full of special Trek features, the vendors area and the secondary and third theatre (pending seating availability) as well. This option does not include autographs or photo ops which can be purchased separately. YOU CAN ALSO ATTEND TUESDAY NIGHT’S PREREGISTRATION and DEALERS PREVIEW as are a full convention package holder.

You can also attend our free to all Karaoke Parties, pending room availability. We feel that our general admission prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY UNBELIEVABLE especially compared to other forms of LIVE entertainment, particularly in Vegas, so make your plans NOW to be part of the action that is like no other! Note that this package does not include night shows, other than those that are free to all, pending room availability.


Online tickets have been taken off-line,
available tickets will be on sale at the convention.

preferred seating

This is the best way to attend any single day(s) of the convention. You get a RESERVED SEAT, yours come and go, seat in our main theatre, where our main events and guests are seen. You pick your own seat in the ordering process. Many of the night events, but not all, are included our various higher end packages, so you can take advantage of the freebies (like Karaoke on one night), purchase The Saturday Gala with The Nevada Pops performing Star Trek themes separately as you can also do for the Captain’s Chair Dinner Party starring Joe Piscopo with a ten piece band (as long a our limited number of tickets allow) or just enjoy Vegas!

WEDNESDAY Preferred (Reserved)Admission $65
THURSDAY Preferred (Reserved)Admission $65
FRIDAY Preferred (Reserved)Admission $75
SATURDAY Preferred (Reserved)Admission $85
SUNDAY Preferred (Reserved)Admission $75

Online tickets have been taken off-line,
available tickets will be on sale at the convention.

General Admission Single Day tickets are the most economical way to attend and enjoy the convention, You have our GUARANTEE that you will have a non-reserved seat in our main theatre to see all the major stars of the convention daytimes (the evening shows are usually extra charges as mentioned below), and you also have access of course to the vendors room, the activities of The Promenade, checking out the various set recreations, and purchasing photo ops and autographs (as available) and meeting all the celebrities in the vendors areas (more than ever we believe!!).

General Admission tickets do not include any special evening shows on the night(s) of your tickets except those open to ALL attendees on a complimentary basis: THURSDAY or FRIDAY KARAOKE NIGHTS (pending which day you are coming), and The Star Trek Rat Pack Theatre Show Finale on Sunday. Please wear your wristbands as these events are for attendees only and although we’ve not had an issue before, first come first serve.

You are also welcomed to attend events in the Secondary Theatre and Quark’s Bar, on a first come, first serve basis. Unlike any other fan convention we know of, at Creation Conventions, including this one, our biggest of all, EVERYONE, including GENERAL ADMISSION patrons gets a guaranteed seat in the main theatre: no extra worry, no extra waiting to try to get in! Just the best possible vacation we can offer you! Check our prices vs. other Las Vegas live entertainment, and you’ll truly see what a great deal this is!

WEDNESDAY General Admission$50
THURSDAY General Admission $55
FRIDAY General Admission $55
SATURDAY General Admission $75
SUNDAY General Admission $65

Online tickets have been taken off-line,
available tickets will be on sale at the convention.

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