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Pre-Registration is held on Tuesday night and allows Gold, Captain's Chair, and Copper Patrons to pick up their credentials, purchase any available autograph or photo op tickets offered by Creation, and explore the Vendor room early. With your credentials in-hand early you won’t have to wait in any long registration lines during the main convention days. Pre-Registration isn't a necessity, but we believe it can help make your convention experience smoother and more fun!


Nevada Pops

The fabulous Nevada Pops Orchestra are returning to headline the Saturday Evening Gala Celebration on Saturday night! It’s an incredible honor to welcome back Maestro Richard McGee and the talented members of the 45-piece Nevada Pops Orchestra to our Vegas celebration. This year promises to be extra special with new and wonderful selections never heard before at the Convention, as well as performances of some of the great Star Trek television and film scores. We're also planning a surprise or two!If you are NOT a Gold, Captain's Chair, or Copper Patron for the convention don't worry, you can still come to see this amazing performance!





The Promenade Hallway serves as your focal point for getting to all other areas of the convention, except the main auditorium and registration which you will first see as you enter. There is an additional entrance into the auditorium towards the back of The Promenade Hallway to save you from walking all around to get into the theatre when you need to. On the right side of the Promenade you will likely find the photo ops and Quark’s Bar with its 3rd programming track and a place to grab some needed drink and food, various special exhibits, some prop replicas, banner scenarios for cosplaying, and archival materials.

At the very end of the Promenade straight down you’ll likely see the gorgeous re-creation (from the original blueprints) of the amazing Original Series bridge and along the way you might catch The Borg Regeneration Chambers, and craftspeople hard at work producing free giveaways to as many as they can accommodate. If you are a craftsperson and want to be part of the fun just contact us at with some links to your site. You also might peer into a room and see our newest prop recreation, the famous Ten Forward Bar, that honors our appearance of Whoopi Goldberg for the 50th Anniversary.

You’re also invited into our Secondary Ballroom (the DeForest Kelley Theatre), which often takes a look behind the 52 year franchise of Star Trek featuring many greats in film and TV production and design as Star Trek shows also have the best, and still do to this very day.

The human adventure continues as you make a quick left to reach the massive Gene & Majel Roddenberry Vendors Room filled with extraordinary collectables, both new and vintage from the Star Trek Universe. There will be surprises galore and we certainly love the fact that literally thousands come in costumes, some really terrific.
On Saturday we have our famous Costume Parade to open the day where scores of great fans make their way in costume through the convention (including the Vendors Area & The Promenade) and into the main theatre for a group picture often lead by a parade Marshall, typically a Star Trek celebrity!
Our best advice is to make sure you eat (and the Rio has SO many excellent choices you really can’t go wrong) and drink plenty of fluids during your stay, and most definitely wear comfortable shoes or sneakers if you’re not in costume (or not visible if you are).
Here are some photos to bring some memories from recent years:

Here are Creation Co-Executive Officers Adam Malin & Gary Berman being interviewed at the Star Trek Official Convention’s celebration of Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary in Las Vegas by former Access Hollywood Movie Critic and in-house Star Trek person, Scott Mantz, who was also a former Creation employee. In the video above, Creation Entertainment’s owners reveal some of the nearly 50-year history of the forming and running of the company that has reached millions of fellow fans by bringing the stars and production people from the series and films you love.
For more information on Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Official Convention, please visit: Star Trek and you’ll find this year’s special attractions, events, guests and parties and what would the Star Trek Official Convention be without surprises!
Below is a promotional video on Creation Entertainment that covers our decades’ long association with Star Trek and well as so many other iconic genre properties and stars.

Virtually all Star Trek fans would say that the week in Vegas is absolutely singular and unlike any other fan gathering throughout the world! Fans, staff and studio all felt the 2017 event was the best Star Trek Convention ever, and we are out to top it in 2018. Not only because we will feature over 100 guests, unbelievable thousands in cosplay, non-stop action, and free perks, but because of the immediate friendships you will make, and many that will last a lifetime.

With parties and musical performances going way into the night, full dinner parties, guest hosts, our fabulous house band Sons Of Kirk starring Gary Graham, and the bar scene hopping after; it is virtually 24 hours a day of all things Star Trek! and With the new series and feature films continuing, plus the easy ways to catch up on the hundreds of other episodes and the amazing movies to date: there is a lot of Star Trek to really love.

In 2017 we had three total programming tracks filled with events, and guests and contests; with our famous Promenade Area that was up to the rafters with unique prop re-creations and photo opportunities, and of course there was the world’s largest Trek vendors room, signing area, art displays, photo ops, autographs, and the famous Original Series bridge re-creation. And that’s just a small part of the fun, along with changing and new attractions for all. ALWAYS, make sure you are on our FREE Star Trek e-mail list so you know about new guests, developments, ticket launches, and all the latest news!

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It certainly seems like EVERY year the famous “Creation Difference” becomes more and more prominent. Unlike virtually every other genre fan convention, Creation Entertainment has a strict policy not to "oversell" our conventions. In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a guaranteed seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place. There's no worrying, extra waiting, or additional charges to see the celebrities and events you want to see during all FIVE daytime schedules in the main and secondary theaters.

Another thing we love is that The Creation LAS VEGAS Official Star Trek Convention is in a super-large, super-nice, friendly hotel: completely carpeted and filled with award winning restaurants for every budget (including award winning buffets) as well as a dynamic casino, fun bars, and many areas to relax and chill with fellow fans who share our common interests and ideals in Gene Roddenberry's philosophies (or just to talk trivia!). We aren’t in a cold concrete convention hall where food lines are mobbed, offer limited fare, and are super-expensive, nor are our crowds uncomfortably huge. It is our goal to offer YOU the very best vacation we can: that is our true convention mandate.

Our Vegas convention is one way we honor our mentor and great friend Gene Roddenberry. Can you believe we spoke to him on the phone 45 years ago when we were kids and he was incredibly gracious, answered all our questions, was encouraging, and never once let on that he knew we were young kids? When we worked with him for years at our conventions it was always a thrill. Did you know that we had the pleasure of introducing Gene to George Lucas on stage at their only meeting?

Talk about cool! We must add how gracious Mr. Lucas (who made his first appearance at our Official Star Wars Convention) was to Mr. Roddenberry. At that show, Lucas announced he was going to do more Star Wars films after the original three. Who knew we'd be seeing brand new Star Wars and Star Trek even to this very day: it's awesome! These are moments that we just will never forget and we hope to bring you (and us) more such wonderful times to cherish together. We're just as excited today about presenting the talents we love to our fellow fans.


We truly love it when Eugene Roddenberry, Gene and Majel’s son, comes annually (except when his “next generation" was born) to the Vegas Convention. What a fine talented and wonderful man he has turned out to be! We have watched him grow up at our conventions, from his baby basket kept protectively behind Majel’s vendor table, all the way to today where he is an executive producer of Star Trek: Discovery, no doubt always trying to keep the stories true to his Dad's ideals.

Nevada Pops

At this particular show the studio is approving all vendors for this 52nd Anniversary Convention unless you were approved last year or are an official licensee. Please do not purchase a booth or table without an okay from us which we must get from the studio. Write to us at with what you want to display and sell, and note that anything infringing on studio intellectual property is forbidden, as is promotion of any Star Trek fan films.

The place to be is the place to buy, sell and trade your Star Trek and Sci-Fi collectibles! It is the galaxy's largest Star Trek Convention dealers room and vendors are coming from around the globe to display at this event. You'll find photos, posters, artwork, toys, dolls, games, books and magazines, autographed items, costume and prop replicas, limited edition items and so much more! Start saving now because there will definitely be tons of stuff you will want! And don't forget to meet many fantastic Star Trek celebrities who are present at various times throughout the convention to greet attendees and offer their autographs at a nominal fee.

Nevada Pops

The very first Creation Costume Contest was held in 1971 and we are proud that the tradition continues stronger than ever! Over 1500 of our attendees take the fun to the max and come to the convention in costume and so many are truly outstanding. Bring your cameras as folks are more than open to take pics with you and these make for great memories.

Set for SATURDAY: Star Trek fandom certainly boasts some of the most creative and talented costume and make-up designers and as evidenced at the last several Vegas conventions, COSPLAY is HUGE! The famous STAR TREK COSTUME COMPETITION, one of the definite highlights of the whole convention, takes place on Saturday Night with a panel of celebrity and expert judges.

Lots of cool prizes including a very special $1000 best in show gift certificate! Let your spirit shine, come in costume and pump up the experience of The Official STAR TREK Convention, Vegas COSPLAY style! On Saturday morning another tradition occurs: THE FAMOUS CREATION COSTUME PARADE where cosplayers march around the convention starting at the vendors area and end up in the main theatre for photo shots. More rules and info to come!

FIVE fast paced fun-filled "no minimum" bid auctions are set for 2018! We spend all year building up a collection of rare Star Trek and sci-fi genre collectibles to offer our ravenous audiences! Bargains are yours here,: you just have to be on hand to witness the sensational deals fans are getting when they participate in these events! Get ready, get set: BID!

On Thursday and Friday Nights, tentatively in our secondary theatre, YOU become the star! Take the stage with your best rendition of classic tunes at our famous Karaoke Parties! This was great fun last year so we're doing it again, bigger and better! Expect some celebrity drop-ins as well, and the best part: IT'S FREE TO ALL, so start practicing!

Are you a talented video editor? A walking encyclopedia of all the exciting moments from Star Trek’s amazing over 50-year-run who thinks, "These would be awesome set to music?" Here is your chance to flex your creative muscles, and fan knowledge, to compete for prizes at Star Trek Las Vegas 2018!

    Click to see more information. Entries are judged on the following criteria:

  • • Video, Audio & Editing quality
  • • Inventiveness
  • • Song selection & originality
  • • Humorous submissions are encouraged!

Winners will receive a $100 gift certificate good for Creation merchandise (excludes convention, autograph and photo op tickets), and will be played on screens at the Official Star Trek Las Vegas Convention! Winners will be announced and awarded at the specific show. Below you'll find the rules, submission guidelines and anything else you might need to know:

  • • One Star Trek music video may be submitted, and only one.
  • • All submissions must be on DVD in a sleeve or jewel case, or on a flash drive to be accepted. ONLY NTSC FORMATED DVDs WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • • If submitting a flash drive, please make sure all files are compatible with Quicktime.
  • • In your submission you must list the specific convention the music video is for.
  • • Entries are limited to people attending the specific event. This is due to an overwhelming number of submissions.
  • • Please keep the submissions under five minutes.
  • • Winners are announced at the event.
  • • You do not have to be present for the actual showing of your video, but you must claim your award at the show before the end of the weekend or your award will be forfeited.
  • • The competition closes 40 days prior to the convention. We will NOT make any exceptions to this.
  • • Don't forget about the great supporting cast members of the show!
  • • We ask that you do not use footage from shows other than Star Trek.
  • • Entries cannot be returned, and the person submitting the entry is granting Creation the right to play this entry in perpetuity at Creation events worldwide and/or online at the Creation website(s). Creation does not sell music videos so your entry will never be sold as a commercial product, just presented at our events/online.
  • • Do not submit the same video for multiple events. It will not be considered after its first submission. This also goes for videos that have been recycled with only minor changes.

Creation Entertainment
Star Trek Music Video Contest/Las Vegas 2018
217 South Kenwood St. Glendale, CA 91205

HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO PUT ALL THAT STAR TREK WATCHING TO GOOD USE. Our TRIVIA GAMES are audience participation fun and give selected fans the chance to win hundreds of dollars in valuable gift certificates. Good luck to all and start binge watching NOW to be ready!

Take your imagination to new heights by entering the STAR TREK LATE NIGHT DANCE CONTEST at the Saturday Late Night Party which takes place after the Saturday Evening Gala. This party is the biggest of the convention and is exclusive for our GOLD AND CAPTAIN'S CHAIR CONVENTION PATRONS only! There will be entertainment AND hundreds of fans from around the galaxy!
This party also includes THE FAMOUS STAR TREK THEMED CENTERPIECE CONTEST! Create a cool centerpiece and bring it to the party (come on up to the front of the line so we can place you at a great table where your work can be seen). The very best CENTERPIECE as voted by our judges will win a $250 GIFT CERTIFICATE, so get rolling now!

We end the convention with a live performance by the talented and hilarious STAR TREK RAT PACK (a Star Trek themed parody of the original Rat Pack nightclub act), doing new material. The show will take place late on Sunday, after autographs as a nice fun way to end the show on a high note. You'll LOVE this and it will have you going home with an extra happy feeling! Performers of


Concert Event

Gary Graham & the Sons Of Kirk are back as our house band all four days for Creation Entertainment’s Official Las Vegas Convention 2018!

Michael Westmore is an Academy Award and Emmy Award-winning special effects makeup artist with a career that has spanned nearly six decades, and who’s impact on Star Trek is immeasurable. He is responsible for some of the most iconic Star Trek creature effects and designs from the Next Generation onward, including the Cardassians, Ferengi, and Data’s unique look. Michael will be with us on Saturday in what has become a treasured part of the Vegas show, taking the stage and recreating one of his classic aliens: this time he’ll be turning Casey Biggs into his famous Cardassian character and Casey will be doing photo ops in make-up and costume after! What a great event for the thousands of cos-players at the convention.

Our great friends at CBS have truly delivered for the fans! Each year they put together a series of panels and events that only they could do.In 2018, they took our attendees to various parts of the Star Trek Universe taking us all behind the scenes on the making of the series we love, and there is always so much more to cover.

In the past attendees have enjoyed fun discussions that have led to voting that has made international news (What was the best Star Trek film was the topic), crafting, using Star Trek, the art of novelizing Star Trek, and last year the team at went to the limit to take our audience, the most loyal of all Star Trek gatherings’ groups, and give them an all-encompassing look at the making of the new hit Star Trek: Discovery along with bringing some of the new cast and crew members.

We know we left the show confident that the new series would be taking the franchise to the limits and no expenses where going to be spared to give us all the best viewing experience. True it all took place and this year we expect more in depth material on the new hit series and where else Star Trek might end up, and certainly a highlight is our annual panel on Star Trek’s incredibly diverse and entertaining licensing program and what’s to come. Star Trek is right up there where it belongs in the licensing community and it is a great time to be a fan for sure.

More Than Ever!

Of all the various incarnations of Star Trek over these many decades, many fans love Star Trek: Space Nine more than ever. Looking at the series as a full, glorious piece of work one can now catch the nuances and brilliance in the writing, characterizations, personalities and exquisite acting of the cast and guests.

We have a whole series of panels, displays and of course famed performers from this ground breaking series. When the schedule is done you will see that we really have tried to cover the show from all sides and of course hear from our attendees!

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