143 Celebrity Guests and Counting

William Shatner
George Takei
Kate Mulgrew
Nichelle Nichols
Walter Koenig
Sonequa Martin-Green
Jason Isaacs
Mary Wiseman
Anthony Rapp
Shazad Latif
Doug Jones
Daniel Davis
Neville Page
Glenn Hetrick
Anson Mount
Gersha Phillips
Terry Farrell
Jeri Ryan
Brent Spiner
Marina Sirtis
Michael Dorn
Gates Mcfadden
Jonathan Frakes
LeVar Burton
Colm Meaney
Rainn Wilson
Ira Steven Behr
Michael Westmore
John de Lancie
Denise Crosby
Nicole De Boer
Linda Park
Anthony Montgomery
John Billingsley
Cirroc Lofton
Connor Trinneer
Dominic Keating
Dina Meyer
JG Hertzler
Robert O'Reilly
Max Grodenchik
Casey Biggs
Vaughn Armstrong
Jack Donner
Michael Welch
Doug Drexler
Mike Okuda
Denise Okuda
Hilary Shepard
Wilson Cruz
James Frain
Kenneth Mitchell
Mary Chieffo
Jennifer Nash
Tim Dezarn
Herman Zimmerman
Musetta Vander
Corbin Bernsen
Ronald B.Moore
Beth Toussaint
Phil Morris
Ethan Phillips
Gary Graham
Tim Russ
Jonathan Del Arco
Celeste Yarnall
Douglas Tait
Nathan Jung
Bertila Damas
Marlys Burdette
Lycia Naff
Cyia Batten
Phil Adams
Iona Morris
Aron Eisenberg
Kellie Flanagan
Michael Forest
Robbie Duncan McNeill
Chase Masterson
Clint Howard
Ronald D. Moore
Garrett Wang
Jeffrey Combs
Famke Janssen
Athena Massey
Cynthia Gouw
Jennifer Edwards
Gwynyth Walsh
Patti Yasutake
Robert Beltran
Eugene Roddenberry
Camille Saviola
Ian Spelling
Joe Piscopo
Marc Zicree
Brannon Braga
Emily Coutts
Oyin Oladejo
Michael Giacchino
Oyin Oladejo
Jayne Brook
James Darren
Andrew Robinson
Hana Hatae
Sam Vartholomeos
Steve Rankin
Eddie Paskey
Marc Alaimo
Catherine Hicks
Kate Vernon
Sara Mitich
Carel Struycken
Sandy Gimpel
Scott Mantz
Jeff Russo
Armin Shimerman
Rene Auberjonois
Nana Visitor
David Zappone
Dr. Erin Macdonald
Jordan Hoffman
Robb Pearlman
Ben Robinson
Kevin Dilmore
Lyle Tavernier
Brandon Rodriguez
Dr. Janet McMullen
Dr. Bruce Finklea
J.K. Woodward
Mike Johnson
Joanne Linville
Dennis McCarthy
Larry Nemecek
Amy Lindsay
Jessica Bova
Vanessa Bova
Clayton Rohner
Lisa Lord
Bobby Clark
Felix Silla
Nikki Tyler-Flynn
Pamelyn Ferdin
Gary Lockwood
Sean Kenney

Recently Added Guests!

  • 122.Dennis McCarthy
  • 123.Larry Nemecek
  • 124. Amy Lindsay
  • 125. Jessica Bova
  • 126. Vanessa Bova
  • 127. Clayton Rohner
  • 128. Lisa Lord
  • 129. Bobby Clark
  • 130. Felix Silla
  • 131. Nikki Tyler-Flynn
  • 132. Pamelyn Ferdin
  • 100. Sonequa Martin-Green
  • 133. Mary Wiseman
  • 134. Anthony Rapp
  • 135. Shazad Latif
  • 136. Doug Jones
  • 137. Daniel Davis
  • 138. Neville Page
  • 139. Glenn Hetrick
  • 140. Anson Mount
  • 141. Gersha Phillips
  • 142. Gary Lockwood
  • 143. Sean Kenney

Photo Ops & Autographs are now available for most of our guests

MAJOR UPDATE! Creation is proud to present the largest ever gathering of hit series Star Trek: Discovery cast and crew! The mystery of the Discovery guests is now announced, starting with
Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays the stalwart Michael Burnham! Please join us in welcoming her and many other members of the cast of Discovery, including Anthony Rapp, Doug Jones, Shazad Latif, Mary Wiseman, Anson Mount, Jason Isaacs, Rainn Wilson and more, as they take the STLV 2018 stage!

UPDATE! July 2018: Due to professional obligations, Connor Trinneer is moving his on-stage appearance day from THURSDAY to SUNDAY and will be signing autographs at his table in the Vendors room on SATURDAY and SUNDAY and taking photo ops with fans on SUNDAY. He will continue to host the Karaoke Party on FRIDAY.
UPDATE! July 2018: Due to personal reasons, Erick Avari has to cancel his appearance at this event.
UPDATE! July 2018: Due to professional obligations, Lena Banks has to cancel her appearance at this event.

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